Chapter 2268: Pill Of The Fire God’s Rage

“A heretic is a heretic, no need for excuses!” The emperor interrupted Xiaochen: “Righteousness and evil will not coexist! A heretic is evil and should be destroyed by all, Longevity System will not conspire with one!”

Xiaochen retorted: “Who do you think you are to disagree with an agreement signed by all the systems in Myriad Lineage? It would be up to lineages like Yang Radiance, Vermillion Court, and many others to dissolve it.”

The emperor turned red, not knowing how to respond so he shouted instead: “You! Cease your sophistry right now!”

“Only an idiot like you would rely on sophistry. This grand matter doesn’t allow for reckless words. The Untethered and others are here, it is not up to you.” The Pill King sneered.

The emperor’s expression grew worse. He glanced over at the other group.

The Untethered carefully looked at Li Qiye before speaking: “I don’t know much about Young Noble Li so I won’t comment on him, but the alliance has agreed to continue the old agreement with Asura Heavenbattler. This means confirming Insane Court’s current status and the end of the heretical blood sect. There are no objections from many systems.” She formally replied, revealing her stance on the matter.

It didn’t matter what everyone thought about Li Qiye. Their representatives in the alliance have agreed so the old pact continued. Insane Court was recognized as a formal system, not a heretical sect under Virtue True God.

Her words carried a lot of weight since she was the sect master of Yang Radiance - qualified to speak on its behalf. This was perhaps the strongest sect in the system, so others didn’t bother correcting her.

The emperor’s face was the color of a pig’s liver at the moment. He couldn’t refute her since that was akin to refuting the consensus of all the other systems, antagonizing everyone.

He had no ground to stand on; it was foolish to turn against the rest of the systems. He still needed their recognition before taking over Longevity System.

“Everlasting is only a kingdom within Longevity, it is not qualified to speak for the system.” Feng Xiaochen didn’t give him any face at all and verbally slapped the emperor.

The rest of the group didn’t comment on this, but their silence was an acknowledgment that Everlasting couldn’t oppose their decision. It was not the representative of Longevity System, at least as of right now.

“Even then, heretics are unpredictable, this person must have treacherous intent when sneaking into our system to become the First Disciple of Longevity Valley. Xiaochen, you clearly knew who he is yet you didn’t say anything. You must be planning to harm the system and destroy its legacy! This is an unforgivable sin!” The emperor loudly changed the topic.

The members of Longevity System exchanged glances, not knowing what to do since there was some truth in this.

“Longevity Sage certainly has her reasons for picking Young Noble Li to be the First Disciple. You and your kingdom are in no position to criticize Longevity Valley’s business!” Xiaochen strongly responded.

“Members of Longevity are responsible for its well-being…” The emperor shouted, seemingly on the side of justice.

“Enough.” Li Qiye interrupted and waved his hand: “No need for such righteous rhetoric, just a waste of time.”

With that, he turned towards everyone: “Insane Court or a heretic, doesn’t matter, I am me, Li Qiye. It’s fine to consider me as a devil king or a madman, I have no need for your approval. My way is very simple - kill those who try to stop me, no matter who it might be, even the son of the high heaven!”

The crowd raised their brows upon hearing this. The guy didn’t give a damn about being viewed as a heretic.

“How bold!” The emperor laughed: “So if all of Myriad Lineage stand before you, you will still continue opposing and killing everyone?”

He wanted to turn Li Qiye against Myriad Lineage.

“Just Myriad Lineage, can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye before nonchalantly responding: “I would kill all of Three Immortals if they try to stop me! There’s no one I fear in this world!”

The crowd took a deep breath before this domineering statement. Even the Untethered stared intensely at him.

“Such shameless boasting.” The emperor didn’t know what to do.

“We’ll see just how capable you are!” Miracle Young Noble stood up and challenged him.

“You?” Li Qiye gave him a glance of contempt.

“That’s right!” Being shown such disdain left Miracle furious. He unsheathed his sword and pointed it straight at Li Qiye: “Do you dare to fight to the death?!”

This sword was glowing with a current as clear as spring water and a frightening sharpness. Its name was also Miracle, a treasure of Everlasting left behind by a True Emperor.

The crowd was ready for this. This was a top genius of their system, so close to becoming a True Emperor. On the other hand, no one knew how strong this First Disciple was.

“So be it.” Li Qiye casually raised his hand to summon an iron sword. It was quite ordinary looking and could be owned by any other disciple.

“Go.” Li Qiye still sat on the throne and lazily pointed his sword forward.

Miracle found this insulting so he roared to battle: “Die!”

“Clank!” The ray of his sword soared to the sky like the majestic return of spring before cutting down, shattering mountains and peaks.

The earth quaked before this magnificent strike. It was certainly strong enough to split the ground in two.

“Boom!” But this brutal slash was easily stopped by Li Qiye’s iron sword.

“No big deal.” Li Qiye swung and repelled the heavenly sword.

The furious Miracle unleashed a torrential strike. The flood of sword energy wished to drown out Li Qiye.

“Clank!” The hymns and howls of the swords caused fiery sparks everywhere.

Each ray wished to end Li Qiye but the guy easily waved his iron sword back and forth to stop the onslaught.

It wasn’t that Miracle Young Noble’s techniques were insufficient or magical enough. On the contrary, the transformations and variations were incredible. Alas, Li Qiye could read the weak points and easily crushed it like a master expertly handling a venomous snake.

As the exchanges went on, the youth’s expression turned ugly. His strongest sword techniques were neutralized.

“Let’s see how long you can keep this up for!” He took out a beautiful box with a grave expression.

The opening of the box released a medicinal fragrance. There was a pill the size of a pigeon egg, as red as fire. There seemed to be a plume of fire dancing around it as well.

“The Fire God’s Rage!” The Untethered was surprised to see this.

Many seniors felt the same way after hearing this name.

“This is an ultimate pill from Everlasting, extremely rare and valued, capable of increasing one’s cultivation by leaps and bounds.” An elder blurted out.

Miracle then swallowed this pill before the astonished crowd.

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