Chapter 218 : Sky Shaking Truncheon (2)

Chapter 218 : Sky Shaking Truncheon (2)

Bai Jianzhen glanced at Li Qiye once without any emotions, then she went to the side without saying a word.

“Make your move, I shall send you to hell to meet your cousin!” Li Qiye stared at Young King Nantian and said.

“Since you are courting death, I will help you!” Young King Nantian was glad that Bai Jianzhen left. He sneered as he took out his weapon.

“Boom!” The moment Young King Nantian’s weapon fell to the ground, the entire earth trembled. This was a gigantic one thousand zhang tall bronze truncheon. At this time, Nantian’s right hand became huge and easily picked up this gigantic truncheon!

At this point, the Life Wheel appeared behind Nantian as his blood energy towered in the sky. Suddenly, his endless blood energy gushed for miles. It was extremely plentiful; it seemed as if it was boundless like a flood breaking a dam. It shook the earth, causing others to lose their colors.

Nantian was a natural born Saint Wheel. His blood energy was too great and no one in the same generation could compare to him. Even though he was a Royal Noble, he had the endurance of an Enlightened Being. His blood energy was catching up to Ancient Saints. This was his formidability.

“Sky Shaking Truncheon!” Seeing Nantian wielding such a huge bronze truncheon, a previous generation cultivator recognized it and murmured: “A once-famous Heavenly Sovereign True Treasure of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!”

“Heavenly Sovereign True Treasure?” Hearing this, the younger generation cultivators were all stunned for a while. They all felt that a Heavenly Sovereign weapon was not worthy for someone of Young King Nantian’s status.

One had to remember that even Dao Child Shengtian used a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure. Even though Life Treasures and True Treasures were on the same level, a Life Treasure was far from being comparable to a True Treasure. There are a few Ancient Saint True Treasures that could even defeat Heavenly Sovereign Life Treasures.

“This particular True Treasure has a great history. It followed a Heavenly Sovereign of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom during his conquest!” An older cultivator explained after seeing the weapon.

There was a genius in the Heavenly Southern Kingdom who was also a natural Saint Fate. He coincidentally obtained a True Fate Godly Ore. This type of ore was the essence of heaviness, and after it was crafted into the bronze truncheon, it carried one million pounds of weight.

Not everyone could use such a True Treasure. Only those with powerful blood energy could wield it freely! This was the reason why this Sky Shaking Truncheon was passed down to Young King Nantian.

Even an Enlightened Being would exert all of his strength just to carry it, but it appeared to be nothing in Young King Nantian’s hand. It goes to show just how exuberant his vitality was.

“Eat this!” Nantian shouted with the Sky Shaking Truncheon in his hand. This truncheon struck down with an unparalleled speed. Although there was no technique behind it, the weight — along with the speed — created thunderous roars and crackling lightning.

“Open–” Li Qiye screamed and swung his hands powerfully to meet the striking truncheon!

“Ignorant fool…” Seeing Li Qiye using his bare hands to stop the truncheon, Nantian sneered. The truncheon weighed one million pounds. His one strike was more than enough to destroy mountains and rivers!

An explosive “boom” reverberated; the area Li Qiye was standing on immediately sank as the earth shattered, resulting in a crack as Li Qiye’s body was smashed down into the earth!

This power opened everyone’s eyes wide. Such a weight would strike anyone into a pulp. Even an Ancient Saint would not dare to use his body to block such a strike.

“This Little Brat was too arrogant. He was only seeking his own death.” A spectator sneered after seeing the exchange. Even the earth turned into small pieces, so everyone here assumed that Li Qiye was dead for sure this time!

“Rumble!” However, at the same time, debris flew everywhere. Li Qiye got up from the pit! At this time, his hair was dusty while his arm was bloodied. Without a doubt, he was wounded by the Sky Shaking Truncheon.

“Impossible…” Seeing that only Li Qiye’s arm was bloodied, Young King Nantian’s expression greatly changed. He knew — very clearly — the strength of his earlier attack. Even an Enlightened Being blocking it with his flesh would be rendered into mincemeat, but Li Qiye only had a bloodied arm. Even his hand remained attached; what kind of unthinkable body was this!

Seeing such a scene left many people breathless. What kind of Physique must this be in order to be able to block the strength of millions and millions of pounds. This Physique was too abnormal.

Jewel Pillar Saint Child, who had fought Li Qiye before, couldn’t stop staring. Even though he tried to suppress it, he could not hide his deep jealousy. At this moment, he understood that Li Qiye was absolutely cultivating the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique! This was his goal, his pursuit in life!

“My turn…” Li Qiye resoundingly shouted. He spread out his arms that spanned to one thousand miles and clung onto a towering mountain peak. He used all of his power to clench it and, after a snapping sound, the heaven and earth spun. The entire lofty peak was carried by Li Qiye’s gigantic hands.

“Go!” In a flash, the giant mountain was thrown by Li Qiye with the most dominating momentum. It was not a difficult matter to throw a mountain with his Godly Physique.

“Argg…” With a shocked expression, Young King Nantian shouted and powerfully swung his heavy truncheon.

“Boom!” Mud and rocks cascaded down from the sky like a waterfall. Young King Nantian got knocked away like a fly for a very long distance. He heavily hit the ground and created a pit where the bottom was nowhere in sight.

Everyone became dumbfounded. This was a little too ridiculous. Young King Nantian used a truncheon as his weapon, but Li Qiye was even more tyrannical and used a mountain as his weapon.

A while later, Nantian rushed out from the deep pit. He coughed up blood while his battered body was covered in blood. His Physique was not as heaven-defying as Li Qiye’s. Even though his truncheon blocked Li Qiye’s attack, his body hit the ground and many bones were broken.

At this point, Young King Nantian’s True Fate appeared and absorbed the world’s energy to shower his injury. He was a Royal Noble, and his True Fate had formed into the heaven’s will Primal Soul! As long as his True Fate existed, he would still survive even if his flesh was destroyed.

“Aaa…” His advantages were his unparalleled blood energy along with his heavy truncheon. He didn’t think that he would be knocked flying away, today, by Li Qiye. How could he not go crazy? He furiously roared and the Life Wheel — like a full moon — appeared behind him. At this time, on top of his Life Wheel, a Longevity Treasure appeared.

Clear notes resonated the moment Nantian’s Longevity Treasure appeared. Blood energy surged down from the horizon like a descending waterfall as Longevity Blood flowed in the Life Wheel and detonated with an endless amount of energy. In an instant, this blood energy enveloped 100,000 miles of the sky.

“Bang-bang-bang!” The frightening blood energy rotated continuously, giving the sensation that even the heaven and earth was spinning. At this time, the sun and moon lost their radiances for everything became dark due to being encompassed within Young King Nantian’s power.

The even more dreadful part was that a Vermillion Bird soared out of Nantian’s Longevity Treasure. It swung its wings, fanning the endless blood energy. In the blink of an eye, a sea of blood drowned the sky and obscured everything.

Everyone saw the sea of blood in the sky with their eyes wide open. What ridiculous blood energy was needed to be able to cover the sky like this!

“Heavenly Bird’s Life Ring, and Vermillion Bird Longevity Law!” Seeing the erupting energy from Young King Nantian, even Enlightened Beings were shivering. Many expressions became dim for such a brimming blood energy was quite dreadful. At this level, the finesse and flexibility of techniques in battle and the strength of Life Treasures seemed trivial — only blood energy was the most powerful weapon!

“Immortal Emperor Longevity Law! 1,000,000 years Life Ring!” Many people were astonished and envious of Nantian’s vitality from seeing his display.

Young King Nantian was a natural born Saint Wheel, so he already had surging blood energy. What was even more extraordinary was that he had a Heavenly Bird’s Life Ring for his ancestral heirloom! This Life Ring was refined from a one million year old Heavenly Fiery Bird. One could only imagine how grand and powerful the Life Ring of a one million year old Longevity Spirit was.

Moreover, Young King Nantian’s Longevity Law was also an Immortal Emperor Merit Law, the Vermillion Bird Longevity Law left behind by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.

An Immortal Emperor’s Law combined with Nantian’s innate Saint talent was simply adding wings to a tiger! The more shocking part was that the Vermillion Bird Law and the Heavenly Bird Life Ring matched perfectly and infinitely amplified Young King Nantian’s vitality.

“Die!” Being knocked away by Li Qiye was extremely humiliating, so Young King Nantian roared and slammed his Sky Shaking Truncheon forward.

This powerful strike shattered the fabric of space and created an image of substantial mountains bearing down on the sky! An endless amount of blood energy turned into the most powerful force, making it possible for Young King Nantian’s attack to kill Ancient Saints!

The power of this truncheon sucked the colors out of all the spectators. Today, people finally understood the terrorizing aspect of a Saint Wheel talent combined with a supreme Longevity Law and Life Ring. Such a person was simply the son of god!

Li Qiye — in turn — crazily roared as well. He picked up a mountain and fiercely smashed it forward. The battle at this time did not rely on techniques; instead, there was only absolute weight that was capable of smashing all universal laws!

“Bang-bang-bang!” Both sides unleashed three blows at each other; the Sky Shaking Truncheon brutally collided with the mountain peak, causing the world to change its shade as the stars fell.

Suddenly, mud and rocks fell down from the sky like a spring. Li Qiye was not using a weapon, so he was at a disadvantage. Even though the mountain was huge, it was not comparable to the truncheon. Suffering strike after strike from the truncheon, the mountain finally completely collapsed and a heavy blow struck Li Qiye’s body.

Li Qiye was smashed away, plunging like a falling star through three mountains. Finally, his body was pummeled inside the last mountain!

Seeing such a domineering scene caused everyone to become despondent. Super strength and blood energy covering the sky — it couldn’t become any grander than the current scene. Regardless of status or the kind of genius, anyone would feel threatened by such a display!

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