Chapter 2283: Counter Attack

“Rumble!” The green beam continuously pushed its dark counterpart back. It didn’t take long before the point of contact reached the border of Everlasting.

“Blood offering!” The elder lord noticed the unfavorable situation and had no other choice but to let caution go with the wind.

“Blood offering!” The twenty-five high ancestors shouted after hearing this.

“Boom!” The light of Everlasting turned into a red glow before blood oozed out.

“Ah!” Half of the disciples in Everlasting Kingdom turned to blood. They initially used their true energy to move the momentum of the kingdom but it ended up taking their vitality and lives.

This was a colossal and frightening number of casualties. Their lives, dao foundation, and flesh turned into the purest power for the black hole.

“Rumble!” After this blood sacrifice, the black hole spun at an unprecedented speed, seemingly turning evil with a bloody glow. Its power naturally erupted.

“Boom!” The black hole devoured more power from Longevity, doubling the size of the beam.

In this instant, the world collapsed. The black beam was no longer losing and maintained a stalemate with the green beam.

“So cruel!” People gasped - sacrificing half of their disciples in one go? This was a terrible massacre.

“My god…” The sect masters that supported Everlasting dropped to the ground.

If this elder lord could kill his own disciples, they would be ruthless against anyone in the future after taking over.

While the crowd was frightened by this cruel display, numerous divine trees descended around the border of Everlasting. They instantly locked down everything.

“What’s that?” No one knew where they came from.

“Buzz.” These trees stabilized and sealed off the power of Longevity, preventing the black hole from further absorption.

Multiple figures also appeared. They were the summoners, using these trees to destroy Everlasting’s foundation and current momentum.

As these trees were destroying the dao foundation, the momentum began to collapse in multiple places. The power of the black hole weakened as a result.

“It’s Longevity Sage and a group of ancestors!” A big shot activated his heavenly gaze and saw everything.

People didn’t know where they come from but this ambush was definitely effective. 

“The problem is that Everlasting is still on Longevity’s ground. The valley in charge could still control Everlasting’s dao foundation.” One ancestor murmured.

People understood that although Everlasting’s dao foundation has been blessed by True Emperors and sages to the point where it was virtually independent from Longevity, it was still built upon this system. The valley could still destroy it using the power of the progenitor.

It didn’t take long before others understood why the valley maintained a low-profile all this time, not interfering with the development and expansion of other sects.

In fact, they weren’t afraid because they were the ones truly in charge, possessing the dao source of the system. Even if a sect’s dao foundation were to be extremely tough, the valley could still tear it apart. The valley’s aloofness stemmed from complete confidence! It wasn’t afraid of any betrayer.

“Stop!” Everlasting Elder Lord was furious to see Longevity Sage and her group pressing for the capital of Everlasting.

“Boom!” Despite the massive distance, the elder lord still unleashed a star-destroying palm strike.

The borders of Everlasting exploded but his opponents survived. The sage and the ancestors worked together to wield a weapon exuding an ancestral aura.

It sealed off the area like a sky curtain, impossible to penetrate.

“An ancestral weapon from Alchemy Immortal!” The crowd jumped from fear.

“Ancestral weapon!” The elder lord was shocked. This was something they couldn’t have but the valley possessed some of them. It was just that they never used it publicly.

“Creak.” A door suddenly opened in Longevity Valley. Behind it was a bright expanse with the power of a progenitor, no different from one being present.

“That’s…” The elder lord was still an Eternal and could instantly felt the danger. He turned towards the valley for a look.

“Buzz.” A bow with an archaic presence suddenly emerged. A giant grabbed it and pulled the string back.

“Not good!” The elder lord wanted to flee but it was too late.

An arrow dashed out with the power to slay gods and devils. It crossed through the domains and emerged right in front of the elder lord. It was fatal, impossible to dodge.

“Pluff!” Blood jetted to the sky. The arrow pierced the old man’s throat and he fell down instantly with his eyes agape in astonishment. He didn’t expect to die to an ambush at his level.

“It’s you…” These were his last words after recognizing the assailant but it was too late. His corpse finally landed and broke through the ground.

Everything became quiet. This all happened so quickly - the valley breaking the momentum of Everlasting and killing the elder lord. This was swift, decisive, and merciless.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “So rude, I’m here working my butt off and all of you steal my thunder. Well, all of you better run fast.”

“Boom!” The power of the green beam intensified while the black hole weakened. This allowed the green beam to instantly reach the imperial city of Everlasting.

“Retreat!” The sage and the others didn’t make it there yet. They noticed the green annihilation and the sage gave the order.

“Not like this!” On the other hand, the twenty-five high ancestors and the masters of Everlasting shouted in horror.

“Boom!” Not only was the black hole destroyed, but their entire imperial city also exploded. Only a crater was left behind.

Everlasting was still there, but without its ruling city, it only existed in name now.

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