Chapter 222 : Pixiu Treasure Jar (2)

Chapter 222 : Pixiu Treasure Jar (2)

“Naive little thing, I will first break all of your bones!” The cruel voice of Nantian Hudu rang. In the blink of an eye, his giant fist shined with waves and waves of light as its power increased.

“Bang!” Li Qiye had a difficult time bearing the blow this time; he spewed out a mouthful of blood!

“Kid, surrender. Otherwise, you will scream many times until you accept your sin!” Nantian Hudu’s voice fell down once again.

“You’re only an eight palaces’ kingdom, do you really think it will end me?” At that time, Li Qiye howled with laughter and no longer held anything back. In a flash, his entire body exuded a blinding brilliance! For just a moment, this bright and scorching light blindingly illuminated this entire world. Under this light, it seemed as if everything was bleached into transparency!

“What happened?” The sudden explosive burst of light was as if it was the start of the primordial chaos, breaking out from inside the eight palaces’ kingdom! Many people couldn’t help but become astonished from seeing such a scene.

“The Heaven’s Will is mine!” Li Qiye let out a loud roar. Not to mention the kingdom, even the world outside suddenly dimmed down. It was as if the stars were falling, as if the supreme Heaven’s Will was pouring down an endless energy. In a split second, it seemed as if all the lights in this world gathered on Li Qiye’s body.

“Boom!” A deafening detonation destroyed the world. Finally, a crack was torn from inside the eight palaces’ kingdom. Li Qiye flew backwards out of the kingdom. Even though there was still a sminch of blood on the corner of his lips as he had a distressed look, at this moment, his body was emitting an endless amount of light.

At the present time, stars hovered around Li Qiye’s body. These stars were around the size of a thumb and floated around him along with an undulating sun and moon. These celestials formed into wisps of silver lights as they ceaselessly revolved.

The even more frightening part was that there was a piece of blue sky with a profound and deep shade. The Heaven’s Will was rooted inside as it was reigning over all the world’s laws and the united myriad of dao!

“Heaven’s Will Secret Law…” Seeing Li Qiye’s situation, someone drew in a cold breath and exclaimed in amazement: “Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s Daylight Sky Immortal Secret from the legends!”

Having heard this, everyone turned emotional. Heaven’s Will Secret Law — this represented the highest accomplishment within the life of an invincible Immortal Emperor! Although Immortal Emperors might create many Emperor Laws during their lives, in the end, the real invincibility was within the Heaven’s Will Secret Law.

It could only be created after shouldering the Heaven’s Will because, along with its power, it contained the mysteries of the heavens! Some Emperor Laws were created at a young age, and they were strengthened by the Emperor’s dao after achieving Immortal Emperor to finally become real Emperor Laws! However, without shouldering the Heaven’s Will, it was impossible to create a Secret Law!

There was nothing comparable to the most powerful Secret Laws in this world outside of the Nine Grand Scriptures! But to the world, the scriptures were only part of the legends.

Nantian Hudu couldn’t help but become alarmed after seeing the Secret Law!

“Come, open my eyes and show me just how powerful an eight palace Ancient Saint is ah!” Even with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, Li Qiye seemed like a true king of the heavens, adorning the blue sky above with the stars hovering around him.

At this point, many people from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom were greatly dismayed, especially Young King Nantian; he had reddened eyes from jealousy. This brat was already cultivating a covetous Immortal Physique, but he actually trained a Secret Law as well!

“Isn’t the legendary Heaven’s Will Secret Law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect lost?” Seeing the Secret Law created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren appearing from Li Qiye, a person couldn’t help but ask quietly.

“Heaven’s Will Secret Law!” Nantian Hudu’s expression turned cold as he sneered: “With your cultivation, even the Secret Law cannot change your fate! Only death lies in the end!” Finished his jeering, he summoned a treasure pot jar!

“Divine Beast Protector, come out!” Nantian Hudu roared and suddenly, all of his blood energy rushed into the treasure jar. In this second, an endless fierce beast aura soared from the jar!

“Bang--bang--bang!” Bursts of thunderous noises resounded. The treasure jar sank into Nantian Hudu’s eight palaces’ kingdom. In a flash, the power of the kingdom — along with the blood energy — entered the jar.

“Ngao--oo--” At this time, a loud roar of a beast appeared. This beast roar not only shocked the nearby cultivators, rendering their legs weak, but it also alarmed many of the tightly packed Earth Corpses in the far distance.

A gigantic beast jumped out of the treasure jar, creating mayhem amongst the spectators! The body of this beast was even larger than a high mountain. Its frightening aura came from an ancient age, commanding respect from others just like a divine beast descending down to the mortal world. All of the weaker and insignificant beings felt a primal fear.

“Divine Beast Pixiu!” Everyone lost their colors when this giant beast leaped out.

“Pixiu Treasure Jar — the Heavenly King Life Treasure that had always been passed down by the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!”

“Only a Heavenly King Life Treasure? This is the national teacher of the kingdom, though.”

Having heard this, a junior questioned it. The national teacher of the kingdom should be using a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure ah, why was he using a Heavenly King Life Treasure like this!?

“The origin of this jar is heavenly shocking, but unfortunately, its master died at a young age.” This royal lord continued his murmuring: “The Heavenly Southern Kingdom seized it from someone else’s hands. This jar was refined from the Dao Bone of a Heavenly Beast Pixiu ah!”

This treasure crafted from the Dao Bone of a Heavenly Beast Pixiu once belonged to a genius before falling into the hands of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom. Although the Heavenly Beast Pixiu was not the real Pixiu and couldn’t compare to its divine beast heritage, it contained the bloodline of a Divine Beast Pixiu and its strength was extremely formidable.

This genius reached the Heavenly King realm but, in the end, he died to the hands of the kingdom, and this treasure also fell into their hands.

“Using his Fate Palaces’ kingdom to take care of the beast, and to even call it a Divine Beast Protector! Grand Dao Saint — such an achievement like this already exceeds my entire lifetime’s accomplishments!” An Ancient Saint from the previous generation couldn't help but lament at such a sight.

Nantian Hudu’s Divine Beast Protector was only for his own eight palaces’ kingdom! He actually used his kingdom to strengthen this Heavenly King Life Treasure and groom the Pixiu Dao Bone inside his Fate Palaces. This was beyond anyone’s imagination!

“There is no strongest Life Treasure, only the most suitable Life Treasure!” A royal lord quietly stated.

Even though people said that the higher the rank of a Life Treasure, the more powerful it was; however, this was only in principle. For example, one could be a Royal Noble but could only use thirty percent of a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure, or even only ten or twenty percent. They would also need a huge amount of blood energy to activate a treasure of this level!

This Pixiu Treasure Jar was a great match for Nantian Hudu and his eight palaces’ kingdom. He could unleash an unthinkable power that was potentially more powerful than an ordinary cultivator wielding a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure!

“Junior, accept your death!” Nantian Hutu roared with his blood energy while controlling the jar. It flashed a blinding light as the Pixiu growled, and its giant claw immediately mauled towards Li Qiye.

“Activate--” As the Pixiu’s claw was approaching, not to mention other people, even Li Qiye’s expression dimmed down. He let out a battle cry as the high blue sky suddenly gathered the energy from the world, channeling it incessantly into Li Qiye’s body. At this moment, Li Qiye seemed to have turned into a giant!

The moment this avatar appeared, the blue sky replaced the firmament as each of the huge stars could sink the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. Li Qiye — like a bottomless black hole — devoured all of the world’s energy like a flood. All of the Grand Dao power also attached to his body.[1. Avatar is a very loose translation. My first initial thought was magical image (most literal), or dao/buddhist image. This term has an origin from buddhism, usually used to describe the deities/buddha. In this case, it is a huge giant image of Li Qiye. Note that it is not a physical body]

The worst part was that Li Qiye’s Yin Yang Sea of Blood was endless like the blood energy of the gods. It poured into his body, causing his battle power to surge torrentially with a boundless vitality!

At this second, Li Qiye turned into the light of the sun and unleashed this power!

“Boom!!” Li Qiye’s avatar actually managed to block the Pixiu’s claw. Even though Li Qiye’s body thumpingly retreated, he still withstood the blow.

“This is impossible! This kid is clearly not even a Royal Noble, how could he stop a blow of this magnitude!” Many people couldn’t believe their own eyes. This was absurd — truly a miracle!

“Heaven’s Will Secret Law!” Seeing such a display caused countless people to go crazy. A Heaven’s Will Secret Law was truly insanity-inducing for many heritages!

The peerless treasure, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, along with the Secret Law — this power was unimaginable.

“Beast Raging Against the World!” At this time, Nantian Hudu finally revealed his killing blow and used his Emperor Law! In an instant, an Emperor aura encompassed the sky as Emperor runes fell down. Nantian Hudu turned into an immemorial fierce beast and had a sacred presence. In the blink of an eye, the Pixiu became even larger as it exuded an emperor’s breath.

“Beast Raging Against the World!” A person was traumatized and emotionally exclaimed: “An Emperor Law left behind by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang!”

“Didn’t people say that Immortal Emperor Fei Yang didn’t leave any Emperor Laws behind for the Heavenly Southern Kingdom? How come it still has an Emperor Law from Fei Yang!?” An undying old man murmured at the sight of Nantian Hudu using his killing technique.

The Heavenly Southern Kingdom had a secret that it did not want anyone to find out. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was one of the most powerful and exceptional Immortal Emperors since the beginning of time. Even though he came from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom, he actually opposed them before. From a young age, he left the kingdom and never returned afterwards!

Future generations did not know the reason why. In short, even though he came from the kingdom, he did not admit himself as its disciple! He didn’t even leave behind his dao heritage for the kingdom!

Because of this, an ancient nation like the Heavenly Southern Kingdom did not name itself an Ancient Kingdom, but only a Kingdom!

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