Chapter 2222: World Of The Fire Source

The duo saw a world of torrential waves of lava just like a primordial beast. This was an ocean of lava; each wave assaulted like a flood of beasts.

When the tide reached the highest point, it could reach the sky vault and melted through space. 

This seemed to be their world, the origin of all the lava. The liquid at the lotus pond seemed to have been leaked from this place.

Alas, the liquid storm was unable to hurt the two of them shrouded with the flame. Perhaps this flame had the same origin as the lava so they wouldn’t hurt each other.

“Go!” Li Qiye shouted and his Heaven Reckon flew out.

“Buzz.” It circled like a boomerang around the surface, creating ripples in its path and hitting one wave after another.

After loud explosions, a large gap cracked from the ocean as if a monster was emerging.

“Splash!” It was a bridge made out of crimson stones, not by men but perfectly crafted by the heaven and earth. 

It crossed straight to the sky, seemingly connecting to another place in the endless universe.

“Go now.” The ruler had returned to Li Qiye. He gently took her hand as they took their first step on the bridge.

Bingning was obedient and let him touch her own while following him. A sense of security permeated. There was no need for words; Li Qiye had won her trust and was more than reliable enough.

Even if they were at the most perilous location in existence and the sky was falling down, she would still feel safe while holding his hand.

“What? Do you need me to carry you?” He playfully whispered during her brief pause.

She regained her wits and felt her face becoming hotter after hearing this. When she looked at his profound eyes, she found them fatally attractive, rendering others helpless.

She immediately turned away, both bashful and angry at her own lack of self-control. She stomped on her foot and pouted: “Don’t even think about taking advantage of me!”

For some unknown reason, she took solace and found the whole experience quite sweet, chasing away all of her troubles.

‘Let’s go, there is a long way to go.” He smiled and ignored her permission.

The shy girl let him do as he pleases, revealing a rare bashful appearance. She lowered her head and pink cheeks before following right behind him.

Li Qiye walked towards the far horizon with the help of the bridge. They looked quite slow but each step encompassed the distance of an entire world. 

Moreover, each step was quite calculative and deliberate. A dao rune would appear at the bottom of their sole like rippling water. Space itself felt the same fluctuation.

The truth was that the bridge was only acting as a spatial medium for them to travel a far distance. Along the way, she would steal glances at him before looking down.

The normally fearless martial goddess was acting like a young girl. This resulted in a beautiful picture indescribable by words.

Time flowed in this persisting atmosphere. She suddenly wanted time to last forever, hoping that this path would never end.

“You were quite lucky to find that Wintry-flame Flower.” He spoke and broke this magical yet slightly-suffocating air.

“Your frog led me to a cave with it.” Bingning answered.

The magical flower that appeared earlier below her feet was named Wintry-flame. It was invaluable due to its cold flame, capable of nullifying other flames.

“It’s not a frog, the name is Myriad, a unique cauldron capable of devouring all fire seeds and alchemy materials in the world. This is on top of being an extremely capable cauldron for refinement.”

Bingning was quite surprised, not expecting the ugly frog to be so amazing. However, she did find it quite amazing while following it. It traveled freely in the land of the fire source to locations feared by the True Gods. It didn’t give a damn at all swimming through the scorching flame and lava.

“Where is this place?” The journey so far was longer than she expected.

They were far away from that ocean of lava, all the way up in the sky now. There were stars, suns, and moons all over the place. Shooting stars crazily sped through the silver galaxies, some in the shape of maelstroms - a moving scene indeed.

“We’re here for an item.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The land of the fire source has this name because the world is only seeing one side of it, the bare surface, the entrance, the mouth of the volcano. Its size is actually beyond imagination.”He paused for a bit here: “The world thought that the entire land has been connected to the system by Alchemy Immortal, but the reality is that a system can’t accommodate something of this size. Thus, only the entrance is really known at Longevity System.”

Wu Bingning was completely surprised, not knowing that there were more mysteries to the land of the fire source. After a while, she asked: “You’re coming for the supreme treasure here?”

There were rumors of an unbelievably amazing treasure in this place but not even True Emperors have seen it before.

“Yes and no.” He gently shook his head: “This fire source is very connected to the treasure. Taking it is not easy at all, that’s why Alchemy Immortal couldn’t do anything despite knowing a little bit about it.”

“Then how do you know all of this?” She took a good look at him and became skeptical. His knowledge seemed to be much greater than that of an ancestor from Insane Court.

“There aren’t that many things I don’t know in this world. For example, I know that your Martial Ancestor has planted something in your system, not wanting the public to know.” He smiled and revealed.

“How, how do you know?!” She became startled. This was indeed true, existing only in the records. She wasn’t qualified to know this classified date until after she became the successor.

He replied: “Nothing is new under the sky to me because I’ve read many books. As long as one is knowledgeable enough, they can figure out anything. Seeing a single spot and know that it’s a leopard. It’s just part of deducting.”

She stared at him, not believing that he had read their system’s ancient scrolls at all. They were stored in a private library blocked off from all outsiders.

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