Chapter 228: Middle Continent Princess (2)

Chapter 228: Middle Continent Princess (2)

“How can anything wrong happen to me?” Li Qiye shrugged with a smile, then he continued: “Dealing with them was as easy as a breakfast meal.”

Seeing Li Qiye safe and sound relieved both the ladies. They assumed the worst as they were trapped by the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk without any means to escape. They didn’t expect the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot to be so powerful; it actually broke out from the fragmented realm while subduing the disk.

“Tetra-War Bronze Chariot!” At this time, Middle Continent Princess coldly stared at Li Qiye’s group with her chilling focus on Li Qiye.

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao — after calming down — couldn’t help but become shocked once again when they saw Middle Continent Princess standing in the air. They met the princess back on the transaction day, but they didn’t expect to have a reunion today!

“He didn’t tell you guys?” Middle Continent Princess closed her eyes, then she turned towards Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao to say: “He is the most deceptive liar in the world! Be careful, or else one day, you will be sold off by him while still not knowing who he even is!”

Having heard the princess’ words, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but stare at Li Qiye, then back at the princess. Li Qiye looked a bit embarrassed and mirthlessly smiled without saying a word.

Li Qiye’s attitude truly confused Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao. Why did the princess call Li Qiye a liar? That day when they did the transaction for the Middle Continent’s great treasure, both sides were completely willing!

Even though they felt that something was strange about this matter, they wouldn’t ask Li Qiye if he didn’t want to talk about it.

The battle had ended. Under Li Qiye’s scheming, Young King Nantian was not the only casualty. Even the old undying of the Jiangzuo Clan — whom could be described as invincible — along with the old man from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom died. In the end, the Ancient Kingdom’s Eighth Ancestor that had swept through the world was also annihilated just the same!

Such a result truly horrified everyone, and it created a creepy silence throughout the entire Underworld Ferry. At this time, regardless of the sect or heritage, sect master or royal lord, or even the old undying buried for many generations, there was only fear in their minds.

From their perspectives, even though this little demon had a shallow cultivation, he was even more frightening than Ancient Saints. He, alone, carried two supreme invincible laws. However, his Heaven’s Will Secret Law and invincible Immortal Physique Law were not the most frightening things; it was his schemes!

With regards to cultivation, even though he cultivated both of the laws, he essentially could not compare to the Ancient Kingdom’s Eighth Ancestor. Such an invincible existence like the Eighth Ancestor could crush him with one hand like an insect!

It could even be said that the group of the Six Jiang Zuo Kings and Nantian Hudu could kill him easily! However, today, he slew all of them, even the undying existences like Venerable Mo Shen and the Wise Monarch’s descendant!

He borrowed the physique devil of the tribulation as well as the Hell Lightning in order to massacre all of them! Even the Eighth Ancestor was still within his calculations. In the end, all of these invincible existences that had swept through an era were only poor victims that contributed to his tribulation. They were nothing but tools for him to surpass this ordeal!

Having thought to this point caused many people to shiver with fear in their hearts. This little demon was too scary. He was clearly only fifteen or sixteen years old, but he was as wily as an old fox!

“He was always suppressing his Physique Tribulation! Just to wait for that moment!” Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s eyes became as cold as ice as he murmured. His heart couldn’t help but feel a chilling sensation. He had surpassed his own Physique Tribulation and knew that the sooner it was, the easier would be to surpass such a trial! However, Li Qiye clearly suppressed his tribulation! Maybe he was waiting for the Underworld River and wanted to take advantage of the Underworld Water!

With this thought, Jewel Pillar Saint Child felt terror in his heart. This little demon will absolutely be his worst enemy for the rest of his life!

After everything settled down, Chi Yun, from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, came out from a corner of the ferry and went towards Li Qiye to speak in a low voice: “Young Noble Li, the elders of the War God Temple want to meet you.” With that said, he couldn’t help but look at Li Qiye one more time. However, there was nervousness in his heart for he was very dreadful of Li Qiye.

He had witnessed the earlier battle with his own eyes. He understood Li Qiye’s monstrousness as he schemed against the old undyings of the Jiangzuo Clan and the Heavenly Southern Kingdom! When Li Qiye glanced at him, he shivered uncontrollably!

Li Qiye gently nodded his head and followed Chi Yun.

There was a sand beach at the Underworld River. At the end of it was a cluster of rocks, and the elders from the War God Temple were hiding at this place. Their base and formations were far away from other sects and cultivators.

Compared to the other great powers, a giant like the War God Temple was very secretive at this Underworld Boat’s burial event. They did not show the slightest ostentatious gesture; without a doubt, this person being buried was very crucial to them. Perhaps they even had a heaven-frightening status, and the War God Temple did not want others to know who they were burying!

In fact, the person being buried this time affected their future rise and fall. Thus, the War God Temple couldn’t afford not to be cautious.

In their camp, all the elders of the War God Temple were sitting on the ground. All of them wore black robes and hats that had long curtains to completely hide their faces.

They formed a circle on the ground with an ancient coffin in the middle. The style of this coffin was not particularly special; it was as if it was just a burial of an ordinary disciple. This was most likely the War God Temple deliberately lowering its specialness in order to dispel any possible guesses from outsiders.

Chi Yun left after Li Qiye entered. Even as a Supreme Elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he was not qualified to be present at this place.

Li Qiye arrived and quickly glanced at all the elders sitting on the ground. All of them were very mysterious, and they tried their best to suppress their own energy so that others could not detect their surging and howling strength.

“Truly low-profile.” Li Qiye looked at all the elders before his glance fell onto the ordinary coffin, and he said: “Give me a little bit of time to guess who the person in this coffin is. He’s claimed to be an ancestor of the War God Temple, but would an ancestor force all of you to be here at this place right now? The whole thing about burying the ancestor was just nonsense. With your War God Temple’s way of doing things, if I am not mistaken, the person in this coffin must either be the Divine Protector of your temple, or the old man from the Hidden Immortal Hall!”

The moment his words came out, all eyes suddenly fell on him. If people described glares to be as sharp as swords, then the glares of these old men would be even more terrifying than divine swords.

“It seems that I was right, there is more than just one ancestor of your temple here! Your temple truly has many good items for life prolongment; many old men that should be rolling in their graves are still able to hold on to their time!” Li Qiye leisurely smiled as he stated.

If Chi Yun was here, he would be broken from fear due to Li Qiye’s words. The War God Temple’s ancestors were all invincible existences, and there was more than one. They had lived through countless moons, and there were some ancestors that had lived in an extremely ancient era who were still alive under the ground to this very day! Who wouldn’t be respectful to characters of this caliber? However, Li Qiye did not put them in his sight.

“The younger generation will surpass us in time!” At this moment, a voice finally rang out from the coffin. It was an ancient and archaic voice; it sounded as if it came from the past all the way to the present. [1. This phrase is a common statement about praising the young. The younger generation will always improve]

This ancient voice continued on: “With such ability, there is nowhere in this world where you cannot go. Lun Ri truly knows how to judge people. His trust in you was not without reason.”

“So it is the old man from the Hidden Immortal Hall.” Hearing this voice, Li Qiye immediately knew who it was. Besides the people present, there were no contemporary outsiders who knew more about the War God Temple than him.

Li Qiye leisurely added: “You are truly alive. Even Old Man Mu could not pass the heartlessness of time, yet you are able to. I have to admit that your will is as hard as steel!”

At this point, the gazes of the elders on the ground became frightening. The ones sitting here to guard this coffin were the reclusive ancestors from the War God Temple. Some of them didn’t even mind leaving their Era Blood Stones just to come here in order to send away this coffin!

Since Li Qiye immediately revealed their secret, if it was necessary, they would not hesitate to kill him. In the end, the Hidden Immortal Hall was extremely important to the War God Temple. This was also one of the reasons why they could stand strong for millions of years!

“Don’t even think about killing me to hide the secret.” Li Qiye was still calm as he spoke: “I know that in order to bring the coffin here, there are some near-dead people climbing out from their graves. However, be smart and do not provoke me! Otherwise, I will think about turning your War God Temple over, even if the old man from the Hidden Immortal Hall is still alive!”

At this time, a black-robed old man stood up. To him, Li Qiye already knew too much.

“Don’t be impulsive.” The ancient voice from the coffin appeared again. After having heard the command, the standing old man — at this time — silently sat back down without saying a word from start to finish.

“This is more like it.” Li Qiye let out a smile and continued on: “Regarding this old man that is capable of holding on since the era of Old Man Mu till now, he has eaten much more salt than you all have eaten meals!” [2. This is actually quite rare. I’ve never seen this phrase in other novels. I kept it in because it is a flavorful part of Li Qiye. What this is saying is that the old man has lived for so long and experienced countless hardships (salt). This old man knows how to be calm and careful even under provocation, unlike the younger ancestors]

The old men from the War God Temple became speechless. This little demon was so unbridled; he was so rampantly arrogant to the point of driving them into insanity. One has to know that War God Mu was one of their most powerful ancestors! Yet this little demon is actually calling him an old man.

“Legend has it that the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot was a supreme throne. I once heard a legend that stated that during the Desolace Expansion Era, when the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot arrived, even the gods retreated while the Immortal Emperors came to offer their greetings…” The ancient voice from the wooden coffin resounded.

Li Qiye coldly interrupted him and dryly said: “Don’t try to test me. Even if the War God Temple’s power is great, there are some taboos better left unexplored in this world!”

The voice in the coffin also stopped after hearing Li Qiye words. He was wondering and perhaps even checking his memories.

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