Chapter 2219: Looking Down On All

It didn’t take long before Li Qiye made it to the pond. He gave the lotus flowers a quick glance, not giving a damn about the rest of the people present.

“Little animal, you dare to come here?!” Wu Lian shouted at him before turning towards Miracle: “Young Noble, he’s the one who insulted our kingdom.”

He didn’t mention about their feud or that he was forced to eat dirt, only the matter of reputation and face. The goal was to turn Li Qiye into an enemy of the kingdom.

Miracle Young Noble slightly grimaced while looking at him: “Your action is out of line. Not to mention whatever happened in the past, your disturbance today is rude towards the ancestors and heroes who are here to participate in the lotus selection.”

He was far more eloquent than Wu Lian. Not only did he represent his kingdom, he also brought the ancestors and big shots here into the mix.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled: “This isn’t your house. I can come and leave whenever I want on top of teaching a lesson to those who try and stop me.”

The direct and domineering response made the spectators outside the valley feel quite good. Miracle and his group’s monopoly of the pond had antagonized the crowd. It’s just that they were too afraid to say anything.

Thus, Li Qiye’s fierce intrusion was naturally a crowd-pleaser.

Miracle’s expression soured as he slowly said: “The fire lotus flowers are limited so the ancestors have a priority for their dao enlightenment. This has been the tradition for millions of years…”

Li Qiye interrupted him and smiled: “Rules or not, I don’t give a damn. My words are the laws, so today, this pond is mine.”

Miracle was shocked to hear this, same with the ancestors and big shots. If he were to take over the pond, would they get their share at all?

“So arrogant, who do you think you are?!” An easily-provoked genius yelled at him.

“Ignorant fool, doing this in front of the ancestors and our Young Noble? Your death will not be a pleasant one!” Wu Lian cried out.

Miracle also glared at Li Qiye and said: “You must be able to back up your words with skills if you want to monopolize the pond. It has always been an issue of seniority for the lotus flowers, so today, to put it frankly, you’re not qualified to take some.”

He was being quite direct. Anywhere in the system was virtually Everlasting’s territory so he was afraid of no one, even if Li Qiye was a master.

It didn’t matter how strong he might be, provoking Everlasting meant asking for trouble and potential death!

“If Young Noble Li isn’t qualified, then who is? You?” A cold voice joined the fray.

Despite its aggressive nature, the voice was still very pleasant. People followed the voice and saw a supreme beauty. She was unbelievably gorgeous, affecting people to the very core.

“Vermillion Martial Goddess!” A spectator shouted after seeing her.

Everyone suddenly became excited, especially the young cultivators due to her beautiful appearance. Even those who have never seen her before have heard of her fame.

“Just like the rumor, she’s not only powerful but is also as pretty as a goddess.” One male cultivator couldn’t help himself from admiration.

Those who have seen her before were still smitten all the same. Some forgot about everything around them.

Miracle himself fell into this trap. He had seen her before and fell in love at first sight. 

“Martial Goddess.” Even the big shots from the last generation had respect for her, albeit for a different reason than the rest.

It was because she represented the young generation in the assault on Insane Court. Treading deep into the enemy’s territory was something difficult even for the war-hardened combatants yet she still came along. This was worthy of respect.

Miracle forgot about everything else and came forward to greet her: “Please excuse the late reception, Miss Bing.”

Miracle was all-smiles, revealing his most handsome appearance. He himself thought that he was quite dashing right now.

Alas, Bingning only gave him a quick glance before walking to Li Qiye’s side.

Her attitude made it a bit awkward for him. He hastily said: “I have saved the queen lotus for you, it’s very suitable for physical purification.”

“Young Noble Li wanted all of the fire lotuses, so let him divide them.” She said flatly.

With that, she held his arm, seemingly quite intimate and obedient. They walked together until they made it to the king lotus. He didn’t focus too much on the flowers, only on the actual water.

The scene became quiet. Everyone exchanged confused glances with each other.

The goddess in everyone’s mind looked so docile standing next to Li Qiye and even helped him up the king lotus. It was as if she would listen to all of his commands and act as his strongest supporter.

This was the beloved jewel of Vermillion Martial Court, a phoenix belonging to the nine firmaments. Such nobility and prestige… However, she was showing so much love to an unknown junior. No one could accept this so they instantly viewed Li Qiye as an enemy.

Miracle’s expression kept on changing. He was jubilating before and thought about winning the beauty over. Now, he was overwhelmed with jealousy.

He gave an eye signal towards Wu Lian. His hound instantly understood and shouted again: “Little animal, this is the territory of Longevity System, not a place for you to do as you please. The pond is not yours, all the ancestors and clans will never allow such disrespect to happen. You must be tired of living…”

He couldn’t finish before Li Qiye grabbed and threw him into the lava.

“Ah!” it instantly melted part of his body into ashes with smoke everywhere.

“Young Noble, save, save me!” Wu Lian was scared out of his mind, not expecting Li Qiye to attack before so many ancestors and Miracle.

“How impudent! You think Everlasting has no capable men?!” Miracle stepped up and took out a divine sword, pointing it straight at Li Qiye: “Li, spare yourself from this mistake and let go of our kingdom’s disciple or we will never let this go, not until death!”

“No one’s afraid of your Everlasting.!” Bingning answered before Li Qiye could: “I’ll take you on if you want to fight, no need for the young noble to waste his time!”

She looked even more beautiful than before when stepping up, causing everyone's heart to beat faster.

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