Chapter 2257: Pill King Feng Xiaochen

Someone boisterously shouted after seeing Hu Qingniu’s challenge to Li Qiye: “That’s right, if he is good at everything, then have a competition to see who is actually better.”

Zhang Yan nodded: “I agree. Today, the Three Talents of Longevity System are also here. We will overestimate ourselves and be your opponents. The three of us are proficient in pill, medicine, and poison. Do you dare to take us on, First Brother Li?”

“Why should I accept your challenge?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“If you don’t, how can you convince others of your worthiness to light the first bundle?” Qingniu uttered coldly.

“Because he is from Longevity Valley!” The always-gentle Shaoyao finally spoke up in a resounding manner. No one from Longevity was a coward.

She turned her gaze towards Qingniu and said: “No one else is qualified to light the first bundle outside of our sect! He is the First Disciple, that alone is enough.”

At this key moment, she became quite aggressive. Her master taught her well indeed.

“That’s too imperious.” The youth accompanying Poison King Quanwei spoke: “Such a matter shouldn’t be decided by status but rather, skills and abilities.”

“Wu Xianyi, you are no longer a disciple of Longevity System, shut your mouth.” Yalan didn’t spare any face either and retorted.

The youth’s expression darkened but he recalled his new status and became emboldened. He arched his chest and proudly said: “Doctor Mu, I’m speaking out for the sake of Longevity System and its future. If this keeps on, it will certainly decline!” 

Wu Xianyi used to be a disciple from a common sect in the system. However, his Senior Brother, Zhou Zhikun, joined the banner of someone quite amazing and he quickly followed suit. They left Longevity System from then on.

In the past, his status was far inferior to a regular disciple of Longevity Valley, let alone Mu Yalan. He wouldn’t have the courage to speak in front of her back then and could only watch from the distance.

Now, his master had a shocking origin, feared by all in Myriad Lineage. Every dao system had to give him face. Thus, he returned with great fanfare. Even Huang Quanwei called him a brother, something he never dared to dream about in the past.

“Is that so?” Yalan said.

Xianyi went on with confidence: “That’s right, Longevity System was built from the blood and sweat of our ancestors, so no disciple here wants to see it decline, especially because of Longevity Valley’s imperious and dictatorial acts. Because of this, all disciples have the responsibility to speak out and interfere so that people know that Longevity System belongs to everyone, not just the valley. If it continues to be stubborn, sects like Everlasting should stand up!”

The youths didn’t realize right away but the older cultivators took a deep breath to compose themselves.

The latter was aware that Xianyi was on the side of Everlasting, and thinking about his backing made them tremble.

“I agree as well.” Zhang Yan said: “Status shouldn’t matter that much, but even if we’re talking about seniority, a First Disciple can’t convince all of us, and Longevity Valley can’t do whatever it wants. We have more respect than that and demand Longevity Valley to show something that can prove otherwise!”

This fella didn’t want to rebel, only simply wishing to go against Li Qiye. Nevertheless, this was going along with Xianyi’s flow.

“Idiot.” Li Qiye flatly insulted without looking at the guy.

This direct insult angered Zhang Yan even more. Just rolling in the mud earlier was bad enough, but the public scorn was too much for him to take.

“Li, are you willing to compete against me or not!? Otherwise, you’re not qualified to light the first bundle!” He shouted.

“Are you speaking on behalf of your sect, Hundred-Pills Gate?” Yalan coldly interrogated.

His face turned red but he couldn’t get off the tiger. There was no way of backing down now before so many people. His reputation would suffer a great loss.

“That’s right!” His brain melted, letting caution go with the wind: “An incapable man relying on his position alone can’t lord over us or act as the system’s representative! Don’t think about lighting that first bundle!”

“Idiot!” Someone loudly shouted and it wasn’t Li Qiye this time.

“Pop!” Next, a heavy slap struck Zhang Yan’s face, causing his head to turn with blood streaming down his lips.

Being slapped for no reason enraged him. He looked back and got scared out of his mind.

A group was approaching with an old man wearing a hemp garment as the leader. His peer was another elderly man, looking quite stately and austere.

“Master, Ancestor!” Zhang Yan cried out.

“Pill King and Hundred-Pill Sect Master.” People were startled because this sect was indeed powerful.

Pill King Feng Xiaochen shocked the crowd the most. Many older experts quickly cupped their fist and greeted him.

This was an existence famous all across Myriad Lineage, one of the two great ancestors of Longevity System.

He held a pivotal position due to his Longevity Pills. Even Eternals wanted to ask him for help and might not get any.

Zhang Yan’s legs were trembling, just like his heart overwhelmed with fear.

“Hmph!” The sect master scowled, no longer protecting his favorite disciple because the kid had botched it up.

Feng Xiaochen was no longer smiling like always since Zhang Yan had dragged Hundred-Pill Gate into this mess. They were opposing Longevity Valley now.

He wanted to speak with the other party but was astounded to see Li Qiye.

Other people here didn’t know about this First Brother but he did!

He was one of the ancestors who attacked Insane Court so he naturally knew that Li Qiye was current in charge of that system.

Of course, he was shocked to see this guy acting as the First Disciple here. He took a deep breath and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Young Noble, welcome to our humble abode. I’m sure Longevity Valley will prosper under your rule for the world to witness.”

He purposely spoke vaguely but the two of them knew what was going on.

“I naturally will sweep across Three Immortals and stand at the apex. This is merely a brief stop.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Indeed, seeing you again today is the blessing of three lifetimes, my greatest honor. Your supreme pill dao is untouchable and I will visit Longevity Valley later to learn from you, Young Noble.” The old man bowed his head again.

He was being quite serious with his comments. This was someone who was willing to be a hostage back at Insane Court in order to watch Li Qiye’s pill dao.

His showing of reverence astounded the crowd, making them speechless. This was a great ancestor of the system, an amazing alchemist and pill creator. Even True Emperors asked him for help before.

Not to mention regular True Gods, even Ascenders would perform a respectful greeting when seeing him. Now, the old man was acting in this manner towards Li Qiye.

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