Chapter 2262: Prelude Before The Storm

The members of Longevity System suddenly felt excited after hearing the gong. They knew that the ceremony was about to begin to herald a new generation.

In the past, the atmosphere was completely different since nothing much would happen. Longevity Valley would still be in charge and the system would continue to grow.

This wasn’t the case now for something big was looming in the horizon. Everlasting might try to take over so many sects had conflicting feelings - anticipation, worries, nervousness…

“The emperor of Everlasting is here himself, representing the system to greet the representatives of Myriad Lineage. He’s talking with the Untethered of Yang Radiance about the future.” This news came out not long after the ringing of the gong.

Who knows if this was on purpose but it certainly took over the place. The cultivators here became wary because Longevity Valley should be the one greeting the different factions. As the leader, it was the only one qualified to do so as well.

Everlasting’s emperor was overstepping his bounds by seeing these representatives. It wasn’t about sharing the responsibility but completely overtaking the role. An adage perfectly described this - everyone on the street knows what's in Sima Zhao's mind. [1]

The thing shocking the experts here was that the emperor managed to invite the Untethered of Yang Radiance.

The Untethered was the master of Yang Radiance, extremely powerful and on the same level as Longevity Sage. 

So if this daoist decided to have his sect support Everlasting, it would be a great blow towards the valley. It would make the rebellion much easier since many other sects would accept the legitimacy of Everlasting’s claim.

After all, Yang Radiance was among the top three sects in Myriad Lineage; some considered it to be number one. Their involvement could change the tides.

“Longevity Valley’s Fan Miaozhen conspires with the heretical dao, wishing to take over the system but was figured out by Miracle Young Noble of Everlasting!” Another news exploded.

All cultivators at Alchemy Hut were shocked, especially the ancestors of the bigger clans and sects. They knew that something was beginning.

This news came when the emperor of Everlasting was meeting with the Untethered? This came too fast, quite a big coincidence. This seemed like it was all part of a conspiracy.

“After the failed rebellion, her allies have been captured. She herself had run to the main mountain under the pursuit of Miracle Young Noble. He swears to capture her.” Another news came sweeping by.

“They’re not messing around anymore, Everlasting is going all out.” An ancestor’s expression changed.

Who was Fan Miaozhen? The First Female Disciple of Longevity Sage, responsible for many tasks. She was respected and welcomed by many in the system; they believed that she would eventually inherit her master’s position.

So now, Everlasting’s declaration of her heretical involvement to take over while trying to kill her? Completely baseless and out of line.

First, regardless of the claim’s validity, even if she was conspiring with the heretical faction, it wasn’t Everlasting’s turn to take charge. Longevity Valley would be the one deciding the punishment.

The development now showed that Everlasting didn’t give a damn about the valley. It was time for them to seize power.

Everyone became afraid. This power struggle was no longer in the probing stage; it had finally begun. This came too sudden without any warning, catching everyone off guard.

“Ye Clan, Nourish School, Flying Snow Kingdom… these powers are also part of the conspiracy and have been captured, awaiting their trials. Everlasting will take over the ceremony.” One more news took the crowd by a storm even before they could calm down from the previous.

These sects were long-time supporters of Longevity Valley but their disciples here have been captured in one go. Everlasting seemed to be going to the extreme, eliminating all supporters of Longevity Valley first.

People started worrying about themselves, especially the weaker ones. They must make a choice between the two right now.

“Any sect in Longevity System can participate in the ceremony tomorrow, presided over by the emperor of Everlasting. His Majesty will purge the evil and herald the dawn to the system.” A formal announcement finally came.

The prior ones didn’t come from an official channel like this one. It seemed that Everlasting had seized the upper hand.

“This storm came so fast.” An ancestor thought.

It only took one day for Everlasting to take over and replace Longevity Valley for the ceremony. Quite a swift maneuver that still caught the suspecting crowd by surprise.

“Is Everlasting actually strong enough to take over?” An older expert wondered.

After all, Longevity Valley has been in charge for so long without falling. It had weathered enough storms and troubles. No one knew just how deep its power was.

“I think it’s possible. Everlasting has been accumulating power for several eras now just for this chance. Its martial might is well known and the valley is only good at alchemy and medicine; force isn’t its forte.” Another ancestor thought about joining Everlasting.

The momentum right now called for this choice. Some started believing that Everlasting had a superior military might when compared to Longevity Valley right now.

“Moving Sun Gate is willing to help His Majesty carry out the ceremony.” One sect chose a side.

“Buddhist Lotus is willing to assist Everlasting Emperor.”

“Yellow River Island is willing to assist Everlasting Emperor.”

The waiting sects began to announce their allegiance towards Everlasting, changing the temperament of the system completely. It made Longevity Valley look even weaker in comparison.

“Is it really over for Longevity Valley, is Longevity Sage dead from her injuries?” Longevity Valley’s supporters became worried because it hasn’t responded to all of these news.

“Longevity Valley has fallen, if we want the system to prosper, we must pick a new ruler.” The sects that have chosen Everlasting began to spew out propaganda.

“That’s right. If Longevity Valley remains in charge, the dao source will wither and our land will crumble, we’ll no longer have a home to go back to. For the sake of all inhabitants and citizens, we need a stronger power like Everlasting to take over.”

“The revitalization of Longevity System will start with Everlasting.” These chants echoed around Alchemy Hut and started to spread around the system.

1. Three Kingdoms’ quote, meaning that a person's supposed hidden intention (in this case, usurping the throne) is so well known that it is not really hidden. It came from a quote by Cao Mao, fourth emperor of Wei, who launched an unsuccessful uprising against Sima Zhao in an attempt to take back imperial power.

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