Chapter 2267: Stomp

Miracle didn’t expect this either. He stared coldly at Li Qiye, not knowing how the guy got up there.

“You’re so late.” She glared coquettishly at him, seemingly pouting.

“No, just in time.” Li Qiye smiled and reached forward.

“Boom!” The prison of swords trapping her collapsed as he grabbed her waist.

“Stop!” Miracle thrust his sword through the ages, resulting in a blinding ray pricking the spectators’ eyes.

“Scram!” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him and stomped down on the peak.

This activated a massive expanse of light. The power of the peak seemed to be gathering beneath his foot.

He then stomped down without any effort but it was enough to cause Miracle to fly down to the altar like a shooting star, creating a pit in the process.

This was shocking to the people on the altar. They saw Miracle completely bloodied while laying in the pit.

Miracle was one of the strongest youths in the system but he lost to a single stomp.

He got up and pushed the debris out of the way. His eyes widened from disbelief, not expecting to be kicked down in that manner.

When people calmed down, they saw a flashing shadow - Li Qiye was down at the altar now while carrying Miaozhen. He stood there, looking quite at ease as if he didn’t do anything at all.

His figure flashed again and in the next second, he was sitting on the throne. He didn’t have any oppressive aura but the throne looked like it was specifically tailored for him, this supreme existence.

Nevertheless, people were still preoccupied at his ability to move freely on the peak. The suppressive power didn’t work on him at all. The ancestors of the system and the other guests realized something right away.

“Mastery of the system’s power!” The Untethered’s pretty eyes slightly squinted as she said.

When the listeners heard this, they almost lost their mind. This was a heaven-shattering matter. 

“He might be accepted by the progenitor’s power.” The Pill King laughed, aware of Li Qiye’s identity.

The crowd gasped in response. Everyone thought about something that had happened several days ago - Li Qiye’s ability to control the sword pine.

Looking back now, Li Qiye was not only accepted by the ancestral tree but also by the progenitor, or the entire system at that. This was more than enough to make everyone tremble.

“Such impudence!” The emperor shouted after regaining his wits: “A junior like you can’t sit on that throne!”

Li Qiye looked down on the emperor and gave an illusion that he was grasping the universe in his palm. All other existences paled in comparison.

“Who if not me? You?” Li Qiye said flatly.

Even Everlasting’s supporters couldn’t say anything. People felt that it was natural for him to sit there. Anyone else would only be an illegitimate fake, including the emperor.

“You…” The emperor turned red.

“You’re that person!” A pleasant voice came about. It was the Untethered.

She had a serious expression: “You’re from Insane Court! The current wielder of that system’s power!”

Though she had never seen him before, she had heard about him from the failed alliance. Yang Radiance Monk carefully told her about the entire thing, giving her quite a deep impression of this ruler from Insane Court. After seeing his style, she immediately made the connection.

“What?!” The crowd erupted and stood up in shock.

“The heretical dao!” Some gasped while others retreated with fear.

The tides of blood from the heretical faction in Insane Court have swept through Myriad Lineage in the past. Because of this, everyone remained wary of this evil sect.

“Is it true?” People looked at him differently; some were truly frightened.

The master of the heretical sect had also become the First Disciple of Longevity. No one could have predicted this.

Mu Yalan and Qin Shaoyao were surprised too. Nevertheless, their trust in him didn’t waver. On the other hand, Miaozhen was still cool as if she was ready for this revelation.

All eyes were on the Pill King now since he was one of the participants of the assault. All of the other ancestors were wounded, needing to be in isolated cultivation. He was the only one who understood Insane Court here.

“Indeed.” He calmly said: “He is the current master of Insane Court.”

“Hahaha, how ridiculous, how can a heretic become a member of Longevity?! Feng Xiaochen, you must be conspiring with him to bring Longevity down!” Everlasting Emperor was ecstatic, viewing this as a godsend opportunity.

Xiaochen replied: “Why not? So many outsiders have joined our system. Luminous True Emperor had been our protector before, an Eternal from the Yu was also our chief elder, so why can’t the leader of Insane Court be our First Disciple? Our Longevity System accepts everyone from all over the world, many of whom can take up positions.”

The crowd glanced at each other, agreeing with this statement. These beings brought up by him owed Longevity a great favor, so they decided to take up certain positions to help the system.

For many eras, plenty of outsiders stayed in this place and even participated in important deliberations. This system had saved too many people. After they became stronger, they offered their services here.

“He’s right.” The crowd wasn’t xenophobic for this wasn’t the nature of Longevity System.

“How can you compare a heretical villain to Luminous True Emperor and the others?!” The emperor sneered: “They’re all nefarious, wanting to doom our system and the world. Xiaochen, you deserve death for conspiring with one!”

“Fool.” The Pill King glared sharply at the emperor: “You aren’t qualified to be exposed to the higher-level matters. Insane Court and all the other systems have signed an agreement, legitimizing its status, and that the poisonous dregs of Virtue True God have been eliminated. How can he be a heretic now?”

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