Chapter 217 : Sky Shaking Truncheon (1)

Chapter 217 : Sky Shaking Truncheon (1)

Such a sudden variation greatly changed the expressions of Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan! They didn’t think that Bai Jianzhen’s sword was so terrifying.

Everyone trembled from the sight of Bai Jianzhen’s sword piercing through it all, penetrating Li Qiye’s defenses! It was not because Li Qiye’s sword art lacked profundity, but because Bai Jianzhen’s sword was too formidable.

They shivered at Bai Jianzhen being able to see through the weakness in another person’s Sword Dao in an instant. Such a person was born for the Sword Dao.

Everyone witnessed the power of Li Qiye’s sword. Not to mention Ancient Saints, even Heaven Restoration Saints and Dao Restoration Saints would not be able to find Li Qiye’s weakness amidst all the commotion. This Heaven Sword was truly peerless and profound with its Righteous Yang! It was easier said than done to defeat such a sword.

However, Bai Jianzhen was able to do such a thing. Her understanding of the Sword Dao had exceeded countless people, including cultivators of the previous generation.

“Hmph, you don’t know your own capabilities. Just try and brag now.” Regaining their wits, a cultivator gleefully said with a smile.

However, Li Qiye didn’t care for such a person. He stared at Bai Jianzhen as a smile bloomed: “It seems as if I have underestimated you. You are walking on the dao of breaking, not the dao of the murderous sword!” The blade nearly pierced through Li Qiye’s chest and blood stained his outfit red, but Li Qiye didn’t even frown; it was as if this sword had penetrated someone else’s body.

Bai Jianzhen, while tightly gripping her sword that was dripping blood, remained as emotionless as ever.

“Good, I want to see just how you will break this!” Li Qiye smiled and stepped forward. “Boom!” The earth itself trembled. The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique came out to suppress the gods and devils as well as the heaven and earth!

In an instant, Li Qiye’s entire body exploded with a dreadful aura. One step forward sunk the grand earth and split the mountains. Although the earth was vast, it was still unable to handle this body!

“Heaven is heartless!” Li Qiye slashed again. It was still a Heavenly Sword, one of the Trinity Swords!

Momentarily, the Kun Peng fell down to the ground. An endless thick ground appeared above Li Qiye’s sky. An immense earth with immeasurable weight. It fell down from the sky with the Kun Peng on top. The earth could not handle such a burden!

The Kun Peng’s Six Variants — Earth Transformation. This transformation was massive and unstoppable!

“Bang—-” With an immenseness that this world could not handle, Li Qiye’s body unleashed thunderous explosions as it seemingly changed into Heaven itself.

At this time, Li Qiye channeled his Physique to the limit and its weight to the peak of the heaven and earth.

This was still a Heavenly Sword, but there was no profound transformation. It was majestic due to its simplicity. It was only a straight slash with all of the strength focused within!

The previous Heavenly Sword was a heartless Heaven Sword with impartialness. However, this current Heavenly Sword accepted the weight of Heaven and the boundless love and adoration. Simple and natural — only one slash to divide black and white, to separate Yin and Yang, then to transform into the heaven and earth! There was nowhere to hide from this sword; although the world might be vast, all was beneath this sword!

In a trice, Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s expression greatly shifted. His gaze did not stop on Li Qiye’s sword, but rather, his treasure body. He had fought against Li Qiye’s Physique’s power. At this moment, his heart was in horror for he understood that Li Qiye was cultivating the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique that he had always sought after!

With this sword, everyone lost their colors, including Bai Jianzhen. She was skilled in the Sword Dao throughout her life, but seeing the trajectory of this sword swinging down, she knew that this sword reached the extreme limit of simplicity! One slash without any technique or style; it was completely indiscernible and unbreakable!

“Zhangg–” Ultimately, Bai Jianzhen still shot out a soaring sword. Under this murderous sword, all living beings trembled! A sword that frightened even the immortals!

If there were immortals in this world, they would still bleed under the might of this one sword.

“Boom!” Following a huge explosion, fissures tore apart the ground. Bai Jianzhen was knocked flying away by this sword. Even her sword that was capable of scaring the immortals was not able to stop the power of the substantial Heavenly Sword!

“Boom!” She flew a thousand miles away while shattering mountains. The blood she sprayed out painted her black dress, resulting in a particularly striking scene.

“Within the Sword Dao of this world, the murderous sword is only a stroke leaned towards the extreme.” Li Qiye wielded his sword while standing and indifferently spoke: “The Yang Sword combined with the heartless Heavenly Dao; the extreme sword adored with the heaven’s affection! This is the grand boundless dao!”

Li Qiye posed with his sword while slowly explaining with indescribable profundity. At this time, everyone was silent in contemplation.

Although Li Qiye borrowed the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique to defeat Bai Jianzhen with his sword, his one Heavenly Sword — favored by Heaven — contained the essentials of the Sword Dao! After floating through millions of years, he had learned and created countless amounts of Grand Dao. Today, his Trinity Heavenly Swords qualified him to say such words, let alone commenting on an Immortal Emperor’s Sword Dao!

But in this very second, Li Qiye suddenly felt unease and thus, he shifted his body. However, it was too late. In a flash, a soundless and invisible palm struck his back.

“Bang!” One palm that contained three strikes. This penetrating and shrouded palm pounded Li Qiye’s back and knocked him crashing into a mountain, resulting in a deep crater.

“Grand Yin Destruction Palm!” Momentarily after this palm pummeled Li Qiye, a person shockingly exclaimed: “The Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s Grand Yin Destruction Palm!”

Everything happened so fast. Li Qiye, who had just thrusted Bai Jianzhen away, was sneak-attacked by someone in an instant.

Young King Nantian was the person who attacked right when Li Qiye defeated Bai Jianzhen. He immediately surged his blood energy and performed the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s devastating Grand Yin Destruction Palm and aimed to kill Li Qiye with one blow.

“Despicable!” Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were both angry and worried at the same time. Everything transpired in a split second and they didn’t think that someone with a great status like Young King Nantian would actually sneak-attack Li Qiye under so many watching eyes!

“The victors will become kings and the losers are mere bandits!” Young King Nantian sneered. Right when his words came out, he summoned a treasure and threw it straight at Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao who were on top of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot.

“Today, I will absolutely kill you.” Li Shuangyan — in her fury — raised both of her hands up above and the Heavenly Sky Plate suddenly appeared.

“Omm–” In a flash, a dimensional door appeared. Before Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan could regain their wits, Young King Nantian’s treasure suddenly covered both of them and the chariot.

The next second, Li Shuangyan, Chen Baojiao, the chariot, and Young King Nantian’s summoned treasure all disappeared.

Everyone was stunned for a moment while witnessing such a strange scene. No one comprehended their sudden disappearance!

“Boom!” Debris flew all over as Li Qiye soared to the sky. There was still a palm print behind his back, but this palm was not fatal to Li Qiye. His godly Physique was tough enough to withstand this one “Grand Yin Destruction Palm!”

“Fragment Realm Spatial Disk!” Li Qiye’s eyes became cold after bursting out of the crater while staring at Young King Nantian. He immediately knew the treasure that made the group of Li Shuangyan vanish!

“Fragment Realm Spatial Disk! The Fragment Realm Spatial Disk in the legends!” A spectating Enlightened Being from the previous generation shockingly exclaimed in horror after hearing this name!

The Fragment Realm Spatial Disk in the legends was created by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang using true mantras. This treasure had always belonged to the legends! This was one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures; it is even more precious than Emperor Laws. The world had always believed that Immortal Emperor Fei Yang obtained one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures, and the Fragment Realm Spatial Disk was the best evidence!

“So you do know your stuff!” Young King Nantian was secretly shocked that the one palm couldn’t kill Li Qiye. He sneered and dominated over Li Qiye to coldly declare: “Killing my Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s disciples… Blood will be paid by blood! Today, I will decapitate you and use your head as an offering to my cousin!”

Young King Nantian’s purpose was not only to kill Li Qiye for revenge, but also to seize his Tetra-War Bronze Chariot for he had heard of this ultimate treasure from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! To satisfy his rapacity for the chariot, he could only wait until Li Qiye was off the chariot before sneakily attacking.

In order to smoothly obtain the chariot, he asked his clan for this supreme treasure, the Fragment Realm Spatial Disk. One had to know that this treasure was the defining treasure of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom. Even though Immortal Emperor Fei Yang originated from the kingdom, the truth was that he had no goodwill towards it. He left very few treasures for the kingdom, and the Fragment Realm Spatial Disk was one of them!

The moment this treasure came into being, it would immediately banish its targets into a fragmented realm and would trap them inside! If Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao died inside the fragmented realm, then the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot would become an item without an owner. At that point, it would be as easy as flipping one’s palm for Young King Nantian to obtain the chariot.

“Hmph!” At this time, a cold murderous hum resounded. Bai Jianzhen stepped forward with a killing air, encompassing the sky!

“Goddess Bai, you and I should join hands to slay this wretch!” Young King Nantian immediately continued: “This wretch is ferocious and ruthless. He is the enemy of the world. I will help Goddess Bai eradicate this guy, for the sake of the world.”

“Zhang.” However, the target of Bai Jianzhen’s murderous intent was not Li Qiye, but Young King Nantian.

When Bai Jianzhen suddenly changed her target to him, it stupefied Young King Nantian. If Bai Jianzhen joined in, then his situation would not be optimistic.

“His pathetic dog life is mine!” At this time, Li Qiye glared at Young King Nantian and calmly said. Today, he had the urge to kill, and Nantian must die! No matter who else came to help, the result would remain the same!

Li Qiye was not worried for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao. He had confidence in his Tetra-War Bronze Chariot. It didn’t matter that the Fragment Realm Spatial Disk was refined by true mantras for his chariot had swept through countless eras alongside him.

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