Chapter 2270: Feng Xiaochen’s Pill Dao

Everlasting Emperor remained furious after being stopped by Grandwar Ancestor. His eyes spewed out hatred, wanting nothing more than to tear Li Qiye to pieces.

“Ancestor, please, kill this animal!” He asked Grandwar.

The ancestor took a deep breath and stood up with a serious expression. He was mentally prepared to fight the moment he chose Everlasting’s side. No one was lucky enough to escape this incoming bloodbath.

“I will overestimate myself and have a go against your impeccable techniques.” Grandwar readied himself.

Despite almost being an Eternal, he was still very careful because Li Qiye’s power far exceeded his expectations.

“Cai Dawei, I’ll take you on, no need for the young noble to do anything.” Feng Xiaochen interjected.

“Brother Feng, it’s not that I’m looking down on you but your peerless alchemy aside, your cultivation is far inferior to me. Let the young noble come instead.” Grandwar shook his head.

Xiaochen chuckled in response: “I’m aware, but it is fine to fight. You have your methods and so do I.”

“Boom!” With that, he took out a cauldron spewing out a surging inferno that was quite pure in essence.

The flame wasn’t the most crucial part. Instead, the medicinal fragrance inside the cauldron allowed the old man to fuse together with his cauldron. He became decades younger in appearance. His gray hair turned black; even his face reversed in age.

The crowd was shocked to see the young version of Xiaochen. All ancestors desired longevity and youth, so this was quite a sight for them to behold. Their heart started palpitating.

“Brother Feng, you truly wish to go all out, utilizing your lifespan to take me on.” Grandwar commented.

“Like you have said, I might be weaker but my alchemy is peerless. I have utilized around a century just to take you on now.” Xiaochen stated.

He looked completely different now, gathering the power of centuries to let him reach new heights of power.

“Buzz.” Temporal rays emanated from him, each full of life. This was a pure power that could sever the yin and yang.

Everyone held their breath after seeing his temporal state; even the ancestors put on a stern expression.

Not just anyone could accomplish this deed. Even a master capable of this wouldn’t dare to do so, especially the older ones. One day was more precious than the previous in their eyes.

However, Xiaochen actually wasted a century of life, quite a bold maneuver.

The young ones wouldn’t care too much but for these ancestors, a century was a long time.

Nevertheless, Xiaochen could afford to do so due to his alchemy mastery. He had other ways of prolonging his life, unlike others. His pill-making skills would replenish the lost century, something that only he could do here.

“Alright, let’s go, Brother Feng.” Grandwar wasn’t one to underestimate his enemy and soared to the sky.

“Time to battle!” Xiaochen shouted and jumped up as well.

“Clank!” The cauldron in front of him became gigantic and dashed towards Grandwar like a mountain.

“Come!” Grandwar used a hammer with a starry glow.

“Boom!” It shattered the void while smashing towards the cauldron. Even the stars were blown away by this strike.

The two treasures collided with sparks flying; each spark could meld space.

“Rumble!” The two became wilder as the battle raged on, especially Xiaochen. He was clearly at a disadvantage yet he grew fiercer with greater vigor.

The guy was older than Grandwar so his vitality should be expended as time went on. However, this logic didn’t apply to him at all, only to Grandwar.  His peerless alchemy dao gave him this ability.

Despite his weaker cultivation, he had plenty of ways to replenish his vitality during battle, or even curing an injury in the blink of an eye. The dao of alchemy served as a great supporting tool for combat.

The crowd was moved by this scene among the stars. These were the two great ancestors of their system but they were fighting to the death now. Some also noticed something else.

All along, people assumed that when a genius became distracted with alchemy, it would greatly affect their cultivation. Of course, this notion was accurate.

Xiaochen’s talents weren’t necessarily inferior to Grandwar but he spent more time making pills so his cultivation got dragged behind.

However, his peerless alchemy dao allowed him to put up a real fight in this case. He was still on the defensive but if this continued, Grandwar’s lack of vitality would be his downfall.

“Will you commit suicide or must I do it?” Li Qiye looked and asked at Everlasting Emperor back on the ground.

The emperor was shocked and took one step back then screamed: “Brat, this isn’t over yet!”

“Really? In my eyes, your death is certain right now.” Li Qiye smiled while rubbing his fist.

The emperor staggered backward, realizing that he was no match for Li Qiye. He resorted to taking out a conch and blew on it.

“Wuuu-” The sound echoed across Alchemy Hut.

It was met with multiple conch horns blaring backward. Several mountains lit up with sounds of cavalry. Silver Dragon Legion instantly appeared with hostages from various sects.

“It’s Senior Sister Du and the others.” Shaoyao and Yalan were startled after seeing members of their sect imprisoned.

“Senior Uncle Bai!” Others spotted the hostages too.

“Master!” One expert screamed.

These were the hostages taken by Everlasting one day prior. The scene became chaotic; many loyalists became anxious due to their close friends and seniors being in captivity.

“It’s not too late for you to concede.” The emperor spoke with a twisted expression.

“Oh? And if I refuse?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“If you do not surrender, then all of them will die with you.” The emperor sneered: “Plenty of disciples from Longevity Valley conspired with heretics in order to seize power from their own sect! Today, we shall cleanse these vermin in the valley’s stead!”

Everlasting planned to use these hostages to pressure the loyalists into submission. They didn’t expect to need to use it so soon.

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