Chapter 2279: Who Is In Control?

Everlasting Elder Lord’s eyes illuminated the world as he sat there, exerting his influence over the entire system. So many people had an illusion that he had everything within his grasp.

This was understandable because after reaching his power level, even if he didn’t completely have the Longevity Scripture, he understood many merit laws left behind by Alchemy Immortal. Thus, he seemed like the center of the system, not Longevity Valley.

“The younger generations will surpass us in time.” He looked over at Li Qiye. Despite the massive distance between the two of them, he could still see everything as if they were mere inches apart. His divinity affected all locations.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye still arrogantly posed, not caring about this Eternal: “Someone like you can give me a warm-up.”

The crowd became stunned. Everyone here was frightened of the elder lord’s reputation. Some even got on the ground without the courage to lift their head to look at him. Alas, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn at all.

“Longevity System has not produced a genius like this for a very long time, capable of grasping its power and understanding the profundity of the progenitor’s dao. Incredible.” The elder lord said.

Such high praise surprised the crowd. Only a monster would be able to grasp the power of a system. No wonder why he was able to become the First Disciple of Longevity Valley.

His weak cultivation didn’t matter as much since possessing this ability would render him invincible, at least in his own system. Such a disciple wasn’t unheard of, albeit extremely rare. It meant that his aptitude was of a devilish level with unlimited potential.

“Just a little bit.” Li Qiye smiled.

Of course, the elder lord didn’t see through everything. The mystical part about Li Qiye wasn’t his control over the system but rather, his dao fruit capable of simplifying all dao. 

“The only thing you need is time in order to become a True Emperor. Perhaps there is a chance for the role of a progenitor too.” The old man’s eyes shone upon him. His words meant a lot since he had trained an actual True Emperor before in Lifejewel. 

So many youths wanted to earn such high praises from him. Earning his recognition was a supreme prestige, an advantageous capital for the future.

“But no one can stop the tides of fate.” The old man continued: “It’s time for Longevity to change. I am someone who adores talents and worships the ancestors, so surrender now and hand over the official reign of the system, I will guarantee that your sect will be safe.”

His words were calm but the content was powerful and trustworthy. If he said so, Longevity Valley would certainly be fine. His reputation required keeping true to his words.

“And if we don’t surrender?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Then Longevity Valley will turn to ashes.” The elder lord slowly said.

“Quite confident, aren’t you? This makes me eager to test and see who can actually stop me.” Li Qiye smiled.

To which the elder lord shook his head: “You are indeed amazing with your mastery over the system and the protection of the Longevity Physique. This is enough for you to sweep through the system. Unfortunately, it’s all external help. More importantly, you don’t have control over the dao source or you would be unbeatable.”

“Makes sense, controlling the dao source will result in more power.” Li Qiye answered.

He hasn’t controlled the dao source just yet since he considered that a waste of time.

“My Everlasting Kingdom alone can suppress you, and with my joining the fray, the outcome is quite obvious.” The elder lord spoke with such certainty.

“Bless the Elder Lord, may he lives and reigns forever!” The experts and ancestors of Everlasting suddenly cheered and even celebrated.

“Bless the Elder Lord, may he lives and reigns forever!” The usurpers on the altar also kneeled and shouted.

Li Qiye ignored the atmosphere and said: “The stronger the foe, the more interesting the hunt. After all, killing weaklings is only a waste of my time.”

“Being fearless is a good thing, but at a certain level, this bravado turns into ignorance.” The elder lord stared at him and said: “How can you see the movement of this world? Even if you can defeat me and represent the valley in its triumphant over Everlasting, this doesn’t mean you can grasp the system in the future. There are stronger beings looking at this land.”

“Oh? There are others above wanting this system? Perfect, let them come so I can experience a true massacre. I’ll kill my way from Myriad Lineage up to the upper worlds. Even if Immortal Lineage stands in my way, I’ll rid it of all inhabitants if necessary.” Li Qiye smirked.

Who would dare to continue this outrageous conversation? It would be offending all three worlds. Did he want to fight everyone?

They felt he was simply insane. In Myriad Lineage, there was a pervasive fear about those from Imperial, let alone Immortal Lineage. But now, Li Qiye said that he would kill everyone in the upper worlds. The guy couldn’t be crazier than this.

“Preposterous!” The elder lord couldn’t help but shout: “You really think you’re unbeatable just because you can control Longevity’s power? There are plenty of hidden masters in this world and as for Imperial Lineage, so many monsters are there who can kill you with one wave of the hand!”

The Untethered had a serious expression. It looked like Everlasting had support from external sources, especially those from Imperial Lineage. She became apprehensive after finding this out. Yang Radiance was the strongest system in this world. If Longevity System were to fall, they could be the next.

Li Qiye smiled: “No, you’re mistaken. Not to mention monsters, I can even take down progenitors. So now, I am giving your kingdom a choice. Drop your weapons and surrender or I shall end it. As for your so-called monsters from Imperial Lineage, if they mess with me, I’ll destroy all of their clans once I go up there!”

“Foolish child, there is no end to your ego-” One ancestor on Everlasting’s side loudly interjected.

“Poof!” Li Qiye crushed him into a mist of blood. The guy never had a chance to fight back.

The ones on the altar suddenly remembered that he was being empowered by the system right now. Retorting against him was the same as courting death.

Thus, the usurpers slowly retreated to keep a good distance from him. They would wait for the elder lord to take care of this brat.

“I’ll send you to your death then, since that seems to be your wish.” The elder lord said coldly: “Your unwise move today will result in both yours and the valley’s demise!”

This murderous comment sent chills into the crowd. They could already see the valley being drowned with blood.


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