Chapter 2164: Ivory Gap Mountain

The spectators outside were holding their breath, waiting for Chu Qingling to do something. They could imagine the inn being rendered to dust after her first destructive attack, too curious about how she would take down this arrogant youth.

Grand Tutor Chen Shuwei had a cold smile on his face since he had a feud with Li Qiye now. Even if he couldn’t personally make mincemeat out of this madman, seeing him beaten mercilessly by Chu Qingling was good enough.

Silver Fox Xu Zhijie had more of a faint smirk. Nothing good would come from those who provoked Qingling but he was feeling a tinge of regrets - not being able to dig anything useful out of Li Qiye for the purpose of taking down the Wang Clan.

During the torturous wait, the inn was quiet without any sound, no storm like their expectation. She didn’t seem to be angry enough to knock his teeth all over the ground and crush the inn.

They exchanged confused glances with each other. No one knew what was going on in the inn. In theory, she should be able to sweep through anyone in the system, especially someone as young and unknown as Li Qiye.

However, there was no sign of battle at all, let alone some earth-shattering attacks.

After a while, the main entrance finally opened. People couldn’t wait and took a look inside. Someone was finally coming out - Chu Qingling. 

Her expression looked normal and her aura hidden. She didn’t look like she has been in a fight - still as proud and beautiful as an apricot flower amidst winter. One couldn’t read anything from her appearance, except that it was only a fast meeting.

She didn’t say anything and only glanced briefly at the crowd before leaving in a cool manner.

They became even more confused. How did her anger subside so easily? What the hell happened here?

Three more came out - Li Qiye with Shengping and Sijing behind him.

Li Qiye was nonchalant and relaxed as always. The three of them got on their carriage and headed for Ivory Gap.

The ones outside finally regained their wits while watching the departing carriage. They took a deep breath, completely astonished.

“What the hell happened?” Even the sect elders couldn’t speculate the events. The Grand Marshal of Insane Court was unstoppable, possessing both military authority and the backing of many ancestors.

Moreover, she was strong enough herself to take on anyone, at least in the system.

But now, even in her fury, she chose to spare the guy. Who would actually believe this?

If Silver Fox and Grand Tutor were to provoke her, she would beat them to the verge of death. But now, Li Qiye was completely fine without a single wound. Everyone became curious and wondered what he did in order to appease her. 

Silver Fox and Grand Tutor were naturally alarmed as well. They came from the central court and understood Chu Qingling’s power more than anyone else. Only the heavyweight ancestors would able to affect Chu Camp and Qingling. There were only a few ancestors of this level, and Li Qiye was definitely not one of them.

Alas, the outcome of this event meant that she couldn’t do anything to him. It didn’t matter what he did, it showed that she had qualms against attacking him. Otherwise, his parents wouldn’t be able to recognize his swollen face right now.

First, Wang Han had his back. Now, Qingling was apprehensive about him as well? There must be reasons and secrets behind all of this.

The two rivals glanced at each other and had the same thought - they must have Li Qiye on their side!

Whether it be by force or by tempting him with gains, they must recruit him. His background and abilities were surely amazing. Furthermore, if they couldn’t have him, then they must kill him at all cost. He was now a potential danger in their eyes since if he wasn’t on their side, it meant that he would be with the Wang.

Just like that, he would be a great obstacle in their path towards the throne. Sweeping him away first was necessary. Their murderous intent was invoked at the same time.

Ivory Gap was a mountain range spanning like a gigantic dragon. Hills towered to the clouds, covered with snow. It had deep valleys and unfathomable abysses - capable of containing an entire world.

People normally wouldn’t visit this place. Furthermore, the system had sealed it many times for unknown reasons.

Rumor has it that when Insane Ancestor created the system, Ivory Gap was a great vein with amazing fortunes in Myriad Lineage. During his creation, he dragged the entire vein into the system, making it part of his territory.

Shengping continued driving the carriage deeper into the mountain range under Li Qiye’s guidance. They were impressed at the majestic sceneries of these monstrous mountains.

From the distance, these mountains looked like a full set of teeth with one missing in the center. Shengping and Sijing saw this for the first time and finally realized why it was named Ivory Gap. [1]

The carriage went through the gap and saw a massive valley, seemingly dug out by someone - wide above and narrower below.

“Someone did this?” Shengping asked. Though the signs were against it with no shreds of evidence of human contact, he still felt that someone had tried to dig a mine in this place.

“This was once a treasure ground so invincible masters have searched all around it before Insane Ancestor moved it here during the inception of Insane Court.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“There is a treasury inside?” Sijing asked. Such a massive abyss must have taken a long time to dig out. She wondered if there was even a bottom.

“Even more precious than any treasure. Even the oldest blood ginseng is nothing compared to this.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The two took a deep breath. In their mind, that blood ginseng was priceless, something rarely seen in the current Insane Court. But now, the thing here was even more impressive?

1. The word here meant Ivory or Tooth, didn’t know which one was right so I chose a more general name. It would have been Missing Tooth or Tooth Gap, doesn’t sound as good. I’ll think about doing a mass change.

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