Chapter 2247: Pine Cone Dao Fruit

The news of the Three Ladies attracted so many people. Their ears grew longer, wanting to hear more and more.

All three beauties were very famous despite rarely showing themselves to the world, especially Qin Shaoyao. 

They were beautiful, kind, and had great achievements in their respective field - pill-making, alchemy, and medicine. The cultivators around the system loved to talk about it.

Plus, they were from a prestigious sect, the golden jewels of the system. It would be strange if men didn’t adore or have thoughts about them.

All in all, the Three Talents and Three Ladies were hot topics for the young generation.

Thus, so many became excited after hearing about their arrival.

“When will we be able to see Senior Sisters?” One youth felt his heart beating faster.

Of course, they were in the right to pay the organizers a visit. Nevertheless, their goal wasn’t out of formality and respect, just a chance to get close to the three sisters and hopefully make a good impression.

“I need to thank Doctor Mu for saving my life last time.” Another’s eyes lit up and excitedly said.

“True, she saved my uncle last year and I need to give her his gift of gratitude.” Who knows if this guy was telling the truth.

It was all about creating a chance to see the three because this was the opportunity. Seeing them later at Longevity Valley was too difficult.

Even Hu Qingniu and Zhang Yan felt the same way. Qingniu met Shaoyao during a herb-finding section and got charmed instantly. However, she was only interested in alchemy and plants.

As for Zhang Yan? He visited the valley with a senior and saw Yalan from far away, resulting in love at first sight. Unfortunately, her cold disposition applied to all. He tried to court her but gained nothing from it.

In the next several days, these youths came to visit the three girls with the excuse of asking on their seniors’ behalf about the sect master.

The girls had their own problems so they didn’t see any of the visitors. One of the problems was Li Qiye’s disappearance.

They asked the branch members but no one saw where he went, and that he hasn’t been back for a couple of days.

This truly scared the group so Miaozhen told the other two to start a search for him. It had to be done in secrecy which limited the effectiveness of the search.

The hardest thing was the moment they got out, groups of youth continued to follow. They tried to break away many times but this was impossible.

In the interim, Li Qiye gradually took form again with rippling waves.

He opened his eye and smiled: “Others would hide such mysteries in the dao source, but not this Alchemy Immortal fella, very unique. This is why Longevity Valley doesn’t care about conquest and only focuses on producing plants and medicines.”

Many progenitors would focus on cultivation first, ending up with conquests and battles in order to reach the dao. Alchemy Immortal broke this mold and focused on alchemy instead. Thus, his dao system was also different.

Others would treat their dao system as a way to pass on their legacies. Alchemy Immortal, on the other hand, required great treasure grounds for refinement. He certainly took this into consideration when creating his system.

All in all, Longevity System wasn’t as powerful as Yang Radiance or Vermillion Martial Court in terms of military power, but it was certainly number one from an agricultural perspective.

The main mountain in Alchemy Hut was unbelievably precious with something incredible in it. Logically, most progenitors would leave that in their main lineage or even their dao source.

Alchemy Immortal didn’t do so since he had already left something else at Longevity Valley. Meanwhile, this item here at Alchemy Hut required its own space, and a mountain can’t have two tigers.

Li Qiye didn’t know that the girls were looking for him. He remained in the cave after returning from a different dimension.

During his meditation, the primordial flower was no longer there since it was a dao fruit now. It was still very young, not meant for consumption just yet.

It looked like a pine cone but wasn’t because it didn’t contain any seed inside. The thing exuded a sparkling and translucent glow as if there were drops of dew inside. Upon careful inspection, these weren’t dew drops but rather tiny stars, resembling mercury balls.

These tiny stars had tiny trees, vegetation, mountains, and actual celestial bodies inside them…

Everything seemed surreal like an illusion, but they certainly existed. Li Qiye called this dao fruit a pine cone, a very normal name.

However, its meaning was significant. One seed to form a world; one seed to turn into the myriad dao! One pine cone was eternal, capable of deriving all the dao and culminating into a dao source.

This was the most frightening thing about this first dao fruit of his. Back then, he had controlled the sword pine, one of the three ancestral trees of Longevity Valley after earning its recognition.

In fact, he didn’t need the Longevity Tree in order to do so. Just his dao fruit right now could eventually create the dao source of Longevity System. This made it easy for him to control the system’s power.

Once this dao fruit matured completely, he would have an omnipotent key in Three Immortals. The guy wouldn’t need to cultivate the prerequisite merit laws to take over a system’s dao source and its power.

This particular cultivation system created by him would eventually surpass everything, his biggest ace card for the final battle.

He returned from the zen state and sighed with a distant gaze: “One dao fruit to reach everything. Once I have twelve, no thirteen, I will be able to break through everything.” His eyes became profound.

This was his grand plan, the reason why he created this cultivation system. Each dao fruit would be different and had its own uses.

Later on, when others cultivated this system, their dao fruits would be different as well. Of course, his own would be unique and unsurpassable.

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