Chapter 2242: Tutor Xiao

An old man traveled across the sky using the swords like a bridge. His steps seemed slow but he was crossing an unbelievable amount of distance to reach Longevity Valley.

He wore a precious robe, eyes sharp like the eagle and a gray complexion. His beard was short and prickly like a hedgehog. The aura of a True God coming from him was ferocious and awe-inspiring.

It roared like the ocean and shot to the sky in a majestic manner. He had no intention of hiding it and simply let the force ravage this area.

This went against common courtesy and respect. One needed to play nice at Longevity Valley, so converging their auras were necessary. This was a blatant challenge, not giving a damn about the orthodox branch.

“Xiao Hongjian! The National Tutor!” A few cultivators outside the valley were surprised to see him walking on the bridge of swords.

The gong of war resounded again in the valley; they were about to face a powerful enemy.

Hongjian was the current National Tutor of Everlasting. He was a powerful cultivator in the system in the past and was eventually invited by Everlasting, earning its trust.

With the help of their pills, his cultivation soared even more. Some believed that he was an Ascender at the first level. After a long time, the speculation changed into thinking that he was at the second level.

This showed the strength of this particular kingdom. If the tutor was a second-level True God, then their ancestors couldn’t be weaker.

“Tutor Xiao!” The monarch felt as if he had been saved.

All eyes were on Li Qiye now. Both the outsiders and sect members had no idea of the present situation.

“Young Friend, will you release the monarch and have a talk?” Hongjian stared at Li Qiye, imposing without needing aggression.

“As if I would listen to you. No one can stop me from doing what I want.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

“Young Friend, think it over.” The tutor continued: “There exists a good proverb - don’t kill the messenger, and that’s all the monarch is. If you act without thinking, you will unwisely drag the valley into the fires of war.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye chuckled: “I also like the fires of war, but I’ll be the one sending the fire to wreak havoc. Those who try to do so against me are tired of living.”

“Young Friend, you can’t handle the consequences. Kill the messenger of Everlasting is the same as declaring war, that’s not something you can be in charge of. Please ask Longevity Sage to come out.” The tutor sternly said.

Li Qiye waved and interrupted him: “Such a trivial matter is not worth our valley lord’s time. I alone am enough to eat your insignificant kingdom for breakfast!”

The spectators gasped, including the disciples from the valley. They glanced at each other and felt that their First Brother had gone crazy.

Everlasting was the number one in the system right now, on the verge of surpassing their own sect. He boldly declared that he alone could take care of Everlasting, a lineage that had True Emperors.

A while later, people calmed down and gauged the situation. A few older experts thought to themselves that this was all part of a plan.

Otherwise, there was no way the tutor could prepare such a swift passage at the perfect time.

Everlasting has been growing at a rapid rate, especially under the current emperor. Their army was ready and some considered them to be the strongest sect in the system.

On the other hand, the orthodox branch, Longevity, always kept a low-profile, This made people think that the sun was setting on them, and that they were no longer suitable to lead the system.

The sovereignty over the system was coveted by all. Gaining this authority meant becoming the orthodox branch, the representative. No need to further expand on the prestige of this.

It was clear that Everlasting has been coveting this position from Longevity. War was inevitable for a mountain couldn’t have two tigers.

So now, Li Qiye’s declaration just now made the relationship even tenser. Many could smell the stench of blood.

“How bold!” Hongjian didn’t appreciate the commend since he had the duty to protect his kingdom’s prestige.

“Let go of the monarch or death is upon you! Even Longevity Sage can’t save you at that point!” He threatened with murderous intent.

This aggressive aura pricked the spectators’ skin.

“Poof!” The end of the threat was also the end of the monarch. Li Qiye crushed him into a mist of blood. The guy didn’t even have a chance to scream, let alone trying to resist.

“You misspoke. The right thing to say is that not even the heaven can save you right now.” Li Qiye chuckled.

This stunned everyone. Li Qiye was too unpredictable and didn’t care about the threat from an Ascender. 

They exchanged glances in rumination. A youth daring to provoke an Ascender? Too bold and insane.

Hongjian didn’t expect this either since no one would do something so crazy.

“Brat, I will cut you to pieces!” The lack of face given infuriated the True God.

“Clank!” He clapped his palms together and a massive sword rushed above, large enough to shoulder the sky.

Terrifying strands of sword energy poured down; each could kill a thousand experts. The crowd wisely retreated after seeing this.

In this split second, he unleashed a slash with shockwaves causing the mountains nearby to crack.

“Damn!” Many experts became pale and said with dread: “He must be a second-level True God to do this slash!”

“Not smart for a junior to challenge an Ascender, it’s suicidal.” Someone else murmured. They didn’t need to watch to know that someone as young like him wouldn’t be able to stop this terrifying slash.

“Boom!” The result was the opposite of everyone’s expectation since the slash was stopped.

A pine tree slowly showed up behind him with its roots in the valley itself. Just one old branch alone had repelled the attack. Old it was and somewhat resembled a horned dragon. Its long leaves looked like tiny swords hanging on the branches.

“Sword Pine!” The tutor was the first to be shocked.

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