Chapter 2256: First Bundle Of Incense

When Li Qiye finally got off the boat and began to walk on the steps, people finally noticed him.

This was because the two girls were too famous, the dream lovers for many men in the system. However, they walked behind him so this elevated his status even more.

“Who is that?” People quietly asked.

“I heard his last name is Li, the current First Disciple of the valley and the First Brother of the Three Ladies.” A friend had gotten wind of information about him.

“Since when did Longevity Sage take in a different First Disciple? Doesn’t that spot belong to Fairy Fan?” A junior didn’t know what was going on.

“The First Disciple at the valley means inheriting everything from the sage and will be the future lord of the system.” An elder said: “As far as I know, this position has been empty all along, so this guy came out of nowhere.”

People took a deep breath and the atmosphere became serious. The successor of the valley and the future ruler of the system? This was quite prestigious.

“This guy appeared several days ago and controlled their ancestral pine tree to kill Everlasting’s Tutor Xiao.” A protector looked at Li Qiye and elaborated: “I think he has been the sage’s student all along, just not publicly announced.”

“I see. That sword pine is one of their three ancestral trees, personally cultivated by their progenitor. Earning its recognition is indeed amazing. It’s not strange that he can become the First Disciple.” One ancestor nodded his head.

Disciples from the valley immediately greeted them as they made their way to the top. This was a sacred location so guards were always around.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister, you guy are finally here. Senior Sister Fan said that it’s coming, but we are prepared well. We can light the incense now.” One of the disciples blurted out without pausing.

People have crowded the area for several days now but no one dared to come up before Longevity Valley. They waited for a long time and some have voiced their complaints.

Everlasting has done some damage to Longevity’s authority, so dissenting opinions became louder. People didn’t take Longevity as serious as before.

“Let’s get started then.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“Get ready to open the cauldron for the incense lighting, First Brother will be in charge.” The disciple announced before leading Li Qiye’s group towards the hut.

“Isn’t Longevity Sage the first to do light the incense?” Someone immediately complained. Who knows if this was deliberate or just during the heat of the moment. Though it was more of a soft whisper, everyone clearly heard it. This person also immediately disappeared into the crowd and no one knew who it was.

“That’s right, the first incense should be by the lord of the dao system, so only Longevity Sage.” Others echoed the sentiment.

“Only the leader can light the first incense.” Some older cultivators found logic in this and nodded their head.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange. Someone clearly wanted to start trouble in order to weaken the valley’s authority.

The sage’s injuries were no secret at this point so she couldn’t personally come. This created a weak spot for opponents to break through.

“Yes, the first incense has a special significance to our system, a symbol of authority, so only Longevity Sage can do it instead of some random nobody.” Another voice came from the crowd.

“He can’t light it, only Longevity Sage can.” Numerous members agreed.

“Our Senior Brother is the First Disciple of Longevity, inheriting our legacies and the system’s authority in the future. It is completely suitable.” Mu Yalan’s expression turned cold as she announced.

This shut up many people in the crowd. Though she rarely showed her face, she was in charge of the medicine hall and had saved many people including ancestors. Thus, her reputation was golden.

“Hah, if Longevity Sage can’t come and a third-generation disciple has to do it, it should be Miracle Young Noble then. He is qualified to light the first incense, instead of this so-called First Disciple. The people won’t accept it.” A prideful voice broke the silence.

Poison King Huang Quanwei and his entourage made an entrance. A youth walked side by side with him, handsome and yet imperious with his eyes looking down on everyone.

“The Poison King is here too.” The crowd naturally stared at them then at two more youths in the crowd - Hu Qingniu and Zhang Yan.

These two were here way early but only spectated to the side. Nevertheless, they were gleeful to see people causing trouble for Li Qiye. In fact, they wanted to fan the fire as well.

“All Three Talents are here, should be fun.” Someone looked at the trio then back at Li Qiye.

These Three Talents were the most excellent prodigies in the system. They wouldn’t be convinced of a First Disciple who came out of nowhere.

After all, this First Disciple would be the future lord. Many people would want to challenge him in order to make a name for themselves.

“Wu Xianyi is here too.” Someone noticed the youth standing next to Quanwei.

“Who’s that? Should be someone important since he can walk next to Poison King.” A newly debuted cultivator didn’t know him.

“Hmph, just a random guy who managed to find a big backing, now he looks down on everyone after leaving our system, forgetting all of his old friends.” Another spectator scowled with derision.

Quanwei came over and stared at Mu Yalan with desire in his eyes.

He changed quite a bit from last time, seemingly even more imposing or even arrogant. In other words, his confidence rose and he walked in a pompous manner now.

He looked around at the crowd and said: “If Longevity Sage can’t come to personally light the incense and it has to be someone from the third generation, I propose Miracle Young Noble. He’s world-renowned and will become a True Emperor later on top of being a great pill alchemist. That’s more than enough to represent our system. What are your thoughts, gentlemen?”

“You’re right, Miracle Young Noble is qualified to light the first bundle.” Someone else supported this claim: “We can’t have someone coming out of nowhere doing it.”

“Yes, I’m also in favor of Miracle Young Noble doing it.” Many parroted.

This was certainly a scheme. If Miracle Young Noble were to do it, he would successfully override Longevity Valley’s authority, the first step of usurping.

Meanwhile, the older cultivators only wanted to watch, not wanting to be involved.

“I also feel that Miracle Young Noble is the right choice.” Zhang Yan smiled and said.

However, when he noticed Yalan’s cold glare, he coughed and added: “Miss Mu, I’m only speaking the truth. The first incense represents our system, this requires great abilities. Our system is famous for its alchemy, and Miracle Young Noble is not only strong but also an amazing alchemist.”

These prodigies had a good relationship plus, Zhang Yan and Qingniu lost to Li Qiye earlier. They naturally wouldn’t take his side.

Qingniu stepped out as well: “It’s fine if he wants to represent the system, but I want to have a competition of alchemy. The leader of the system must be good at pill-making, alchemy, and medicine in order to be recognized by the mass.”

“Our First Brother is unbeatable in all three fields and poison mastery too, he is more than enough to represent our sect and the system.” Yalan retorted.

Qingniu arched his chest and declared: “Nothing would be better if that’s the case. I will compete with him in medicine. If I lose, I will be the first to support him.”

Despite his eccentric and arrogant personality, Qingniu was a man of his words.

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