Chapter 226: One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation (2)

Chapter 226: One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation (2)

One blood drop, ten thousands years! Legend has it that one drop of Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood could give a mortal ten thousand years of lifespan! The moment the Longevity Blood drops fell into the Life Wheels, the blood energy of the two old men immediately became as vast as the sea. It encompassed the entire Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground with thunderous, rolling oceanic waves.

At this moment, the appearances of the two old men changed. In just a blink of an eye, they were highly spirited as if they were one thousand years younger as they had a sweeping and domineering momentum.

Everyone — including Enlightened Beings — shivered for they could not withstand such a surge of invincible blood energy and thus, they all knelt on the spot.

“Bang!” The two old men waved their hands with a strength capable of bearing the myriad of dao and shouldering the grand world.

Their waves initiated a bloody rain for Li Qiye’s giant towering body was bombarded; hole after hole, wounds began to appear on his flesh. There were even parts that were completely penetrated.

However, Li Qiye did not worry about it. In his gigantic eyes, no matter how heaven-defying the two old men were, they could not deliver a fatal blow to him. The most lethal thing — at the moment — was his current situation!

“Boom--boom!” In the blink of an eye, at the deepest part of the nine heavens, the source of the Underworld River suddenly released endless amounts of violet lightning. The flashes of lightning became limitless like the ocean, and they all struck Li Qiye’s body.

“Ziiii--xshhh, bang, bang!” In a trice, Li Qiye’s entire body was flooded with violet lightning as they pulsed all over his body. They were gigantic and continuously punished Li Qiye’s body, resulting in a fragrance of cooked meat. The terrorizing violet lightning had roasted Li Qiye’s body!

“Run...” At this time, Venerable Mo Shen and the descendant of the Jiang Zuo Clan had recognized the danger. They shouted and immediately retreated.

“Too late, I was waiting for this moment!” Li Qiye’s voice boomed down from the sky. In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye clapped his hands together. “Boom!” In just a second, the endless thunderous arcs turned into an enormous electric field. Both Venerable Mo Shen and the Jiang Zuo descendant were both trapped inside this immense electrical trap.

“Kill…” At this point, they realized the horror and summoned all of their treasures. Each of these treasures was of incomparable strength and could easily slay Ancient Saints and Heavenly Sovereigns, but they couldn’t break through!

“What is this…” At this moment, everyone was aghast. They had never seen such a thing before. Controlling the devil physique and swallowing the endless Underworld River to bring about the violet lightning — this was truly a miracle from the legends. No one had ever attempted such a suicidal approach, but today, it was accomplished by a junior.

Even the last gate master of the Thousand Emperors Gate opened his eyes that had bloody glimmers. He quickly closed them with a very shocked expression, then he murmured: “Physique devil stealing the heavens, lightning descending from the Underworld Palace like the legends!”

“Activate...” With frantic screams, Venerable Mo Shen and the Jiang Zuo descendant immediately exploded with a loud boom. All of their fresh blood in their bodies, even if it was just one drop, was squeezed into their True Fate. At this minute, they chose to give up on their bodies and they used all of their blood energy to escape from the electrical trap with their True Fates.

“I was waiting for your True Fate!” Li Qiye’s voice was rumbling like the thunder. In a flash, his chest cavity flashed as a huge wound cracked and an immense shadow rushed out, exuding a tremendous amount of demonic energy!

“The physique devil has escaped!” Seeing the demonic shadow covering the sky, countless people were horrified.

“Crankkk--crackkk” The physique devil had escaped, and it initially wanted to devour Li Qiye’s flesh but, in an instant, Li Qiye clapped his hands together as the endless violet lightning streamed downward; all of them stabbed towards the physique devil.

The physique devil screamed and immediately tried to escape. Without a doubt, it was fearful of this type of violet lightning. In just a second, the physique devil was being chased by the endless violet lightning into the electrical trap.

After entering the electrical trap, the physique devil crazily roared and immediately pierced through the True Fates of Venerable Mo Shen and the Jiang Zuo descendant!

“Nooo…” Their True Fates were instantly taken over by the physique devil, and their blood energy — along with universal laws — were devoured in an instant. After a loud boom, the physique devil’s body carried a bloody shade and immediately became more powerful.

“You are mine!” Li Qiye’s thunderous voice rang down as his hands descended along with endless streaks of violet lightning that instantaneously surrounded the physique devil.

Drowned in the violet lightning, the physique devil angrily screamed in complete hysteria and struggled to escape no matter what. However, it failed from breaking through the boundless violet lightning.

All of the spectators stood still for the scene unraveling before their eyes was beyond their imagination; it even destroyed their sense of rationality. This was an impossible matter, but it was really happening. “This, what is that thing!” Everyone’s mouths were wide open as one guy murmured.

The Turtle Monarch from the Flying Dragon Lake had been present for some unknown time. It took him a moment to regain his clarity. He then shivered with a shocked expression before murmuring: “This... this might have been written down before! Physique devil stealing the heavens; Underworld River attracting the gods; lightning descending from the Underworld Palace!”

Many people simply did not understand what the old Turtle Monarch was talking about, but they were still horrified by the spectacle.

“Junior, I can’t allow you to live any longer!” In a flash, an ancient hoarse voice rang as an ancient coffin appeared.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom appeared out of nowhere on top of a mountain while carrying an ancient coffin. At this time, the ancient coffin opened and an old man stood up straight, exuding a presence as if he was the only ruler in this universe!

“Eighth Ancestor Qing Xuan, not the Ninth Ancestor!” Someone shouted after seeing this old man.

“Boom!” At this time, a Life Wheel emerged from behind the old man’s back that carried a surging and endless blood energy as it immediately attacked with an Emperor Weapon.

“Boom.” The Emperor Weapon — with its unlimited emperor power — attacked and disintegrated the sky as the myriad of dao turned into nothingness. It seemed as if everything between the heaven and earth was beaten back to its primordial origin. Even the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground exerted numerous divine laws, yet more than half of them were annihilated.

“Imperial Violet Hammer, the Life Treasure of Immortal Emperor San Dao!” This Immortal Emperor Life Treasure was unleashed by an existence that could be considered unbeatable. Even Ancient Saints were directly lying on the ground as everyone else was in complete and utter horror.

At this moment, the entire Grand Middle Territory suffered a major turmoil as countless people felt the immense, majestic emperor power sweeping through the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths! In just second, all of their gazes looked towards the direction of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

“Go...” At the same time, Li Qiye spread out his arms, and the physique devil — overwhelmed by the violet lightning — was suddenly released!”

“Bang!” In a flash, the Imperial Violet Hammer struck the physique devil. With a miserable scream, the physique devil was slain by the Imperial Violet Hammer and the violet lightning surrounding it also turned into a violet, clear liquid, floating in the sky.

The Imperial Violet Hammer instantly killed the physique devil and then, with the same unparallelled momentum, it cleaved towards Li Qiye.

“Everything go, now!” At this moment, Li Qiye channeled all of the boundless violet lightning on his body into his two hands. In the blink of an eye, a terrifying amalgamation of lightning formed between his hands. He then reached out to stop the Imperial Violet Hammer like a mad dragon!

“Insanity! Using his bare hands to stop an Emperor Weapon!” All became aghast at such a sight! Using one’s bare hands to meet an Emperor Weapon — even a Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t dare to do this, let alone a junior. This was absolutely suicidal!

“Bang!” The power of the Imperial Violet Hammer was capable of drying the sea from its penetration. Under this invincible blow, the violet lightning —as vast as the sea — was still shattered and dried up.

Another huge explosion occurred as Li Qiye’s entire body was knocked away by the Imperial Violet Hammer! The body as tall as the horizon had a crack, but there was not blood flowing out for there was Underworld Water spraying about instead... At this time, Li Qiye was a giant whose body was filled with Underworld Water. The water then flashed out green lights with the same size as his green hairs from before. In just a moment, they sewed up his wound the size of a valley.

“Kill!” Even the old man couldn’t believe that one Emperor Weapon attack was not enough to kill a junior. He recalled the Imperial Violet Hammer and once again unleashed another murderous attack with a boom. The second attack of the Emperor Weapon frightened all beings as they prostrated on the earth.

“I refuse to exist together with your Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” Li Qiye’s expression sank as the Imperial Violet Hammer struck down yet again. He — very slightly — opened the stone box again. “Ommm--” A mysterious light soared to the sky and hit the Imperial Violet Hammer!

“Thump!” The Imperial Violet Hammer was knocked away by this mysterious light and flew away all of a sudden. This scene shocked everyone because the hammer was an actual Immortal Emperor Life Treasure ah!

“Bang!” Even though it was knocked away by this mysterious light, in an instant, it kept its invincible momentum to — once again — slash towards Li Qiye with no intention of stopping until he was dead!

Li Qiye’s countenance darkened. He no longer hesitated and directly threw the stone box outside to strike. Inside was the defining treasure of the Middle Continent ah!

“You fool!” At the same time, a cold cry suddenly rang out as an unblemished white hand appeared. The stone box fell into this hand. With a slight shake, it exuded an infinite amount of mysterious light, illuminating the entire world. At this second, it was as if the world of immortals was opening as never-ending immortal lights spewed out.

“Bang!” At this moment, the Imperial Violet Hammer was knocked away to the horizon and out of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

“No…” Amidst the flames and lightning of battle, the white hand slightly angled the mysterious light from the box and immediately annihilated Eighth Ancestor Qing Xuan, turning him into ashes!

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