Chapter 225: One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation (1)

Chapter 225: One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation (1)

“This physique devil is too abnormal!” A spectator couldn’t help but murmur at such a scene.

“Legend has it that when a natural Mortal Physique cultivates an Immortal Physique, the physique tribulation will be much more powerful!” An old undying shockingly exclaimed: “There is a legend that states that when a Mortal Physique tries to cultivate into an Immortal Physique, it will face a much stronger physique tribulation. This is because it was a violation of the heaven’s will. The heavens will not allow for a Mortal Physique to turn Immortal! This was the reason why there are so few mortals capable of achieving Immortal Physiques since the ancient past!”

“Today, I will massacre both of your sects.” At this time, Li Qiye’s demonic eyes slightly narrowed, instilling fear into all of the spectators. He truly looked like a horrifying, demonic devil at this moment.

His words left the disciples in the base of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom and the Jiang Zuo Clan with dismay. Six Jiang Zuo Kings were dead, along with Nantian Hudu; this was a great blow to their sects.

His sky-blocking hands immediately reached towards the disciples of the two camps!

“Junior, you dare!?” In the blink of an eye, a deep roar resounded. This roar blasted the sky, and even the stars in the sky shook.

“Boom!” In an instant, after a huge explosion, two coffins flew out from the bases of the Jiang Zuo Clan and the Heavenly Southern Kingdom. Hands reached out from the coffins and struck Li Qiye away!

“Bang!” Li Qiye fell into the Underworld River. Suddenly, his green hair grew even faster; it was as if they were devil trees, setting their roots into the Underworld River.

“This is too devilish, he has not been washed away even after falling into the Underworld River!” People took a deep breath to keep their composure after seeing such a scene. Legend has it that no matter how strong a person was, they would be uncontrollably washed away once they’ve fallen into the Underworld River. However, Li Qiye took root there without moving.

“So you two fossils are still alive in the coffins!” Li Qiye laughed like the devil and continued: “Climb out; otherwise, you aren’t my match.”

“This thing doesn’t know life from death!” A hand reached out from the Jiang Zuo Clan’s coffin and went straight towards Li Qiye!

At the same time, another hand came out from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s coffin, wanting to strangle Li Qiye to death.

“This won’t do, you’re hiding in the coffins!” Li Qiye shouted, and the floating Kun Peng on top of his head opened its mouth and swallowed the endless Underworld River’s water into his inner body.

“Boom--boom--boom...” An unbelievable event happened. Once Li Qiye swallowed an indiscernible amount of Underworld Water, his body — all of a sudden — grew from the ground up and turned into a giant. His hands also became as thick as the mountain ranges.

“This... This is too insane!” Everyone became dumbfounded. One had to know that the Underworld Water was harmful to any cultivator, but this boy actually swallowed such a huge amount of Underworld Water like this — truly insanity!

“Get out here!” Li Qiye uttered out a loud scream and met the impending hands, resulting in a heaven-shattering explosion. If the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground wasn’t so magical, then the Underworld River would have been broken under this impact.

The demonic Li Qiye managed to stop the two giant hands. Even though he still had to take several steps back, it was still a successful block.

“Get out here. Otherwise, I will destroy your coffins, today, and drag you out of the Era Blood Stone!” At this time, Li Qiye glared intensely at the two ancient coffins from the Jiang Zuo Clan and the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!

At this time, the two ancient coffins opened. Two people stepped out at the same time and exuded an endless divine aura, causing many cultivators to kneel on the spot.

A giant with a pair of demon horns — whose body was countless times bigger than an ordinary person — stepped out from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s coffin while a small skinny old man stepped out from the Jiang Zuo Clan’s coffin.

These two elders were completely different aside from one similarity, they were both dying. Their blood energy had dried up and was next to nothingness. However, even though this was the case, these dying old men were still extremely frightening; it was as if the simplest of gestures were capable of tearing the nine heavens and ripping the six dao apart.

“Invincible ancestor--” Seeing the appearances of the two ancestors, the disciples from the Jiang Zuo Clan and the Heavenly Southern Kingdom cheered!

“This isn’t the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s Divine Beast Protector!” Seeing the giant old man, a temple lord murmured to say: “This is... This is Venerable Mo Shen of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!”[1. So this name here can be confusing when translated to English. It can be Lao Moshen as a proper name (but I doubt Lao here is a last name), or Old/Venerable Mo Shen. Mo = demon/evil, and Shen = god. So technically I could translate this to Demonic God or Fiendgod as well, but I don’t think this character is befitting of that title. Note #2: Nevermind, the very next sentence explains that he is not a Fiendgod but I’ll leave this note the way it was for a little fun insight into translating]

Venerable Mo Shen of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom was not an actual Fiendgod; legend has it that the kingdom adopted a young child from the Heavenly Devil Race. This young child was a descendant of the very rare Wicked-Fiend tribe from the Heavenly Devil Race. His talents were extremely frightening, and he was ultimately trained to become a dominating and heaven-defying generation! He was even the national teacher of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom for ten generations; his origin was truly great!

However, no one recognized the small, thin old man from the Jiang Zuo Clan.

“So it is the great-great-grandson of that old fool, Wise Monarch Jiang Zuo. I hate this old bastard Jiang Zuo the most; what a lowly hypocrite!”

Li Qiye glared at the old man from the Jiang Zuo Clan and sneered.

Everyone was astonished to hear Li Qiye’s words. The great-great-grandson of the Wise Monarch still lived on to this day — this was too horrifying! They were truly worthy of being an ancient clan; they were able to still have such an undying existence like this!

“Junior, since we have come into being, you should recognize and accept your death!” At this time, Venerable Mo Shen and the Wise Monarch’s descendant did not waste words, they wanted to win as fast as possible. To them, who only had one breath remaining, wasting time would only bring them closer to their demise![2. Great-great-grandson in chinese is only two words with two syllables, while great-great-grandson is a mouthful and it doesn’t look good in text especially with the preceding Wise Monarch. I’ll change it to descendant unless someone comes up with a better substitute in the comments]

In a flash, these once-invincible characters were wielding their treasures and slashed straight down with a force capable of stealing the brilliances of the sun and moon and slicing the six dao!

“Go…” The monstrous Li Qiye crazily shouted as his wings swept by. “Boom, boom, boom!” Explosions went off continuously as blood filled the sky. The devil wings were not able to stop the attacks from the two invincible existences and were cut apart.

“Truly frightening; worthy of being called invincible existences during their generations!” Seeing the two old undyings managing to cut the devil wings down, everyone became shocked. Meanwhile, the disciples from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom and the Jiang Zuo Clan were celebrating.

“Boom!” In a flash, a treasure appeared next to Li Qiye… It was the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron! At this time, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron poured down spirit energy to wash Li Qiye’s flesh.[3. This was the Wan Heavenly Cauldron. Wan means 10,000 or numerous because it is only one, and I couldn’t come up with a good name for it before so I left it as Wan. I found Myriad to be a much better name since it doesn’t carry an explicit quantitative connotation at first glance so it will be Myriad Heavenly Cauldron from now on]

“Xiii--xiii--xii--” An incredible thing happened as the energy from the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron tempered Li Qiye’s body; all of the green hair on his body started to fall down.


At this time, Li Qiye’s Inner Physique emerged. His body appeared to be a giant whale that swallowed the Underworld Water, and the water flowed endlessly throughout his body. At the same time, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron poured down an endless amount of refined flame and scorched the Underworld Water. Once it was completely evaporated, strands of Yin (underworld) fire went into Li Qiye’s inner body and frantically refined his Physique!

With a loud boom, Li Qiye’s Fate Palace opened wide above his head as the Cauldron of Life, Tree of Life, Pillar of Life, and Spring of Life appeared.

In an instant, an endless amount of essence of life descended. The unbelievable thing actually occurred as the Pillar of Life and Tree of Life suddenly took root in the Underworld River and crazily swallowed the Underworld Water.

“Splash--splash!” It felt as if the Underworld River existed just for him as the endless energy from the Underworld River poured into his body.

“Pa--pa--pa” With explosive noises of joints crackling, Li Qiye’s body suddenly sprung up from the ground, becoming increasingly bigger and taller. In the end, his head was as high as the stars, causing everyone to become dizzy.

“Physique Connection, Physique Cleansing, Life Advancement! This is the second tempering of the body. This is too insane, this, the realm of this boy is still only of the Purified Rebirth realm!” An old man was amazed with his eyes wide open.

Everyone took in a deep breath to calm down. The Purified Rebirth realm was when cultivators refined their bodies the second time. Cultivators of this realm were barely considered powerful, but Li Qiye at this realm was able to kill Royal Nobles, defeat Enlightened Beings, and challenge Ancient Saints. This type of realm-surpassing battle prowess was completely unfathomable!

“Surpassing a realm in a flash!” Venerable Mo Shen and the Wise Monarch’s descendant coldly scowled. Their Life Treasures turned into a torrential storm and aimed for Li Qiye.

There were three levels in the Purified Rebirth realm, but today, Li Qiye wanted to complete the three levels along with the Physique Tribulation in one breath, rendering everyone dumbfounded.

“Pluff--plufff--pluff...” The two Life Treasures slashed Li Qiye’s body, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. However, the endless Yin flames formed from the Underworld Water refined Li Qiye’s body as it crazily grew bigger and bigger. No matter how fierce the Life Treasures were chopping, even a chopped hand would instantly grow back out again.

Li Qiye simply ignored them and their attacks. Once his body grew big enough to where his head became unseeable, Li Qiye opened his mouth and drank the rolling Underworld River that was pouring down from the nine heavens.

“Rah--ahhh” Finally, Li Qiye’s body grew to the sufficient size. Suddenly, there was a ferocious growl emanating from Li Qiye’s chest; it was as if the Godfiend was not willing. His Inner Physique became extremely bright; it seemed as if Li Qiye was about to turn into a god and ascend into an immortal. Universal laws began to descend along with majestic hymns.

“Not good, he wants to steal the heaven’s fortune!” The expressions of Venerable Mo Shen and the Jiang Zuo Clan’s descendant greatly sank as they glanced at each other, then they roared: “Kill!”

In an instant, drop after drop of Longevity Blood gently fell into their Life Wheels that had just appeared. Before, they were saving their blood energy and did not exert their true strength. Blood energy was very valuable and since they were near death, they had very little Longevity Blood left; there was only a few drops like this.

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