Chapter 2276: Longevity Physique

Li Qiye smiled at the challenge and said: “Looks like I have no other choice, being pushed to the edge.”

“That’s right, this date next year will be your death anniversary!” The carapace said.

Li Qiye didn’t care at all and smiled at Fan Miaozhen: “Little girl, tell me, how many moves do you think it will take for me to take it down?” 

Miaozhen blinked and playfully smirked: “Excuse my bold prediction, but given your invincible abilities, I believe it will be around ten moves.”

The carapace’s expression turned black. Of course, this fusion was already strong on top of being empowered by the pulsing current of Everlasting. So now, her prediction of ten moves was truly contemptuous.

“Ten moves?” Li Qiye laughed.

“Am I mistaken? Are you telling me that you can beat it within five moves? Don’t be scaring me now.” Miaozhen raised her brows while placing her hands on her plump chest, acting quite surprised.

This appearance of her was quite innocent, cute, and enchanting. All men wouldn’t be able to help themselves from wanting to protect her.

Li Qiye shook his head: “Five moves? You think too highly of that puppet made out of scrap metals. It’s not an Eternal, can’t reach the apex at all. One move is all we need with the help of our system’s power.”

“One move!” Not to mention the others, even the three girls gasped after hearing this with their eyes widening.

Miaozhen knew that Li Qiye was unfathomable, but this claim was still unbelievable all the same. The difficulty was quite high.

“One move?!” The listeners didn’t believe either. Just one move to take down the Silver Dragon Carapace in its current state? That would be something far exceeding a normal Eternal. Even low-level True Emperors can’t do it.

The Untethered slightly batted her eyes too.

“Just one move? That’s impossible. A True Emperor would need six palaces and up to do so.” Another representative didn’t believe Li Qiye, thinking that he was being too bullish.

“You think you’re an invincible emperor or something?” An expert from Everlasting remained skeptical.

“That carapace right now has boundless power.” Even an ancestor from the loyalist faction felt that the possibility was too low.

The carapace actually trembled with rage after hearing this utter contempt at their legion.

“Junior, if you can topple us with one move, I will leave right now and never take another step out of Everlasting.” One Dragon Sovereign shouted.

“How naive, thinking you can get off that easily. Unfortunately, you all will definitely be buried here.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Come out then, we’ll crush your bones!” The sovereign retorted.

“Alright, if you’re in such a hurry to visit hell, then I’ll fulfill your wish.” Li Qiye took his time standing up and didn’t look like he was going to battle at all.

“Sigh, why does no one trust me? I’m just speaking the truth.” Li Qiye shook his head and lamented.

He came down the stairs and opened his fate palace. The Primordial Tree appeared with its primordial energy engulfing the entire world.

One fruit resembling a pine cone was on it, his very first dao fruit.

“What the hell is that?” No one knew what it was because Three Immortals’ system consisted of true energy. Meanwhile, Li Qiye had created an entirely new cultivation system.

“Very well, I shall show all of you invincibility and the true power of Longevity System.” He declared.

After leaving the throne, he headed for the altar. His dao fruit slightly trembled and all the dao in the world resonated with it.

One could faintly hear some ringing noises from a windchime. The dao fruit had encompassed the dao and even the dao foundation of Longevity. This dao comprehension was the most magical thing about the dao fruit. Just planting a seed alone could turn into a dao source.

He entered the altar, causing the whole place to light up. The mountains were the next to light up, then all of the territories in Longevity.

It didn’t matter how pure and complicated the grand dao that made up Longevity. They turned into seeds for the dao fruit, much simpler than even dao laws.

From complexity to simplicity, the dao fruit shot out a ray of light onto Li Qiye. The endless profundities of the grand dao started forming inside Li Qiye, allowing him to grasp the whole system.

“Is he controlling the power of our system?” People weren’t quite clear yet on his aim.

“Boom!” He instantly took hold of all the runes in Longevity. His chest became resplendent as if an immortal scripture was opening. There were too many symbols and runes to count.

“Is that the Longevity Scripture?” One ancestor murmured in a daze.

Alchemy Immortal relied on this scripture to create the system. Those who could understand the mysteries of the scripture would be able to grasp all the legacies and merit laws of the system.

The light coming from Li Qiye was different from everything else. It belonged to time and the myriad eras, from the past to the present, from the present to the future. This temporal affinity gathered around him.

His physical self was now the embodiment of time. His power, vitality, and grand dao from the past, present, and future all joined together at this particular juncture.

People shuddered because this new form had exceeded everything. Just a wave of his hand could annihilate gods and emperors.

“Longevity Physique…” The Untethered became startled.

The three girls stared in astonishment after hearing this name.

“Long… Longevity Physique…” The other ancestors’ jaw dropped to the ground.

“Is it really?” The other representatives asked for confirmation.

“It must be.” The Untethered stared at Li Qiye and noticed something: “But it’s strange, maybe it is a mastery of the dao source, not purely the Longevity Physique.”

She was the most knowledgeable one here but couldn’t pinpoint the exact details. She felt that this resembled the Longevity Physique but could also be him simply controlling the dao source of Longevity.

“What is this physique?” One junior asked his ancestor.

“It’s an ultimate merit law of our system from the progenitor. It is a common belief that only he had cultivated to perfection. Anyone else who tried only made it to the bare surface level. This art could be considered invincible.” His ancestor answered with a solemn expression.

The Silver Dragon Carapace saw Li Qiye’s current state and fearfully took one step backward.

“Oh? This is called Longevity Physique? A bit of a coincidence.” Li Qiye smiled. [1]

This particular state was named Longevity Physique, but it had no relation with the Eternal Physique from the twelve Immortal Physiques.

This was an unprecedented art created by Alchemy Immortal, also his strongest. It gathered the power of the user’s various temporal forms, boosting the person to their strongest state.

No one had done it successfully before, until now. In fact, he didn’t train it either. However, his dao fruit was able to derive the mysteries of this system, including this Longevity Physique from the Longevity Scripture.

In other words, he didn’t need to cultivate anything and could use this Longevity Physique stemming from the dao foundation of the system through his dao fruit. It was akin to putting on a pre-existing armor.

1. The raw words I translated as Longevity in this arc are the same words used for Magu’s Eternal Physique. I’ve used Eternal for a power level here already, and Longevity fits the alchemy theme more. Just know that the words are the same, that’s why he’s saying it’s a coincidence.

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