Chapter 2264: Start Of The Ceremony

The altar was located deep inside Alchemy Hut, built on top of a high mountain’s pinnacle.

From a distance, this mountain looked like a large lingzhi root but its size paled compared to the actual altar. The base was only the tail of the stem while the altar was the cap.

This massive architecture could accommodate one hundred thousand people. Rumor has it that this wasn’t only a place for Alchemy Immortal to perform alchemy but also his throne to order the rest of the system.

Because of this, these ancestral ceremonies always took place here. It was a way to show Longevity Valley’s status as the ruler of the system since it was the legacy of Alchemy Immortal.

While looking up at the altar, one could see floating mountains, especially the main one. They were the indelible vestiges left behind by the great alchemist.

Future generations called these floating mountains the Archaic Summits. Others preferred the name Herb-plucking Peaks, harking back to when Alchemy Immortal used to use the excuse of plucking herbs here to avoid guests.

Today, the altar was especially serious with a tinge of murderous intent. The stone steps leading up to it were filled with experts from Silver Dragon Legion of Everlasting. They wore silver armors resembling flying serpents under the sunlight.

A throne was placed at the very front of the altar, normally reserved for the person in charge of the ceremony. Normally, Longevity Sage sat on it, representing her sect to rule the system.

To the left and right were a row of other chairs arranged by Everlasting. They were meant for the representatives of other systems and weren’t here last time. Everlasting wanted these guests to be witness to the ascension, adding to the legitimacy. In the front were also chairs in a particular order, meant for the sects and clans in Longevity Systems. 

Supporters of both sides have arrived before the commencement because this was inevitable. They wished to see the outcome.  Their expression was stern; some had their weapons at the ready, knowing that a fight could break out at any moment.

The Silver Dragon Legion had surrounded the entire area but didn’t stop the supporters of Longevity from coming. After all, they needed to conquer all sects before taking over.

This was the time to show their military might, to make an example for the rest. As long as they were strong enough to overcome these supporters and force them to switch side, everything would be just fine.

One spectator looked up and saw a youth sitting right at the entrance of the main mountain with a sword laying on his lap. He closed his eyes just like a god, releasing his murderous sword energy all over the place.

Meanwhile, the Herb-plucking Peaks were still shrouded in fog and mist just like a dragon too long to see the tail. It would be hard to detect someone hiding up above.

The entrance was blocked off by an ancestor from Everlasting and a group of experts, not letting anyone close.

“Senior Sister Fan is hiding up there.” One young disciple said.

Miracle Young Noble led a group of masters here then imprisoned all of the disciples. Fan Miaozhen couldn’t stop them so she retreated to the peaks above.

At the same time, Miracle was quite powerful, capable of climbing multiple steps. Though the suppressive power was strong, it didn’t stop him from reaching the peak. Alas, he couldn’t find her.

“Miracle Young Noble is quite amazing to be able to reach the top against that pressure. That’s why he’s one of the three, a potential candidate to become a True Emperor.” An elder looked at Miracle guarding the mountain and said.

“If he becomes a True Emperor, he will lead the system towards prosperity. This is why Everlasting should rule, it’s the only way to stop the decline.” One disciple from a sect supporting Everlasting proudly said.

“If the system were to produce a True Emperor, it would most likely be him. He’s indeed the pride of the system.” A sect master from an ancient clan said with a tinge of emotion and helplessness.

Though he didn’t want Everlasting to take over, he recognized Miracle’s potential. His ascension would greatly influence the system later on.

Though some Ascenders and Eternals weren’t necessarily weaker than True Emperors, the latter had far more potential and room for growth. 

“Welcome, our esteemed guests!” An announcement came out as a group of people slowly arrived.

They were the representatives of the other systems and have accepted the invitation of Everlasting to watch the ceremony.

This group naturally attracted a lot of attention. Some members of Longevity System were very unhappy that Everlasting would invite outsiders for this important ceremony.

The leader of the group was a woman in a daoist robe with her hair rolled up in a bun. She looked transcending and authoritative.

She wasn’t that old, only around the age of thirty. Her beauty put flowers and the moon to shame, causing birds to fall and fish to dive into hiding. This was a lotus hidden in the valley, cold and elegant. Others could only watch from afar.

Her figure was naturally incredible too; the daoist robe didn’t hide her meticulous curves and plentiful, rolling hills.

Alas, her aura made people forget all of this. Her phoenix eyes emitted a frightening and awe-inspiring glow.

“The Untethered of Yang Radiance.” People were shaken to see her. A while ago, they didn’t expect Everlasting to be able to invite a guest of this level. Perhaps Everlasting didn’t expect such success either.

The majority of dao systems didn’t wish to participate in internal conflicts. That’s why they only sent out a regular master to be their representative.

However, the potentially strongest sect in Myriad Lineage, Yang Radiance, sent their leader. This was quite astonishing.

The Untethered was on the same level as Longevity Sage. They held pivotal and untouchable roles in the system.

The sage was well-respected. She had saved many people using her peerless pill dao.

This wasn’t the case for the Untethered. She was well-known for her might.

No one knew how strong she was exactly. Not a True Emperor yet, but she has been an Ascender for a long time now. No one dared to test this by challenging her either.

When her group sat down, more orderly footsteps resounded. A middle-aged man with his own entourage entered the altar.

He wore an imperial robe with a sharp pair of hawk-eyes. His glance was no different from being pricked by a knife.

He had the aura of a True God. Just a wave of his hand could deter the world.

“Your Majesty.” The disciples supporting Everlasting all stood up to greet him.

The ones on Longevity Valley’s side didn’t bother doing anything.

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