Chapter 223 : Physique Devil Devouring the Heavens (1)

Chapter 223 : Physique Devil Devouring the Heavens (1)

“Boom!” Accompanied by a monstrous explosion, the Pixiu’s claw knocked Li Qiye flying away, causing him to crazily spray out blood. With a supporting Emperor Law, the Pixiu seemed to be an emperor’s beast and became unbelievably powerful.

“Howlllll--” With a loud cry, the giant beast opened its mouth, aiming to swallow Li Qiye. Its gigantic bloody mouth was capable of swallowing the gods along with the sun and the moon; even a Heavenly Sovereign would lose their colors at such a horrifying scene.

“Now--” At this point, Li Qiye had the Six Dao Sword in his hand. The strange thing was that, in this instant, the Six Dao Sword split into two swords. The Primordial Foundation of the Six Dao Lotus and the Evil Typha Tree separated into two different swords!

“The remembrance of mortal life!” Li Qiye uttered a cry as the two swords flew into the air! In the blink of an eye, two giant trees grew from Li Qiye’s hands. One was the Six Dao Lotus magnificently towering into the sky; the other was the Evil Typha Tree, a devilish fist that pierced the horizon.

One sword at the extreme Yang, one sword at the extreme Yin; one sword of utmost righteousness, one sword of utmost evil. With exuberant energy, the two swords pierced out with their different strengths. One side gave birth to gods while the other side gave birth to devils. In just an instant, there were countless existences coming into being inside the two swords to form a world filled with geniuses.

One sword creating one era! This sword had reached an unfathomable realm! This was the Mortal Sword of Li Qiye’s Trinity Sword Art! Plus, this sword also carried the divine power of the Six Dao Sword!


A sword competing against the heavens blocked the Pixiu’s ferocious mouth, rendering it unable to bite down.

Seeing such a sword, the eyes of the skilled Bai Jianzhen emitted a cold glint as her sword intent soared. She knew the Sword Dao more than anyone else, and she understood the power of this sword and also Li Qiye’s mastery in the Samadhi Sword Dao! The sword turned into living beings and formed a world. This meant that Li Qiye had a remarkable achievement on the path of the sword![1. Samadhi — The term 'Samadhi' derives from the root sam-a-dha, which means 'to collect' or 'bring together' and thus often translated as 'concentration' or 'unification of mind'. Easy way to think of it is just enlightenment in the Sword Dao. In the context of this novel, it would be the three swords — heaven/earth/mortals all encompassed together]

Her gaze became even more restless as cold glints appeared while she stared at Li Qiye for a long time. The more powerful Li Qiye was on the Sword Dao, the more excited she was for having found a rare opponent.

One could only guess her astonishment if she were to find out that the Sword Dao, to Li Qiye, was only something natural, something akin to an expert being able to write the most beautiful verses the moment his brush touched the paper, and that it was not his ultimate aspiration.

As for Jewel Pillar Saint Child, there was only extreme animosity in his eyes. He considered Li Qiye to be his biggest enemy for cultivating the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. However, he didn’t think that Li Qiye’s power was not just limited to his Physique! Such a monster was an absolute monstrous threat to him!

“Die!” Nantian Hudu roared as his eight palaces illuminated above his head. All of the life essence returned to the eight palaces’ kingdom and he used this vast life energy to power the Pixiu. At this time, the Pixiu seemed to be alive again with its two eyes as bright as suns. Its mouth continuously bit down at Li Qiye’s heaven-piercing sword until Li Qiye’s sword edge began to lose its shine!

However, the Six Dao Sword was made from the Primordial Foundations of True Gods, how could it be this easy for the Pixiu to bite through his sword?

“Is this an Emperor Sword?” Seeing the heaven-defying property of Li Qiye’s Six Dao Sword, many people became berserk from jealousy! They came to realize that even if his sword was not an Emperor Sword, it was likely not very far off!

“Brother Nantian, let us help you!” Seeing Li Qiye’s might, one of the Six Jiang Zuo Kings uttered a shout.

“No need…” Nantian Hudu gravely answered because he had not used his full strength. He did not want to kill Li Qiye immediately for it was better to capture him alive.

“Boom!” Before Nantian Hudu could reject the offer, a divine and vast power appeared. The Six Kings summoned a formation that immediately encompassed in the Six Kings — along with their cavalries — spurring them into the appropriate positions!

“Growlll!” A dragon roar echoed. At this time, a huge Azure Dragon entrenched itself in the sky. This Azure Dragon covered many miles and was extremely massive. Each and every piece of its scales emitted a cold and azure light.

“The Wise Monarch’s formation!” Seeing such a scene, a temple lord shouted in dismay.

“This is one of the transformations of the Wise Monarch’s formation… Dragon.”

Countless people were horrified by seeing the giant Azure Dragon circling in the air.

“Boom!” A huge explosion rang. A dragon claw the size of a thick mountain vein mangled towards Li Qiye and clasped him in an instant.

“The Heaven’s Will is up to me!” Li Qiye mustered a cry as the endless hovering stars around his body shone splendidly. Each star seemed to turn into a vast sky, forming its own world to stop the dragon claw from grasping Li Qiye!

However, the power of this dragon claw was no less than the Pixiu’s bite. Under its grip, the Heaven’s Will Secret Law still couldn’t break free.

“Junior, you killed our Jiang Zuo Clan’s people and also my descendant. Your hands are stained with our children’s blood. If you surrender now, we will mercifully spare your life!”

The Azure Dragon opened its mouth and from there came the voice of one of the Six Kings.

Once the Six Kings revealed their intentions, Nantian Hudu’s expression greatly darkened and scowled as he had dissatisfaction in his heart. However, he couldn’t openly point it out at this second for their formation was difficult to deal with.

In fact, everyone noticed that Nantian Hudu didn’t use all of his strength because he wanted to capture Li Qiye alive.

Now that the Six Kings also lent a hand with the six cavalries turning into the formation; its power was not any weaker than the strength of Grand Dao Saint Nantian Hudu.

The spectators, at this point, looked at each other; they all understood that both Nantian Hudu and the Six Jiang Zuo Kings simply didn’t want to kill Li Qiye. The Six Kings’ flowery words proclaimed that their intention was for vengeance, but the truth was most likely that they wanted to capture Li Qiye, and the same notion applied to Nantian Hudu.

At this time, all of the great characters understood that vengeance and grievance did not matter. The only integral fact was that Li Qiye carried a Heaven’s Will Secret Law and a supreme Immortal Physique Law! Both of these were desired by anyone in this world — any heritage, any nation, including Immortal Emperors lineages!

Today, even if they captured Li Qiye, the declined Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would not have the power to save him. At that time, wouldn’t it be an easy task to force out the Secret Law and Physique Law?

In a trice, it was not just one or two people who were tempted. The hearts of many great sect masters and sacred lords were thumping. Even a few old undying beings had frightening glimmers in their eyes. Capturing Li Qiye meant obtaining the Secret Law and Physique Law! However, this would also mean becoming enemies with the Jiang Zuo Clan and the Heavenly Southern Kingdom. These great characters glanced at each other while contemplating about capturing Li Qiye.

Jewel Pillar Saint Child couldn’t help but to look at his school elders, and he plotted with them. He wished to instantly capture Li Qiye in order to obtain his lifelong pursuit of the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique.

On the sideline, seeing Li Qiye fighting two enemies by himself, Young King Nantian was maddened from jealousy. As the descendant of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom, he still didn’t have a Heaven’s Will Secret Law. No, their entire kingdom did not have one Secret Law, yet this brat in front of him had one in his possession. How could he not feel begrudged?

He was slightly regretful at this moment. If the Fragment Realm Spatial Disk was still in his hands, he would have teamed up with the national teacher to capture Li Qiye alive. How could both laws escape his grasp at that point?

Unfortunately, his spatial disk was trapping Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao — along with the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot — right now. Before it could kill the two girls along with suppressing the chariot, he could not summon the spatial disk back!

“Junior, it is not too late to surrender to my Heavenly Southern Kingdom. As long as you surrender, we will show mercy and not make it difficult for you!” At this time, Nantian Hudu stated with a deep voice. Nantian Hudu naturally would not let the Six Jiang Zuo Kings get what they want after he learned their aim. Thus, he began to persuade Li Qiye into surrendering in order to obtain the two laws.

“Do you all really think I am a fish on a chopping block!?” Li Qiye then crazily roared: “Open...!” The moment the word came out, a thunderous sound exploded.

At this time, a terrifying thing occurred. Li Qiye’s Life Wheel opened wide as all of the blood energy started to roll from the Yin Yang Sea of Blood into Li Qiye’s body. But at this time, there was a golden sun and a divine moon leaping out from the sea of blood.

The Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was initially fueling vitality and longevity blood into Li Qiye’s Inner Physique, but now, there was a divine moon and golden sun from the Yin Yang Sea of Blood connecting with the technique’s crescent moon and sun.

“Boom!” After a loud explosion, a flood of Extreme Sun Spirit Fire poured out from Li Qiye’s body. At the same time, the divine moon hanging over the Heaven’s Will blue sky gushed out endless streaks of moonlight.

“Bang---bang--bang--” The golden sun and divine moon harmonized at the same time, causing the energy from the Yin Yang Sea of Blood to multiply several times while pouring into Li Qiye’s Physique. This caused Li Qiye’s battle prowess to frantically soar!

“Boom!” The Mortal Sword also resonated with Li Qiye’s soaring battle power. It was initially one sword creating one world; now, it was one sword creating two worlds, and its power increased several times. Meanwhile, the blue sky above Li Qiye’s head poured down even more stars all around Li Qiye’s body. His body, at this point, exuded endless strands of circulating starlight that began to force open the dragon claw.

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