Chapter 2273: Wooden Giant

The thirty-six sovereigns stood before Li Qiye, full of murderous intent. Their armor plates were dazzling, making them seem like gods from above. People uncontrollably felt a sense of reverence and fear.

“Junior, how do you want to die?” One of them coldly uttered, ready to kill.

“Well, they are the pillars of Everlasting for a reason.” One ancestor murmured.

The power of these beings could indeed destroy many sects in the system. Plus, Everlasting had more ace cards too. No wonder why they dared to try and take over.

Li Qiye continued with his lazy posture: “You think too highly of yourselves, killing me with such meager skills? I have thousands of ways to kill you all without lifting a finger. Alright, watch. Talk about killing me after surviving this.”

Having said that, a new portal connecting to a different realm seemingly opened above him.

Inside was an incomparable old tree that had withstood the test of time. It looked distant from this world so people could only see a faint outline.

Nevertheless, it exuded a vast amount of life energy, permeating the entire Alchemy Hut. Everyone felt that the air has been refreshed and couldn’t help breathing in. Their fatigue was swept away and replaced by an unprecedented sense of relaxation.

“What is that?” Someone murmured in astonishment.

“That’s the divine tree from Herb-plucking? The legend is true?” One ancestor wondered.

Rumor has it that such a tree existed on Herb-plucking but was never seen before. So now, this tree appearing above Li Qiye made people recall the tale.

“Rustle.” More old roots came out from the ground and blocked the thirty-six sovereigns.

“Just rotten branches, can’t reach the apex.” One Dragon Sovereign said with disdain.

However, all the roots came together to form a massive figure; the sovereigns paled in comparison. It was virtually a mountain with clouds floating around its shoulders.

“Still just rotten branches.” The thirty-six sovereigns didn’t give a damn.

“Is that so?” The portal on top of Li Qiye flew up and floated behind the wooden giant. The faint tree became large as well as if it was a sky with green leaves protecting this giant.

The majestic ocean of life from the tree poured and made the individual roots extremely tough, back to when it was the strongest. The barks became as tough as dragon scales, impossible to penetrate.

This wooden giant seemed to be coming back to life and brimming with power. Just one wave alone could blow away the heaven and earth.

People no longer saw a wooden amalgamation but a living being with massive power. A wooden race of god wouldn’t look different from this.

This immense change made the crowd take a deep breath. This being made out of old branches had become divine.

“The tree is giving its life and power.” One ancestor could tell what was going on: “It is incredible, capable of changing something ordinary into magic.”

The Untethered herself glanced over at the peak then the portal and the tree. She knew more compared to others so she was aware of this portal.

“Break!” The sovereigns didn’t want to give this giant any chance and attacked. They were aware that it would only grow stronger, and with enough time, it would become a deity.

“Boom!” Their chest poured out rays again to form a pillar of light with a world-destroying power. It shot towards the wooden giant, wishing to destroy it in one go.

However, the giant flipped his palm and a wooden shield appeared. It landed in front and acted as a massive wall spanning across the entire area. No one could ever surpass its great height.

“Boom!” The pillar of light crazily assaulted the shield. Multiple layers were being burnt.

Alas, it was simply too thick. An unreasonable amount of time would be needed for complete penetration.

“Whoosh!” The giant didn’t want and slammed its other hand at the thirty-six sovereigns as if it was a hammer.

“Watch it!” The sovereigns didn’t try to block it and flew up instead. The wooden hand in the shape of a hammer quaked the world. Many sovereigns were trembling from the shockwave.

Because of their retreat, their combined pillar of light disappeared right away. The giant took advantage of this and used its shield to sweep through the area, blowing away all the clouds and winds.

“Boom!” There was nowhere to run now so the sovereigns roared and used their best attacks. One took out a large pagoda, another a sword, and a few more relied on their armors…

Chipped wood flew everywhere. The shield suffered damage but it was too large to matter. Moreover, the old tree was still supplying it with life force.

It didn’t take long before the broken places grew again into perfection. The sovereigns couldn’t destroy the shield as a result.

The giant added its hammer into the mix. Shield and hammer left the sovereigns in a difficult spot and had to retreat continuously.

The crowd was speechless. These sovereigns went all out and still couldn’t defeat this wooden giant. 

They looked quite tattered and beaten right now while feeling rage and helplessness. These beings have swept through the system before, completely unbeatable. Today, a single giant was utterly subduing them, making it look like an unfair battle. This was too humiliating!

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