Chapter 2160: Fury

In just a short time, everyone inside the inn didn’t dare to do anything. The elders and the clan members all held their breath.

Grand Tutor Chen Shuwei and Silver Fox Xu Zhijie were shown proper respect via greeting by these people.

This wasn’t the case for Chu Qingling. They didn’t dare to breathe loudly, let alone come up and greet her. They treated the other two with respect but had nothing but awe and reverence for her.

Her authority far exceeded the other two. If one day, one of these two men were to become emperor, their prestige wouldn’t necessarily overcome her own. 

Ultimately, the court was treating her as a potential True Emperor. This was something recognized by the powers everywhere. If she could actually succeed one day, then even without any official role, she would have a supreme status in Insane Court and her words would be the final verdict.

After Insane Ancestors, the system had produced many True Emperors. However, they didn’t officially take reign of the system but were acting as de-facto leaders.

Because of this, even the late-emperor was very respectful toward her. This alone was enough to show her status in the system.

“A misunderstanding?” She turned her focus on the group of experts surrounding Li Qiye: “Then what are they doing?”

Shuwei had no response and the experts instantly backed off. Even their clan master needed to be considerate towards her, let alone them.

Silver Fox found this to be increasingly amusing. He crossed his hands across his chest and maintained calm.

“General, this person killed Young Lord Peng so I wish to maintain the order of the system by capturing him for interrogation!” Shuwei immediately came up with an excuse: “He gives wanton regards about our laws and killed at will. Such a man must pay for his crime, please give your judgment, General.”

Shuwei blamed everything on Li Qiye so that Chu Qingling couldn’t actually refuse.

“The laws of the royal court apply only within its boundary. This is not the royal court, no need to talk about the laws! Jianghu has its own rules. There are too many lineages in Insane with few in power at the court. The laws are not over-encompassing and unreasonable.” She coldly retorted.

Many elders and disciples quietly praised this response. She was speaking from an angle of justice.

After all, only a few lineages were actually in charge of the court and had military power. Representing this orthodox branch didn’t mean that they could control all the lineages under the system.

This was the way for all systems in the three worlds, not just Insane Court. The ones in charge didn’t interfere with other sects’ internal affairs, as long as they didn’t rebel or participate in the political struggle.

Otherwise, the ones in charge could just come up with any reason to destroy a sect they didn’t like by mobilizing the army, resulting in utter tyranny.

If that was the case, the dao system would eventually fall. Any sect could decline so having a great number of them flourishing was crucial to find the next capable successor. Because of this, the crowd ate up her comment.

After all, not everyone wanted to compete for the royal court. If Shuwei were to take reign and have the power to punish any cultivator or sect, there would be no safe place in the court.

Chu Qingling and her foresight relieved them all. At the very least, the royal court wouldn’t be unreasonably tyrannical if she were to become a True Emperor.

She glared at Shuwei and continued: “Since Young Lord Peng was killed, the Peng will naturally try and avenge him. Using the military improperly here will only make a fool out of yourself.”

Shuwei didn’t know what to do. The people he brought here were part of his private army - members from the Chen. However, they were under the banner of the court right now so he couldn’t quite refute her scolding.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye, the star of the show, has been doing the same thing - drinking and letting Sijing feed him.

Shengping was standing behind Li Qiye with his head lowered. He didn’t dare to breathe loudly. This was a conflict between the big shots of the court. A small character like him had no room to speak up here.

Qingling finally looked over at Li Qiye and found no clues despite a careful inspection. She snorted after seeing his enviable state.

“A storm is brewing so stay out of trouble!” She uttered.

Even a fool could tell that this was a warning towards Li Qiye. Everyone wanted to see how this ridiculous fella would react.

Shuwei and Zhijie were interested as well with a smirk on their face. They couldn’t handle this brat but Qingling should be able to!

Li Qiye finally looked up and met her eyes. He smiled and said: “Little girl, no need to act cool before me, come, pour me a drink.”

Gasps could be heard across the inn. Everyone was slack-jawed, thinking that they have misheard. It was one thing for him to be arrogant towards Shuwei and Zhijie, but telling Qingling to pour him a drink was too much.

Just think about it, no one in the entire system would dare to make this demand. If she were to become a True Emperor in the future, everyone would need to look up at her in the future.

But now, this fella went against all logic and reasons. This was domineering and ignorant at the same time. No words could describe his insanity.

“No need to be angry.” Li Qiye finished chewing a piece of beef then said: “Being able to pour wine for me is a type of blessing that others could only pray for, unable to get. Come.”

“Is he crazy?” An elder murmured. Only a madman would say something like this.

Chu Qingling was naturally furious with her eyes becoming stern and sharp like a blade. She was here to actually help him yet not only did this brat not thank her but even acted so unreasonable and shamelessly. This was a challenge to her prestige - she wanted nothing more than to break his teeth right now.

“Boom!” True energy surged around her. The fiery sparks horrified everyone here.

People knew that this was the storm - Li Qiye had enraged Chu Qingling!

They were smart enough to start retreating, realizing that once Chu Qingling attack, everyone would be implicated into this mess. They didn’t want to be close to this mess since they weren’t suicidal.

As the number one genius of the system, she was qualified to be arrogant. Rumor has it that she was already a True Saint, or even perhaps taking the first step into the True Saint realm.

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