Chapter 2272: Roots Everywhere

This sovereign alone was still causing damage to the altar’s ground with each heavy step due to the massive armor. This didn’t deter his speed at all, still quite agile despite the cumbersome frame.

“Pluff!” More roots as hard as steel pierced out of the ground and formed a thick wall, not much different from one made out of divine metals.

“Boom!” The sovereign carried a world-moving power and slammed into the wall, failing to do any damage.

The wall looked mighty but upon impact, it became flexible like rubber. After the sovereign went all the way in, he was shot flying just like a meteor.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He put his feet on the ground but still went a considerable distance before stopping.

The crowd was still lost on the origin of the roots coming out of the ground. They seemed quite old; some had tough barks in the shape of dragon scales.

This sovereign didn’t give up and shouted: “Break!”

He took out a sharp saber with snow-white glint before jumping again to attack the wall.

This wall suddenly came apart as the roots moved like dragons leaving their lair to attack.

“Snow covering a thousand mountains!” He shouted and unleashed arcs of energy resembling an endless amount of snowflakes.

Numerous roots were cut but out came even tougher ones with thicker barks from the ground, harder than the strongest metal.

They successfully stopped the saber with minimal damage, only a few marks were left on their bark.

The situation was becoming worse for this sovereign since more roots were coming out to surround him. He couldn’t do much against the sheer amount coming from all sides.

“Not strong enough, if you were an Eternal, just one slash would have been enough to cut through.” The girls were done making the tea now. Li Qiye sipped the tea with lingering fragrance while watching the struggling sovereign: “Watch out from behind… below you now…”

Before he could finish, a tough root coiled around the sovereign’s legs. He became immobilized so more and more roots got on him, wanting to trap him.

“Activate!” He tried to slash the roots but they became a gigantic hand and flipped him over. Next, the hand picked him up and began smashing him repeatedly onto the ground.

The crowd was naturally shocked. This was a Dragon Sovereign, a pillar of Everlasting. He instantly lost and Li Qiye hasn’t done a thing so far.

“Sigh, I told you to be careful, too weak despite being so old.” Li Qiye shook his head and mocked: “These pillars of your kingdom are rotted.”

The sovereign’s expression became ugly as he bellowed: “Little animal, I will kill you!”

“Boom!” The roots made up a fist now and punched his face, causing the helmet to cave in. The man inside coughed out blood.

“Go!” The other sovereigns instantly rushed forward and joined the fray.

“Rumble!” The entire altar was shaking from their steps. Some spectators became dazed by the rumbling noises.

Alas, more roots came out from the ground to stop the stampede. They danced around like crazed serpents and trapped the group like an ocean before starting the offense.

This bizarre scene left everyone slack-jawed. People didn’t know how the ground had so many roots. It was as if every root from Alchemy Hut was here to kill the sovereigns.

The sovereigns began fighting against the wooden tides. The endless number made resistance futile. There was no end in sight.

This strongest force of Everlasting was at a complete disadvantage against Li Qiye.

“Words can’t describe how pathetic this is.” Li Qiye drank more tea while sitting informally on his throne, acting as if he was above all.

The three girls were much more relaxed now, offering him tea and fruits, the best of their service. It was as if they didn’t need to worry about this coup. Just Li Qiye alone could take care of Everlasting.

“Combine!” As the situation grew dire, the thirty-sovereigns roared and fought their way to get to the same spot.

“Buzz.” Their chest armor spewed out a resplendent beam, pure and overly bright.

Upon closer inspection, people found true stones carved on the front plate. These stones were fueling them with the purest true energy, activating their real power.

These armors utilized both the cultivator’s and the true stones’ energy in order to maximize their power.

“Boom!” The thirty-six beams of light became a larger one with the force of a million exploding stars in the depths of space. Numerous roots were incinerated wherever the beam swept by, as fragile as dry branches. Nothing could stop this beam.

It didn’t take long before the ocean of roots was destroyed, leaving broken pieces everywhere. Of course, many were turned to ashes as well.

“Boom!” The thirty-six sovereign finally made it out. Their step once again instilled fear into the crowd after displaying their mighty power.

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