Chapter 2166: Ancient Temple

While Li Qiye was preparing a trap inside the dao foundation of Insane Court, Ivory Gap became quite lively as well due to another appearance from the ginseng.

On a particular mountain in the range, a poofing noise came about with auspicious clouds and an ocean of blood churning in the sky. Visual phenomena appeared all around the vegetation in the area. Flowers blossomed and withered at a rapid rate, even the fruits crazily ripened.

These visual spectacles attracted the attention of the cultivators. Among the clouds and blood ocean was a shadow around the size of a fist. It was emitting everything and looked a bit impish.

“Blood ginseng!” The ones closest to this mountain shouted and rushed for it.

“Whoosh!” The ginseng root jumped into the mountain range and disappeared among the gaps instantly.

“After it!” How could the elders and disciples give up so easily? They all headed for the same direction.

The news of its appearance spreaded across the entire place. Ever since its previous spotting, it stopped showing up so despite the mass’ effort, no one could find anything.

Right when they wanted to give up, the ginseng appeared again and caused quite a stir. The ones hanging outside the mountain range lost patience and all joined in.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” The fastest one was Chu Qingling. 

She needed it more than anyone else in order to cure her deficiency. Otherwise, her future would remain a mystery.

The rest of the crowd quickly chased after her. It didn’t take long before Silver Fox and Grand Tutor all brought their legions inside as well.

In fact, these two and the people behind them weren’t here just for the blood ginseng but rather the primordial treasure of Insane Ancestor. The latter warranted such a massive mobilization.

Alas, there was no sign of that treasure and their ancestors had no clue where it was. Thus, they remained static all along.

The ginseng stirred them into action right now. If they could get it, they would gain enough cultivation power to be like a tiger with wings. In their mind, getting the ginseng was a good consolation prize if they couldn’t obtain the primordial treasure.

The easily-excited all rushed into Ivory Gap but a small minority stay outside to watch. A few ancestors were actually around in the shadows.

The system didn’t only have the four great powers. There were many lineages outside of the royal court with some extremely powerful ones. Their ancestors were very famous characters. Some of them were naturally happy to see this blood ginseng.

“The system is about to have a new ruler.” One ancestor commented: “The rumor of this ginseng has been around for a while but it has never actually showed up, way too elusive. Something is changing here now, this might be a sign of the events to come.”

A different ancestor said with worries: “It might not be appearing on its own volition. Something evil must be disturbing it. Could it be that the disaster of the mountain is still around?”

Their sects weren’t inside the royal court so they didn’t participate in the internal struggle, but if something bad were to happen, they wouldn’t be able to escape either.

“The disaster back then…” The beings of their level still became moved after bringing this up.


The blood ginseng instantly disappeared after running deeper into the mountain. Someone as powerful as Chu Qingling couldn’t spot it any longer. Its movement was too swift for True Saints to spot.

Not far from there on top of a peak was a middle-aged man, adorned with a fluttering white robe. He held a mirror with one hand; it emitted a pillar of light straight for the mountains, seemingly capable of peering into the ground.

“Elder Han from Ancient Temple.” Someone immediately recognized him.

“Han Feng is here too, is the seclusive temple choosing to join into the competition too?” An ancestor from Upper Faction was startled.

Though people have never seen this man before, just his position was scary enough.

Ancient Temple was a lineage meant to worship the forefathers and ancestors of the system. It started with a group of tomb watchers who eventually went on to create this lineage.

It had produced an extraordinary character - Ancient True Emperor.

Rumor has it that his talents were heaven-defying, able to bring the system back to its height for a short time. There were other True Emperors in Three Immortals during his generation, but he was able to suppress all of them.

Thus, later generations believed that he was the number one in the system outside of Insane Ancestor.

The system has produced many emperors - such as True Emperor Chu or Blood True Emperor, but they still believed that Ancient was the best. He was terrifying enough despite not being able to become a progenitor.

The Ancient Temple was mighty during his era, standing at the very top of Insane Court.

However, after this era, it retired from the spotlight. Its amazing disciples went back to the temple and willingly spent the rest of their days just watching the temple itself in the outskirt.

After many generations, it didn’t in the competition for the royal court. The dynasties and clans rose and fell but Ancient Temple remained standing as one of the strongest lineages in Insane Court and presided over the major ceremonies and worshipping events for the ancestors. 

An elder appearing here was indeed shocking, especially the great powers who wanted to take over the royal court. After all, no one would dare to look down on Ancient Temple. If they were to join, then all bets were off.

Han Feng’s mirror continued to search the entire area. After a long time, a strand of blood appeared under the ray from the mirror. After being spotted, it instantly escaped towards the north.

“North, General Chu!” Han Feng guided with a shout.

“On it!” Chu Qingling immediately gave chase.

The ray from the mirror was able to detect the blood ginseng, preventing it from hiding.

The rest of the crowd also followed her northward. Though unlikely it was for them to get the ginseng, just getting one or two tendrils from the root would be good enough. Plus, if there was a chance to help Chu Qingling, it would be a great contribution.

The ginseng was incredible at escaping but Han Feng had a good vantage point to shine his mirror. Because of this, it was found continuously.

Chu Qingling didn’t let up chasing the ginseng under Han Feng’s instructions while the rest was also right behind her, hoping for a little cup of soup.

A few ancestors from Upper Faction and Sacred Institution heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like Ancient Temple wasn’t here for the primordial treasure. This Han Feng fella must have been asked by Qingling to come help her capture the ginseng.

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