Chapter 219 : Grand Dao Saint (1)

Chapter 219 : Grand Dao Saint (1)

“You don’t know your own limits yet you still dare to fight me!” The Sky Shaking Truncheon in Young King Nantian’s grasp heavily fell down to the ground, causing an earthquake as the surrounding one hundred miles immediately sank!

“One blade of grass beheading the stars; one flower petal striking the sun and moon — there can’t be another scene more befitting of this phrase! A Saint Wheel talent is not any weaker than a Saint Fate and Saint Physique!” An old Enlightened Being murmured.

There was a common misperception amongst cultivators that stated a Saint Wheel was not comparable to a Saint Fate and Saint Physique! Within these three Saint aptitudes, people would value Saint Fates and Saint Physiques much higher.

Today, Young King Nantian’s exhibition made people more aware that the potential of a Saint Wheel was no less than the other two!

“Rumble!” Just when many people thought Li Qiye was dead, he climbed out from the mountain and coughed out a mouthful of blood!

Even though he was entirely covered in blood, he was not seriously injured. This wound was not comparable to Bai Jianzhen’s sword that pierced his chest.

“Motherf*cker, what is this Physique, it is too unbelievable!” A previous generation cultivator couldn’t help but swear after seeing how Li Qiye managed to survive after such a blow that swept him away!

“Didn’t someone say that this kid had a Mortal Physique? Can a Mortal Physique be this dazzling?” A person couldn’t help but question the rumors that Li Qiye had all Mortal innate talents.

Could a Mortal Physique be this astonishing? Managing to survive after such a smash, this type of Mortal Physique defied logic.

Young King Nantian’s expression turned ugly at this time. He realized that Li Qiye cultivated a terrifying Physique Law.

“Ommm–” With a buzzing sound, Young King Nantian’s Life Wheel crazily rotated. The Vermillion Bird flew up in the sky while flapping its wings, creating rising tides of blood with one wave higher than the previous. At this moment, Young King Nantian exerted his Saint Wheel’s extreme strength as his frightening one million year old Longevity Treasure fueled his blood energy without stopping.

At this point, the Vermilion Bird soared upward and turned these bloody tides into an endless ocean of blood.

“Boom-boom-boom…” Momentarily, Young King Nantian’s vitality could even devour the stars up in the nine firmaments as his boundless blood energy covered half of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

At this time, each and every person at the Underworld Ferry was looking towards this direction, including a few Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals!

“Competing blood energy with me?” Li Qiye sneered and furiously screamed. “Boom!” A gigantic explosive noise resonated as the Yin Yang Sea of Blood immediately appeared. In the blink of an eye, this endless sea of blood enveloped the heaven and earth. A bloody moon and bloody sun gradually rose up from the sea of blood.

In a split second, Li Qiye’s Life Wheel constantly spun as the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law pulled this endless vitality and exerted a frightening power. It did not matter that this sea of blood was endless, the law was still able to pull everything so that this endless blood energy would enter Li Qiye’s body.

“Clang clang clank!” At this time, Li Qiye’s entire body issued out clanking noises as chain after chain of substantial universal laws locked up his body. The power of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood was too tyrannical. If it was any other Physique, it would absolutely burst into nothingness at this moment. However, Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Godly Physique was capable of withstanding such pressure!

“Bang!” Li Qiye then stomped on the ground, and the earth below him shattered. The immediate vicinity turned into ruins as all of the mountains came crashing down!

“Bang-bang-bang!” Li Qiye’s energy was endless for, at this time, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood turned into a world of fresh blood as blood energy crazily poured out like a prehistoric fierce beast.

In this moment, Li Qiye’s vitality covered the heaven and earth as his body immersed itself in the sea of blood that had a thick and undissolvable energy.

“This… This… What kind of Longevity Treasure is this? Could this be an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure?” Facing Li Qiye’s terrorizing vitality, everyone became stupefied. Even Ancient Saints would not have such a logic-defying vitality like this.

However, if this was an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure, not everyone could accept its boundless vitality and blood energy. Once one bears the burden, the insufficient body could explode, resulting in the Life Wheel’s destruction.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Everything was spinning from the two enveloping gigantic seas of blood. Finally, Li Qiye’s eternal blood energy sent an all-encompassing sweeping momentum towards Young King Nantian’s blood sea.

With a shocked expression, Young King Nantian’s Heavenly Bird Longevity Treasure maniacally spun. His personal Saint Wheel set off a huge quantity of Longevity Blood and turned them into a tremendous energy. The Vermillion Bird behind him risked everything to — once again — create bloody tidal waves in order to stop Li Qiye’s approaching ocean.

However, regardless of his life-risking endeavors, Young King Nantian could not deter the crushing force from Li Qiye’s sea of blood!

Young King Nantian’s Longevity Treasure was indeed remarkable. His one million year old Life Ring, that was refined with an Immortal Emperor Longevity Law, was also inexplicably powerful.

However, even a more powerful Longevity Treasure became insignificant before Li Qiye’s Yin Yang Sea of Blood. The Yin Yang Sea of Blood had a heaven-shattering origin. It was a supreme treasure seized from the deepest location of a Burial Ground; It was not something that Young King Nantian’s Heavenly Bird Life Ring could compare to.

“Saint Wheel — there’s not much to it!” At this time, Li Qiye cried out. His entire body was surrounded by a dense blood energy, and after the cry, it moved to his fist and lingered there, resulting in a bloody hand. Under his roar, he swung his fist fiercely forward!

Li Qiye ferociously used his body as a weapon with its endless lingering blood energy.

This approaching hand was no longer a hand, but more like a divine rod. It incited lightning and thunder as strange phenomena appeared in the sky!

Young King Nantian also cried out in response. All of his blood energy turned into pure strength that swung his Sky Shaking Truncheon onward.

“Clang clang clang.” Both sides severely hit each other three times. The noise resonated from the collisions rang across Ancient Sky City and deafened everyone’s eardrums!

“Clank!” After one last blow, Young King Nantian was no longer able to stop Li Qiye’s berserk attacks. Even Li Qiye’s arms were bloodied from competing against the truncheon, but his third attack managed to force Young King Nantian to cough up blood.

“Eat another one!” Li Qiye screamed and chopped with an invincible attitude.

The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique had infinite immensity. One arm carried the burden of millions and millions of jin (catty). Once strengthened by the blood energy of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, the terrorizing power of this one chop was incalculable.

“Boom!” Young King Nantian could only use the truncheon to block this imminent chop. However, under this blow, he crazily spewed out blood as the heavy truncheon was knocked back into his body. “Crack crack.” The harsh sounds of broken bones echoed. In this split second, countless bones were broken.

“Bang!” His body crashed into a mountain, breaking it into pieces. He became bloodied and battered as his blood decorated the earth.

At this point in time, his entire chest caved in. His truncheon could not bear Li Qiye’s crazy attacks; it bounced back on his body and completely crushed his chest. Being bloody became his most discernible characteristic.

By seeing such a scene, everyone was dumbfounded. Even the grand characters far away at the ferry had to take a deep breath to digest such a scene. This Physique was truly domineering.

“Is he still a human?” Seeing Li Qiye use his bare hands as a weapon left everyone in horror. This person was a hundred times more terrifying than a raging dragon!

At this point, Young King Nantian no longer dared to fight. He turned around and fled towards the Underworld Ferry! He was scared out of his mind and immediately looked for his sect’s protection; otherwise, he would surely die in this battle!

“Where are you escaping to…” Seeing the fleeing opponent, Li Qiye coldly shouted and immediately took chase.

Seeing Young King Nantian defeated and having to escape, everyone was in disbelief. As for the younger generation, it was needless to say. Even the geniuses who considered themselves extraordinary and previously had animosity towards Li Qiye were pale in fear at this time!

As for Jewel Pillar Saint Child, his expression turned dark. He understood that Li Qiye’s Physique had reached minor completion! Even if it wasn’t at minor completion, it was not far off.

What did it mean to have a Hell Suppressing Godly Physique at minor completion? This was one of the twelve Immortal Physiques ah! One had to know that at grand completion Immortal Physique, no matter what their cultivation and rank was, they were completely capable of rolling over Heavenly Kings. Even Virtuous Paragons would have to think twice before messing with them!

A Hell Suppressing Godly Physique at minor completion; it did not matter whether Li Qiye was a Named Hero or Royal Noble, he would be able to directly defeat Ancient Saints and even Heavenly Sovereigns! Even when he was a Saint Physique at grand completion, he would not have the least bit of advantage versus Li Qiye’s minor completion, not to mention that he was still a long way off from grand completion.

If a Virtuous Paragon also had a grand completion Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, then unless an Immortal Emperor came into being, no one would be able to stop him. To put it simply, he would be able to slay all the gods and devils that were in his path! Even if it was an Immortal Emperor, he would still be able to fight. Perhaps, a victory was not achievable, but he would surely manage to stay alive!

Having thought up to this point, Jewel Pillar Saint Child gripped his fists with an ominous countenance. Once Li Qiye reached grand completion, he would never be able to catch up!

“The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, this kid is surely cultivating the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, one of the twelve Immortal Physiques!” At this point in time, an older character from the previous generation realized something, and he murmured with a shocked expression.

“Hell Suppressing Godly Physique!” Hearing this name, countless people were astonished with a disturbance in their minds. One of the twelve Immortal Physiques — this was something everyone dreamed about. From the immemorial times till now, how many people actually managed to cultivate an Immortal Physique Law!?

“This, this is not possible. I have never heard about the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect having the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique Law!”

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