Chapter 2167: The Start Of The Storm

Going northward was useless for the ginseng while being under the ray of the mirror.

“No, it’s going for the abyss!” An older expert was startled after this realization: “It’ll be problematic if it hides there!”

“Come, we’ll cut it off, let’s surround Ivory Gap Mountain first.” Silver Fox and Grand Tutor stopped chasing behind the ginseng and decided to lead their legions ahead.

In just a short time, many legions appeared right after the set of mountains. Silver Fox and Grand Tutor’s groups were blocking the entrance resembling the missing tooth, waiting for the ginseng to come.

Not even water could get through this blockade. Some sects were placing traps for the ginseng to come in.

“It’s here!” People could see the ray of the mirror following something in the distance; a strand of blood would occasionally flash. Their speculation was correct - the ginseng was indeed heading for the abyss with Chu Qingling right behind it - hellbent for a successful capture.

The troops outside became tense. They focused up, ready to capture it.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, the strand of blood disappeared altogether. Even Han Feng who has been watching it the entire time was surprised. He swept his ray across the area again but finally failed this time around.

“Something is strange, a more powerful entity is blocking my mirror, way too mighty.” Han Feng told Chu Qingling: “This mirror is left behind by Ancient True Emperor, not too many things in this world can stop it.”

The speaker was nonchalant about the statement but the listeners were astounded. Han Feng was only casually telling Chu Qingling but this shocked the ancestors from the great powers.

Who was Ancient True Emperor? The number two in the system outside of Insane Ancestor. This could only mean one thing - something even more powerful than him was stopping his artifact.

There was only one person in history that matches this description - Insane Ancestor!

The lost primordial treasure! These ancestors all thought about this item. This was their goal for coming here.

“Set up camp!” They gave the order to Grand Tutor and Silver Fox in order to seize the best locations first.

Once the treasure showed up, they would use any means necessary to take it.

On the other hand, Chu Qingling wasn’t that interested in the primordial treasure and remained focus on finding the ginseng.

“It must be hiding around here, set up camp then go search.” The other legions also followed suit.

However, unlike these legions, the troops from Upper Faction and Sacred Institution remained in waiting. Their goal was the primordial treasure; the ginseng was just the icing on top if possible.

“Bam!” Suddenly, a person leading a group jumped to a particular mountain and broke its side, revealing a cave inside.

“It’s the Peng Clan Master!” The troops occupying this mountain immediately recognized this group.

So it turned out that Shengping who was guarding the cave became scared after seeing so many legions. He secretly used a method to hide it.

He was afraid that any disturbance might risk Li Qiye to qi deviation. However, his method was not enough to fool a few people, especially those who were purposely trying to find Li Qiye!

The Peng Clan was certainly one of them. Their young lord died to Li Qiye so they swore to never give up, especially the clan master. He wanted nothing more than to kill Li Qiye then sacrifice his corpse to his dead son.

His hatred made sense since he only had one son, and the boy was conceived during his later years. Thus, he pampered the boy but now, his son had died to a nobody. How could he not seek out revenge?

After destroying the illusion, everyone could see the cave now.

Disciples from the Peng surrounded the cave, not even a mosquito could get out now.

Shengping and Sijing were naturally alarmed after seeing the barricade. Shengping immediately touched the hilt of his sword.

Meanwhile, the legions outside were quietly watching.

“The Peng wants revenge for their young lord.” An elder murmured.

Everyone could sympathize with the clan. After all, their young lord got his neck snapped by Li Qiye in public. If the Peng didn’t do anything about it, they would lose all their prestige and reputation, unable to stay in the royal court any longer.

Thus, whether it be to establish their domination or for revenge, the clan master needed to do something instead of being a cowardly turtle!

Silver Fox revealed a smile after seeing this. Nothing could be better than this development for him. He wanted to use the Peng to figure out Li Qiye’s real power and identity, to see why Chu Qingling was afraid of him.

Grand Tutor was naturally sneering with a murderous glint. The Peng was a branch of the Upper Faction. If they could capture him, then in a sense, Upper Faction would also have access of him.

However, if Li Qiye were to kill the Peng, then their Upper Faction would have a legitimate excuse to attack him as revenge for their fallen comrades.

“Yang Shengping! Tell that bastard to come out or your dog head will be rolling on the ground!” Peng Chujun had a murderous look on his old face.

Shengping was ready to fight and powerfully answered: “Clan Master Peng, don’t make a mistake. I might be a nobody but I will still warn you now, this action of yours will bring disaster to your clan. Everything will be destroyed in one day, you will be a sinner, unable to face your ancestors.”

“Yang Shengping, who do you think you are, to actually give me a warning? You are only an insignificant hound, I’ll capture you first then kill your master later!” Chujun snorted and uttered coldly.

He raised his hand and the disciples behind him immediately rushed over to capture Shengping.

“Let’s go!” Shengping was ready to die protecting this cave, not allowing anyone to take half a step forward.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Shengping managed to repel a dozen disciples with one swing. He wasn’t famous but a True Champion still had power beyond ordinary experts.

Peng Chujun scowled and instantly took action. His grand dao rushed out with true energy like an ocean - five moves were instantly unleashed. Shengping was subdued right away while spewing blood.

Chujun was a grand True King, an old official of the dynasty. This was someone on the same level as the late emperor.

It was the difference of an entire realm, that’s why Shengping immediately lost after five moves. The disciples from the Peng tightened the ropes on him.

Needless to say about Sijing, she got captured in the very beginning.

Nevertheless, Shengping still shouted at the cave despite his captivity: “Young Noble, be careful, enemies are here!”

“Go.” Chujun ordered again. The disciples began entering the cave.

“Clan Master, there’s no one inside.” They eventually came out and reported.

After hearing this, even Shengping and Sijing were surprised. Li Qiye was clearly in there, how could they not see him?

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