Chapter 2193: Specter

The three weren’t the only one curious about how he got it. The rest of the spectators felt the same way.

Li Qiye casually raised it but enough pressure exuded to cause the world to quake. He leisurely replied: “This sword, hmm? Saw it on the ground randomly and picked it up. Just using it since it’s a little suitable.”

This answer made everyone want to vomit blood. This was their progenitor’s strongest sword, yet Li Qiye acted so nonchalantly about it.

This particular sword would be the defining treasure of any clan or sect. No other weapon in Insane Court could compare, be it in terms of power or status.

Any disciple in the system would treasure it more than their own life, so everyone was speechless of Li Qiye’s lackadaisical attitude towards it.

Of course, he got it from Insane Ancestor’s treasury, not randomly on the street.

“Come, I won’t take your spear, let’s see how much force you can muster from it.” He leisurely said.

The three gods still had control over the bloody hand with Insane Spear. Alas, they weren’t as confident in killing him as before. It didn’t matter if he was a reborn ancestor with the power of the dao source, the three of them with the spear should have been unstoppable.

Unfortunately, their disadvantage was all gone after he revealed Furious Immortal.

The three of them glanced at each other before clenching their fist, deciding to create a mudra: “Soul Summon!”

“Rumble!” Blood gushed from their body to the sky before dropping down to the abyss, mixing with the pre-existing serum.

A starry formation appeared beneath their feet with a bloody glow. Numerous runes began to flow within the formation. The three formed more hand seals while chanting, seemingly summoning something.

“Crack!” Back at Relinquished Bones, the tablet on top there shattered along with this mountain.

A massive skeletal hand reached out from the mud first, then the entire frame followed. This was a complete skeleton only missing its right hand.

“Not good!” Li Qian was the first to stare in that direction and became astounded.

A few ancestors also felt this change and looked over at Relinquished Bones, feeling the same way as Li Qian after seeing the collapsed mountain.

“Boom!” A bloody glow flashed from the empty eye sockets of the skeleton after it got up, signaling that it was coming back to life.

It traveled through space and made it to Ivory Gap instantly, hovering above the abyss.

“What is that?” The spectators jumped from fear, not knowing what was going on.

A figure suddenly came out from the blood serum with an empty face, lacking all features. In the next second, the figure and the skeleton joined together in perfection.

“Boom!” A majestic figure finally appeared - an unstoppable True God.

He had a murderous presence. All the trees and grass nearby withered with haste.

His hair stained with blood was fluttering in the air, looking quite dominating. When he opened his eyes, the touch of death loomed above everyone.

“Virtue True God!” An ancestor bellowed.

So many were scared to hear this accursed title. After so many years, it still made the crowd tremble.

“Is he coming back to life?” One guy was horrified and wondered.

Li Qian glared at the three Insane Blood Gods: “So it is you three that have messed with Relinquished Bones, summoning this old soul!”

“Hahaha, when your master killed Virtue True God back then, he also melted his body and suppressed the skeleton at the mountain, such evil. It is we brothers who will let the true god see the sunlight once more!” The ferocious god retorted.

Even after his death back then, Virtue’s hateful sentiment remained. Thus, Heavenbattler had no choice but to separate his corpse, melting the flesh in the abyss while suppressing the bones in a faraway mountain. This was a necessary precaution; alas, these three brothers still managed to summon his soul.

Virtue was a monster back then, eating flesh and drinking blood along with other heinous deeds. Though it wasn’t a true rebirth, this soul alone was terrifying enough to cause the cowards in the crowd to soil their pants.

“Boom!” The severed hand carrying Insane Spear flew and fused with Virtue. When he lost his right hand back then, he pulled the spear down with it so that Heavenbattler couldn’t obtain this primordial treasure.

“Boom!” Blood began to dance after he grabbed the spear, looking like a blood devil. 

The spear exuded a horrifying glow. The glint from the tip was as white as snow, piercing to the very soul and paralyzing all foes.

His enemies would be helpless and drop to the ground before this glow, let alone trying to resist him. From this, one could easily imagine how monstrous he used to be. 

Because of his talents, the system gave him the spear, adding wings to a tiger. It truly made him unstoppable.

“The ancestor is back, all of you are done for. Heretical Blood Devour will once again rule the system!” The ferocious god laughed after the successful summon.

They ran away like dogs after their branch lost in the past. Now, they returned in order to reign over the system!

“Clank!” Virtue pointed his spear straight at Li Qiye. He didn’t need to do anything, just the glimmer of the spear could kill any True God.

“Can he do it?” The shadow of Virtue still overwhelmed the land. People were holding their breath, placing all hope on Li Qiye.

If he couldn’t beat Virtue, then it was over for Insane Court. Li Qian felt the same way. There was nothing he could do right now outside of relying on Li Qiye.

Li Qiye simply smiled at the spear pointing at him: “Only a specter, can’t reach the apex.”

His mind opened. In the depth came a brilliant light. A supreme rune came out, accompanied by a boundless ancestral aura.

“Buzz.” Rays of light exuded from him, making him look massive in size.

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