Chapter 224: Physique Devil Devouring the Heavens (2)

Chapter 224: Physique Devil Devouring the Heavens (2)

“Is this an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure?” Many grand characters were alarmed after seeing the power of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood.

Bai Jianzhen’s eyes flashed with a cold gleam. Seeing Li Qiye’s Yin Yang Sea of Blood, she knew that Li Qiye was not using his full strength during their fight; he was holding back, just like her.

She was also surprised since only an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure would create such a visual phenomenon; she was clear on this for her Longevity Treasure was also of the Immortal Emperor rank!

“Bang--bang--bang!” Wave after wave of explosions rang out as Li Qiye was about to escape from the entrapment of the Pixiu and Azure Dragon!

“Junior, this is you seeking your death!” Nantian Hudu shouted loudly. Buzzing sounds blared as a Life Wheel accompanied by thunderous sounds rose from behind him. A Virtuous Paragon Longevity Treasure floated up and down inside his Life Wheel, and it poured down blood energy at this time. In a flash, a Virtuous Paragon power immediately erupted from Nantian Hudu’s body.

“Growwlll...” The Pixiu that was biting Li Qiye became even more powerful with the surging emperor energy. After some crackles, Li Qiye’s one sword forming two worlds technique gradually became unable to support itself and slowly shrank in size.

“Boy, lets see how much longer you can hold out for!” At this time, the Azure Dragon’s entire body was also bursting with azure light along with formational runes. Its dragon’s aura was rolling furiously as if it was a real Azure Dragon!

Explosions resonated as the array of stars hovering around Li Qiye’s body began to shatter from the dragon claw’s thrashing!

“Boom!” Under the pressure of both Nantian Hudu and the six kings, Li Qiye’s Three Finesse Sword and Heaven’s Will Secret Law were overwhelmed. The only things left were three feet of the one sword, two worlds, and the endless stars. The monstrous Pixiu’s jaw and the sharp Azure Dragon’s claws were right next to his body.

“Pluff...” Li Qiye crazily sprayed out blood as he was struggling to withstand the suppression of the Pixiu and Azure Dragon. At this time, there were cracks forming all over his tattered body as blood stained his clothes!

The sounds of bones cracking were heard very clearly. Li Qiye’s bones began to break from the crushing power of the two beasts. It could no longer bear this burden even if the Godly Physique was sturdy. In the end, it was not the Indestructible Diamond Immortal Physique. At this time, even the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique was on the verge of exploding.

“Junior, to be able to withstand my Divine Beast Protector, you are clearly a prodigy amongst the younger generation. If you surrender now and submit to my Heavenly Southern Kingdom, we will appreciate your talents and we will also groom you!” Nantian Hudu gravely said.

At this point, the Azure Dragon also opened its mouth and the voice of one of the six kings resounded: “Boy, I also appreciate talents. If you join under my banner right now and become my disciple, you will surely become the main disciple of the Jiang Zuo Clan!”

Their words caused everyone to secretly jeer in their minds. What was this about the appreciation of talents? It was all a bunch of nonsense that was only meant to trick Li Qiye in order to capture him alive for the two supreme laws!

“Your bullshit reeks!” Li Qiye crazily laughed. Even when his body was stained by blood, he was still unbelievably arrogant.

“Not knowing your own limits!” Nantian Hudu’s expression turned cold.

Immediately after, more rumblings resonated as the Azure Dragon and Pixiu became even more powerful. Without a doubt, Nantian Hudu and the six kings wanted to crush Li Qiye. If they couldn’t have it, then other people shouldn’t even think about it.

“Crank crack…” At this point, cracks gradually appeared on Li Qiye’s head as he could bear it no longer.

“This junior is dead for sure now...” Seeing such a scene, a person murmured to say: “Truly unfortunate for two supreme divine laws, ah!”

There was also a gifted youth showing a gloating look as he sneered: “Just an ignorant thing thinking that he is invincible. An Ancient Saint — of course — would crush him!”

“Boom!” At this time, Li Qiye’s chest cavity was torn asunder as a Godfiend’s breath instantly filled the entire world!

“Ziii--zii-xii”, there was a terrifying change occurring on Li Qiye’s body. Long and thick green hair began to grow from Li Qiye’s body. Each hair had the appearance of divine pins.

“Boom!” At this moment, demonic energy poured out from Li Qiye’s entire body and pierced the sky. In a flash, a black shadow rushed out of Li Qiye’s body. It opened its mouth, wanting to devour Li Qiye with its Godfiend appearance.

“Activate…” Seeing this scene, Nantian Hudu and the six kings, who initially had control of Li Qiye, immediately roared. Their power increased as their giant claws aimed for Li Qiye’s sea of memories; they wanted to seize his knowledge.

“Bang!” But before the claws could touch Li Qiye, the black shadow that initially wanted to devour Li Qiye suddenly turned around and knocked away the Pixiu and Azure Dragon in an instant!

“Hold--” At this exact second, in just a flash, Li Qiye suddenly summoned a treasure. This was a stone box that was held in his arms. The moment this stone box was opened, a light shot out and the black shadow’s body suddenly became frozen.

The great treasure of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom appeared amidst the explosions and thunder. Li Qiye’s Inner Physique suddenly soared out from his chest and instantly locked onto the Godfiend shadow. In just a blink of an eye, the Godfiend shadow was dragged back into Li Qiye’s inner body by his Inner Physique.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s demonic glow drowned the sky as the green hair on his body grew even more. He took a step and even the sky was nefariously corrupted!

The moment he turned around, his monstrous demonic lights turned into a pair of devil wings and blocked out the sun. At this time, Li Qiye seemed to be an uprising Godfiend. Even the Earth Corpses from afar were dreading his frightening gaze and started to gain some distance away from him.

“What is this…” Li Qiye — all of a sudden — turning into a devil horrified everyone. This development was too strange and unbelievable.

“A Physique Tribulation! This is a physique devil! An Immortal Physique devil!” With a grand completion Saint Physique, Jewel Pillar Saint Child was completely aghast from such a scene!

Legend say that when an Immortal Physique Tribulation descends, the physique devil would also be born. This was an evil existence countless times stronger than the user!

In fact, before the physique devil came into being, Li Qiye’s Inner Physique had always been suppressing his own physique tribulation! However, the moment Nantian Hudu and the Six Jiang Zuo Kings crushed his body, the Inner Physique could no longer suppress the Physique Tribulation; thus, the physique devil was born and Li Qiye’s tribulation finally came.

“Devouring the physique devil’s body…” Under this display, Jewel Pillar Saint Child, who had always aimed for the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, lost his colors. Once a physique devil was born, it would devour the user until there was nothing left of his flesh before disappearing! Moreover, the physique devil was many times stronger than the real user’s body. This was why an Immortal Physique was extremely difficult to achieve for cultivators who were training Immortal Physiques. Very few people were able to surpass the devouring of their physique devils and thus, there were fewer than few grand completion Immortal Physique users since the beginning of time!

“That’s impossible!” Such a sight jolted Nantian Hudu and the six kings with distress. Li Qiye taking over his physique devil was such an unbelievable development.

“A supreme treasure!” Someone noticed Li Qiye putting away the stone box and had a faint guess. Right when the physique devil turned around and struck Nantian Hudu and the Six Kings away, a once-in-a-million chance appeared. Li Qiye took this opportunity to use the supreme treasure from the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom to control the physique devil as his Inner Physique possessed the physique devil in a flash!

Without Nantian Hudu and the Six Jiang Zuo Kings taking action to distract the physique devil, Li Qiye wouldn’t have been able to successfully take over!

“This is the feeling of being a devil, truly not a bad sensation!” At this time, green hair covered Li Qiye’s entire body, and he had a pair of black wings that blocked out the sky. At this very second, his appearance truly matched that of a devil!

“Kill!” Feeling unrest, Nantian Hudu and the six kings suddenly worked together. Both of their energies erupted and performed their strongest blows.

“Boom!” The Azure Dragon struck from the sky while the Pixiu tore from beneath, causing blinding flashes as their strongest blows were unleashed.

“Open your eyes and witness the power of a supreme physique devil.” At this time, Li Qiye burst out in crazy laughter just like a devil. His two wings spread out and tore the firmament asunder.

“Bang!” After a loud blast, the Azure Dragon was cut in half and the Pixiu was ripped apart. Nantian Hudu was blasted away from the impact while spurting out blood, and the six kings — along with the one thousand experts — all fell down from their formation!

“Accept your death!” At this time, Li Qiye spewed out a demonic energy as his devil wing slashed down. After a pathetic scream, Nantian Hudu was immediately sliced into halves as his innards and blood rained down from the sky.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s devil hands enveloped the sky as they came together and swallowed the six kings along with more than one thousand experts. Blood flowed down like a river as he rubbed his hands together.

“No---” The six kings bellowed miserably as they — along with the one thousand experts of the Jiang Zuo Clan — were kneaded into mincemeat!

“This is… This is way too mighty!” At this point, the physique devil was unstoppable and created an impending fear in all of the spectators!

“Impossible!” Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s expression sank as he felt that something was amiss. Their school once had ancestors who cultivated Immortal Physiques, but the physique devils recorded in their annals were far from being this powerful!

Of course, how could he have known that Li Qiye’s supreme Physique Law came from the Physique Scripture? This was a supreme treasure born from the primordial chaos, a time even before the start of the world. Its Physique Laws were terrifying, heaven-defying, and could be considered number one since the start of time! All Physique Laws in this world could be said to have originated from this scripture!

Thus, its physique devil — compared to other Immortal Physique Laws — was much more horrifying. Naturally, once completed, this type of Immortal Physique would also be much stronger.

“Your turn…” The now-demonic Li Qiye turned towards Young King Nantian and reached for him with his giant hand. Although rendered aghast, Young King Nantian naturally would not sit and wait for his death. He roared and slammed forward with his Sky Shaking Bludgeon, but it couldn’t hurt Li Qiye in the least bit!

“No--” The Sky Shaking Bludgeon shattered as Young King Nantian was caught inside the giant fist. After a scream, he was squeezed into a rain of blood.

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