Chapter 227: Middle Continent Princess (1)

Chapter 227: Middle Continent Princess (1)

Unbeknownst to everyone, a woman had been standing in the air. She had a peerless elegance that would be considered rare in all the ages. She stood there like a moon goddess. With an extremely ancient style of attire, it immediately let people know that she was not born in the contemporary times!

This woman — with her eyes shut while holding the ancient box — did not look at anyone. However, this did not diminish her beauty in the least.

“Earth Immortal…” Seeing this woman, shock was inevitable for all spectators. Even a few other Earth Immortals at this place changed their expressions. The last gate master of the Thousand Emperors Gate also lost his colors as he murmured to say: “It is her!”

Middle Continent Princess! A Treasure Lord that had dealt with Li Qiye before, an extremely mysterious woman! While looking at her, no one ever thought that an Earth Immortal would lend Li Qiye a hand. [1. It says Treasure Lord here, but I believe she is an Earth Immortal? Perhaps she was just staying at a Feng Shui Treasure Earth, but she actually had the power of an Earth Immortal]

“You came at just the right time, you saved me from using a piece of Immortal Writ.” Li Qiye smiled and said elegantly after seeing Middle Continent Princess.

“Bang--bang--bang!” At the same time, in the highest reaches of the heavens up above, the Underworld River started to flow from its source again, carrying howling thunder as the endless violet lightning began to form once again.

“You stole the Underworld Water of hell, it will not let you go!” Even though her eyes were closed, Middle Continent Princess still glanced at Li Qiye and said: “Return the Underworld Water back to hell!”

Li Qiye and his gigantic body stared at the violet lightning in the sky, then he shrugged and said: “So stingy.” Finished commenting, he opened his mouth and spewed out the endless Underworld Water towards the sky and eventually, it disappeared up in the nine heavens.

The surprising thing was that once Li Qiye returned the Underworld Water, the violet lightning overflowing from the nine heavens suddenly disappeared!

Li Qiye’s body gradually turned smaller once the water was released and finally, he went back to his original appearance.

“This thing is truly too cheap. Each time someone tries to steal some Underworld Water, it always invokes a lightning tribulation!” Li Qiye begrudgingly continued: “I initially wanted to refine this Underworld Water into a little nice something for the next physique devil tribulation! But now, this thing demanded me to give back the Underworld Water like a miserly god. Isn’t it only Underworld Water!?”

Li Qiye’s crazy words left others speechless. This boy was a bit too demonic and scary. Wanting to store such a large amount of Underworld Water in his inner body — this was truly insanity!

“Return...” At this time, a bright light surged from Li Qiye’s chest cavity and his Inner Physique arched towards the sky to absorb the purple liquid. This liquid was initially the devil physique that was encompassed in violet lightning and killed by the Imperial Violet Hammer. The Inner Physique slowly sucked in the purple liquid back into his chest. Moments later, clanking sounds rang out as chains of universal laws appeared on the Inner Physique like tree roots wanting to suck the purple liquid dry.

In a trice, the Inner Physique’s light reached its maximum luminosity as the universal laws morphed into an armor on Li Qiye’s body. At the same time, the Inner Physique floated up and down inside his chest cavity, giving him the appearance of a god that was capable of illuminating all worlds and suppressing demon kings from all eras!

“The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique at minor completion!” Witnessing such a display caused Jewel Pillar Saint Child to quietly whisper. There was no doubt that his remark came with spiteful jealousy. This was something he had aspired for for his whole life, yet it was achieved by a Mortal Physique and was cultivated all the way to minor completion. How could he not become enraged with jealousy?

“The physique devil went back to its origin while carrying along its essence back into its body. Grand overflowing abstract profundity — truly perfection!” Li Qiye was very pleased with his physique tribulation, but he still had a lingering sentiment: “The old villainous heaven truly does not allow for a Mortal Physique to cultivate into an immortal one. If it wasn’t for these old devils lending me a hand, then this physique tribulation would have been a bit troublesome.”

“He used the group of Mo Shen to defeat his physique devil, surpass the tribulation, and even reach the state of grand overflowing abstract profundity while surpassing his physique tribulation perfectly!” Hearing Li Qiye’s words, the old Turtle Monarch couldn’t help but to take a step back further away from Li Qiye. At this point, he understood that this kid — from the very start — had schemed against Venerable Mo Shen, the descendant of Wise Monarch Jiang Zuo, and the Eighth Ancestor of the Ancient Kingdom. As long as they took action, it would be equivalent to helping him surpass the physique tribulation while he used this tribulation to kill all of them!

The old Turtle Monarch turned gray with his hair standing on end. This kid was truly frightening; he even dared to scheme against an invincible existence like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Eighth Ancestor. I better stay away from this kid in the future; otherwise, I would die without knowing the reason why!

The other Demon Monarchs next to the Old Turtle also became shocked as their blood ran cold after hearing this. This kid was truly terrifying.

“Have you always been shameless like this?” Middle Continent Princess stared at Li Qiye with her closed eyes while giving off the feeling of dissatisfaction towards him.

“Aa, ah, this is called calculating, not shamelessness. Some things couldn’t be helped, and a few other things were only misunderstandings.” Li Qiye forced a wry smile. Only he and her understood this conversation for it was related to some secrets of previous years.

Li Qiye then changed the subject and smilingly said: “Since you already took action, would you be so kind as to help me all the way? Help me kill the rest of these old fools from the Ancient Kingdom, then I will give you a great fortune!”[2. Raw for help me all the way was - sending buddha all the way to the west. I’m not sure of this particular phrase but I have seen it a lot. I believe it is an allusion to Journey to the West. The meaning is that if you are going to help someone, then help them all the way]

Middle Continent Princess opened her eyes that flashed a bloody light, then she closed them again. At this time, she turned towards the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s base.

Despite their setback in Ancient Sky City, the Ancient Kingdom did not give up their plans to bury their ancestor on an Underworld Boat; they simply became more low-key. However, when their ancestor noticed Li Qiye’s Immortal Physique reaching some success, with their hatred rekindled, they immediately tried to kill Li Qiye. They absolutely couldn’t allow for this kid to leave this place alive, but they didn’t know that it would end with their own demise.

“I… We are the disciples of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. You... if you dare to touch us, the Ancient Kingdom will absolutely not let you get away with it.” At this moment, the experts from the Ancient Kingdom were deathly pale regardless of whether they were Named Heroes, Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, or Ancient Saints. This was a great disaster to them.

“You all think too highly of your Ancient Kingdom.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and added: “To her, your Ancient Kingdom is nothing. When she was alive, she would still dare to destroy your Ancient Kingdom!”

At this point, Middle Continent Princess opened her fair hand and turned it towards the direction of the Ancient Kingdom’s disciples. The Ancient Kingdom’s experts became distressed in horror and turned around to flee. However, under this fair hand, no one was able to escape.

“No…” The unwilling disciples of the Ancient Kingdom screamed and were finally crushed into a rain of blood!

“Awesome, awesome.” Li Qiye clapped his hands while smiling, but Middle Continent Princess didn’t care for him.

As for the rest of the people present, they naturally felt horrified because this woman was way too powerful and daunting. Unfortunately, no one knew her true background!

What they all did not understand was why such an Earth Immortal would be related to this boy, Li Qiye. No matter if they were Treasure Lords or Earth Immortals, they would not be happy to mingle with their descendants. However, this Earth Immortal before them actually helped Li Qiye. This was utterly unbelievable.

Compared to the experts of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, the disciples of the Jiang Zuo Clan and Heavenly Southern Kingdom were much more lucky for they had escaped earlier and avoided this calamitous fate!

“You should give me back my treasure.” At this moment, Li Qiye smiled at Middle Continent Princess in a nonchalant and carefree manner as he slowly spoke.

Middle Continent Princess was still coldly glaring at Li Qiye. Even though her eyes were closed, it was easy to tell that it was not a friendly gaze! In the end, she threw the stone box back to him.

Many people wanted to know what the treasure inside the stone box was. This was an item that knocked the Imperial Violet Hammer away! Of course, the more regrettable matter was that they lacked the power to stop the defeated Imperial Violet Hammer from flying away. If they were capable, then they would prevent it from flying back to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, and an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure would have been theirs!

Li Qiye held the stone box and gently touched it before finally glancing at Middle Continent Princess as he quietly said: “I owe you a debt!”

“Now you are speaking like a human!” Middle Continent Princess exclaimed coldly. [3. This is a common diss. She is saying that he was speaking/acting more like an animal before]

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else; he simply gave a gentle sigh. There were many things that he did not want to think about because not everything could be perfect in this world! There will always be some things that are lamentable. No matter if the events that year were intentional or not, regardless of whether it was a misunderstanding that year, even if he actually did not owe her, he still felt a dimming sadness in his heart! He did not want to tread on this path of memories, but there were many things that he would have to eventually face one day!

Outsiders were puzzled by their speech. In fact, besides Li Qiye and Middle Continent Princess, the secret in this matter was totally unknown to all!

“Bang!” At this time, the void was penetrated with the neighing of horses. Four bronze horses rushed out of the fragmented realm as they broke through the void.

A thunderous explosion rang as the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot crushed space itself and suddenly appeared in front of Li Qiye with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao standing on top. Even though they were sucked into the fragmented realm, they were unscathed due to the protection from the chariot.

There was a bronze horse with a treasure disk in its mouth in front of Li Qiye. This was the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk of Young King Nantian, a supreme treasure of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!

“Old buddies, truly amazing. I knew that you guys would not let me down.” Li Qiye took the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk with great joy as he continued: “I actually needed this thing. This will save me a trip from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom.”

The bronze horses neighed to Li Qiye, showing their intimacy.

Such a scene was greeted by eye-reddening jealously from countless people. The Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk — according to the legends, it was crafted from the true mantras taken from the Space Scripture — one of the Nine Grand Scriptures — by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang. This item was no less valuable than an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!

“Young Noble!” Seeing Li Qiye exulted Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan. The ladies jumped down from the chariot, then Li Shuangyan immediately expressed her concern: “Are you all right, Young Noble?”

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