Chapter 2269: Heaven’s Fury Slash

“Boom!” After eating the pill, Miracle Young Noble exuded flame as if he was a fire god.

This flame looked like an active volcano that engulfed the entire world, wishing to destroy everything.

“Buzz.” Twelve fate palaces emerged on top of him. This in combination with the flame made him look like a god.

“Is he a True Emperor now?” Only one palace was lit up while the other eleven were still dark. Nevertheless, his aura was different from everyone else.

This majestic and massive aura soared above the nine firmaments just like a True Emperor. Alas, it lacked a certain something - purity in essences.

“Not one but this power is at that level.” An ancestor who had met emperors before said: “He forcefully increased his level to that of a True Emperor. His cultivation is still the same, but his fighting potential is much higher.”

“This pill is quite terrifying, consuming it results in such a great boost. No wonder why it is the supreme pill of Everlasting.” A clan elder said with his hair standing on end.

Of course, there were side-effects from consuming this afterward. This didn’t deter its value since it could raise someone’s battle potential by several levels. So many people wanted it.

It wasn’t easy for Everlasting to refine these pills so few actually had one.

“Buzz.” His merit law exuded a different shade now. Sharp halos emanated from him; each one looked like the opening of an entire world with a majestic figure within.

It belonged to a True Emperor wielding the strongest force in this world. This came from his imperial sword. He had stimulated its highest potential, something he couldn’t do normally without the pill boosting him.

“Accept your death!” Miracle had an unprecedented sense of confidence. He felt as if he was an emperor now.

“Clank!” The halos gathered together and turned into a heavenly sword, completely ablaze on top of possessing lightning currents.

It resembled a sword of tribulation carrying the power of the high heaven, capable of killing all evil!

“Heaven’s Fury Slash! So strong, he’s actually using this technique. Only the emperors from his clan can use it.” An ancestor became startled along with many others.

They have heard of this slash before. It was created from a True Emperor of everlasting and contained the forbidden power of the heaven’s fury. This could cross through many realms to kill its enemy.

Alas, it was very difficult to use. Some ancestors there believed that only True Emperors were qualified to use it.

But now, Miracle was actually doing it to the astonishment of the crowd.

“No mercy for the heretics!” Miracle screamed and let his rage loose! The heavenly sword began slashing downward.

“Boom!” The void crumbled. The air itself was being burnt to a crisp. One could easily imagine the might of this slash.

The Untethered herself and other Ascenders were moved by this power all the same.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye simply raised his iron sword in response against this tyrannical attack.

“Clank!” The first contest was fine but this sword was of poor quality. Despite hitting the weak spot of the slash, it was still not enough.

“Sheer force will overcome anything.” One ancestor noticed this. Techniques were useless before raw power and would be dominated completely.

“Bam!” The sword finally collapsed into numerous pieces.

The heavenly slash gathered even more momentum towards Li Qiye. Before it even reached him, the space around him had collapsed. He would probably become mincemeat before an actual contact.

“Watch out!” The two girls shouted after seeing this.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye flipped his palm to summon a blade of grass. It instantly sent out numerous sword rays.

The rays also turned into a heavenly sword of an unreasonable size. It occupied the entire area, as big as Herb-plucking Peak and pierced into the sky vault. The celestials were floating around it now.

Just the wind created by this sword alone managed to stop Miracle’s slash.

His sword was indeed massive but compared to this planetary sword? It was only the size of a grass root growing on Herb-plucking Peak.

Li Qiye swung his sword and destroyed the heavenly sword. The fire was extinguished before the sword named Miracle itself shattered.

This was an imperial sword but it couldn’t do anything before Li Qiye’s slash.

Miracle was blown flying from the pressure and smashed through multiple peaks, staining them with his blood and bits of flesh.

Grass Sword Attacking Immortal - this was the name of this art. It possessed enough power to kill gods and emperors. [1]

The crowd was frozen and speechless. Miracle was one of the three young nobles and had taken the Fire God’s Rage pill yet he still lost.

“Looks like we got a new candidate for the trio of young nobles.” Someone murmured. Li Qiye had defeated Miracle so he could replace the guy.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye nonchalantly stated while sitting on his throne.

The crowd took a deep breath. Miracle wasn’t weak; Li Qiye was just insanely strong. They realized that this First Disciple wasn’t weak at all. He earned this spot with true strength, not sheer luck.

When Miracle was brought back, he was mangled and on the verge of death. Even his true fate had collapsed. The heaven-defying alchemy dao of Everlasting couldn’t save him either.

Though they could create his body again, it was impossible to do the same for the true fate. Even if they went all out to fix his broken true fate, he would only be a cripple later on.

Someone capable of fixing a collapsed true fate back to normal wouldn’t be here in Myriad Lineage. People would have taken them to Immortal Lineage right away.

“Chun’er!” The emperor bellowed.

“Little animal, I’m going to take you down!” The emperor saw the incurable state of the youth and wanted to fight Li Qiye till death.

Grandwar immediately stopped him and shouted back: “Your Majesty, you are not his match!”

This ancestor was far more insightful, knowing that the emperor would only be walking towards his death.

1. A technique back in the first 300 chapters from Immortal Dao City

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