Chapter 220 : Grand Dao Saint (2)

Chapter 220 : Grand Dao Saint (2)

It was common knowledge that Immortal Physique Laws were much more valuable compared to Emperor Laws. Some people even compared them to Heaven’s Will Secret Laws!

Momentarily, countless eyes became cloudy with thoughts. It didn’t matter whether Li Qiye was actually cultivating an Immortal Physique or not; they must assume that he was, rather than the contrary! Considering how heaven-defying Li Qiye’s Physique was at the moment, the chance of him cultivating an Immortal Physique Law was very high!

Even a minor completion Hell Suppressing Godly Physique was extremely frightening. Moreover, as one’s cultivation increased, their Immortal Physiques would become even more frightening. For example, two Virtuous Paragons on the same level; if one of them had a minor completion Immortal Physique, they would completely crush their opponent and kill them as if it was nothing! This was the terrorizing part about an Immortal Physique!

In just one short passing, many cultivators assumed a serious appearance with glimmers in their eyes! Immortal Physique Law — it is more valuable than an Emperor Law, and even rarer than a Heaven’s Will Secret Law! Anyone would be salivating over such an item!

“Where are you escaping to!” Young King Nantian escaped after his defeat and desperately ran towards the Underworld Ferry. He was scared out of his mind and didn’t dare to stop at all. He mustered all of his strength and utilized his fast speed to run while Li Qiye was shouting behind him as he chased. He would not stop until Young King Nantian died in his hands.

Both sides crossed ten thousand miles in just a flash. Young King Nantian was flying in the air while Li Qiye was chasing on foot. Nonetheless, Young King Nantian could not get rid of Li Qiye. The Kun Peng’s Six Variants had a frightening speed. No matter how many methods and schemes Nantian tried, he remained unable to escape from Li Qiye’s pursuit!

Countless people were shocked by witnessing such a scene. The descendant of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom and a genius of the younger generation, Young King Nantian was considered to be very promising by many people; today, he was being chased by a little demon like a dog. This was so unbelievable.

After much effort, Young King Nantian finally made it to the Underworld Ferry and saw the base of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom. He used the fastest speed to rush forward, and the experts from the Kingdom immediately dashed out to greet him; they were prepared to drive back the enemy for their Young King.

Suddenly, at the Underworld Ferry, countless people were looking at this scene. Although their eyes remained closed, even the indifferent Treasure Lords stared towards this direction!

After chasing to the ferry in one breath and seeing the boundless Underworld River, Li Qiye sneered and immediately followed Nantian who escaped to his base.

Before Li Qiye could reach the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s base, dozens of their experts met him and immediately shouted before surrounding Li Qiye.

“Scram!” With his towering blood energy and thick vitality, Li Qiye roared and ruthlessly swung his hands forward when met by the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s experts.

The dozens of experts were alarmed and they all summoned their powerful Life Treasures. However, after a loud bang, regardless of what kind of Life Treasures there were, they all shattered under Li Qiye’s two hands. A group of experts crazily spewed out blood and rocketed outside as the earth was nearly crushed.

“Junior, don’t be arrogant!” Seeing so many experts unable to stop Li Qiye, an Enlightened Being of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom finally shouted and opened his mouth to take out a pagoda. The pagoda flew up in the air and immediately became as large as a huge mountain.

“Ommm-” With his Life Wheel moving, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood set off a tide of blood thousands of zhang high and submerged the heaven and earth in a second. The light in his Inner Physique was extremely bright as the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique erupted wave after wave of divine aura.

“Scram!” Facing the incoming suppression of the mountain-like pagoda, Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eyelash as he slammed forward with both hands.

Such a domineering gesture attracted many gasps from others. This was a five celestials Enlightened Being, and his pagoda was a Heavenly Sovereign Life Treasure. It acted as a prison of the world, something capable of suppressing all Royal Nobles.

“Clank!” His arms landed a heavy blow on top of this pagoda, smashing it back towards the Enlightened Being. Frightened, the Enlightened Being decided to use an incantation in order to stop his pagoda. “Boom!” The Enlightened Being was not able to stop his pagoda, and he was knocked away while spraying blood.

Witnessing this spectacle left many masters at the ferry to be amazed. A five celestials Enlightened Being lost from just one blow. This was too heaven-defying and powerful.

How could they know that under the frenzy of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Godly Physique exploded with power capable to stopping gods and devils!

“The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique–” The knocked-away Enlightened Being struggled to stabilize himself and screamed in horror.

Suffering a great blow after this exchange with Li Qiye, this Enlightened Being immediately knew what Li Qiye’s Physique was.

“It really is the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique…” Earlier, many people had speculated this, but after hearing it, they all took a cold breath. The Heavenly Southern Enlightened Being had personally tested it before drawing this conclusion. This was no longer a question.

“One of the twelve Immortal Physiques! If this reaches grand completion, then even a Royal Noble would be able to annihilate a Heavenly King!” At this time, countless people lost their colors!

“Break!” Stepping into the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s base and seeing Young King Nantian, Li Qiye fiercely smashed with a blow that punished the heaven and earth, with a force capable of splitting miles of mountains and rivers!

“Boom!” The extremely dominating strike of Li Qiye didn’t hit Young King Nantian for it was blocked by a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was very heroic. His entire body was covered by a vast aura and he had a powerful vitality and youthful pressing power. It felt as if he was blessed and protected by the love of millions of existences.

“Nantian Hudu, the national teacher of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!” Seeing this middle-aged man blocking the powerful strike of Li Qiye, many people exclaimed in astonishment.

“Rumored to be an eight palaces genius ah, a Grand Dao Saint!” An Ancient Saint nearby was shocked to see this middle-aged man. Even a Grand Saint would be dreadful of such a person!

“Eight palaces genius, Grand Dao Saint!” Hearing these words, even people who didn’t know Nantian Hudu were still alarmed.

Cultivators — throughout their lives — had three chances to open Fate Palaces. One was the Provisional Palace, the next was the Royal Noble Mysterious Fate realm, and then the Ancient Saint realm.

However, at the Ancient Saint realm, experts capable of opening four palaces and up were no longer Little Saint, Young Saint, or Grand Saint. Even if their cultivation was within these three realms, Ancient Saints with five palaces were called Heaven Restoration Saints, six palaces were called Dao Restoration Saints, seven palaces were called Heavenly Saints, and eight palaces were called Grand Dao Saints!

“Eight Fate Palaces…” Countless people lost their composure after hearing such a thing. It was not an exaggeration to call people with eight Fate Palaces a genius within geniuses.

There was a saying in the cultivation world: nine extremes to become a sovereign, ten completions to reach flawlessness! A nine palace cultivator will be praised by the world, but with ten palaces, it was reaching the pinnacle of perfection! This type of cultivator had a stainless dao foundation for the rest of their lives!

Since the start of time, cultivators had twelve Fate Palaces in principle. However, nine palaces was the limit of geniuses. Nine palace cultivators could be considered a genius amongst geniuses no matter which era they were in — the kings of geniuses!

Since the start of time, cultivators that were able to open ten Fate Palaces were fewer than few. This type of cultivator had the opportunity to become an invincible Immortal Emperor!

As for eleven Fate Palaces, this could be described as a miracle throughout the ages. The people who achieved eleven palaces — since the beginning of all time — could be counted with five fingers.

Twelve fate palaces — this was not something people even thought of. Since the beginning, the world has never heard of anyone capable of opening twelve Fate Palaces. Its existence had always been a legend!

Eight palace cultivators were already extremely exceptional.

Nantian Hudu, the national teacher of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom, was one of the very few eight palace geniuses in this era! Rumors has it that he had cultivated for a very short time — only five thousand years ago. Within one thousand years, he managed to reach Ancient Saint and finally opened his eighth palace to become an eight palace genius!

Someone in the Grand Middle Territory had stated that if Nantian Hudu was not living during the Difficult Dao Era, he would have become a Heavenly King a long time ago. Because he lived during the era where the Heaven’s Will was absent, he couldn’t successfully open his ninth Fate Palace.

Even though this was the case, Nantian Hudu still fortified his position as the national teacher of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom.

“Junior, enough is enough.” With a righteous aura, Nantian Hudu looked at Li Qiye and gravely said: “You should walk away, and my Heavenly Southern Kingdom will not pursue this matter any further!”

Li Qiye looked at Nantian Hudu and leisurely smiled as he said: “Not pursue? Hah, even if your kingdom wants to let me go, I still don’t want to let go of your kingdom. It is very simple for me to forgo this, hand over the head of the brat, Nantian!”

Nantian Hudu, with a fierce glare, coldly replied: “Junior, don’t be arrogant. There is always a higher mountain. The Heavenly Southern Kingdom is not something a junior like you can provoke. Be smart and leave right now. Otherwise, this will be your burial!” Nantian Hudu’s words were quite aggressive, but as an eight palace genius, no one thought that he was being arrogant. He truly had the qualification to say such domineering words.

“Heavenly Southern Kingdom?” Li Qiye smirked and calmly spoke: “Can it compare to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!? Don’t mistake your kingdom as if it is something great. In my eyes, the Heavenly Southern Kingdom is not worthy to even be ranked as something prestigious!”

Li Qiye’s words immediately rendered everyone speechless.

“So cocky…” A person couldn’t help but say. However, they thought about how this kid even dared to attack the Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto. This outlaw of a kid didn’t care for the Ancient Kingdom, so how could he even consider the Heavenly Southern Kingdom?

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