Chapter 216 : Bai Jianzhen’s Three Swords (2)

Chapter 216 : Bai Jianzhen’s Three Swords (2)

A lot of people gave Li Qiye strange looks, especially the cultivators from the previous generation; their countenances were even more bizarre. This brat was only fifteen or sixteen years old but already had two supreme country-toppling beauties next to him. Moreover, they were both older than him!

“I didn’t think that this little demon actually liked mature women!” A previous generation cultivator burst out in laughter.

Another old cultivator movingly said: “Being young is such a nice thing. Arrogant and free without any restriction!”

“What nonsense are you all talking about!” Hearing some old cultivators’ emotional revelations, Li Qiye was speechless. At this moment, countless eyes gazed at him with perverted implications.

Li Qiye felt especially wronged. He couldn’t wash away this misunderstanding even if he jumped into the Yellow River! Even though Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao had followed him for so long, he really hadn’t done anything to them ah!

“A bunch of perverted old men!” Seeing the odd eyes of these older cultivators, Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan immediately understood. Li Shuangyan maintained her cold demeanor but Chen Baojiao began to blush.

As for the younger cultivators, they stared at Li Qiye with both envy and jealousy, especially the young geniuses. They considered themselves dragons amongst men and were absolutely compatible to the beautiful Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan. However, at this moment, both of these girls chose to follow this brat; how could they not feel apprehensive?

“Pfft, a toad wanting to eat the meat of a swan!” Finally, a genius with an unconvinced heart declared with disdain.

As for Bai Jianzhen, her gaze remained cold and piercing. It was still as menacing to spectators as before.

“So? Are you not completely confident in yourself?” Li Qiye leisurely said. Seeing her steaming murderous intent, he suddenly felt an urge to tease her. He then smilingly spoke: “Furthermore, I am the one suffering here. You are as cold as a block of ice, I’m afraid you can’t even warm my bed. A girl lacking feminine charm will have a hard time finding a marriage. I am sacrificing myself here to take you in!”

Listening to these words made the others curse at Li Qiye for pretending to be a good person! Even Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but scowl.

Bai Jianzhen was the descendant of the Sword God ah! A contemporary renowned genius with an emotionless murderous sword. No matter whether it was her origin or cultivation, no one from the younger generation would dare to tease her like this.

“This brat… Arrogance and boldness are part of his nature.” Even the older cultivators smiled wryly. They thought about it for a second, and they wouldn’t dare to tease Bai Jianzhen like this even if they were younger. The Sword God Sacred Ground was a group that killed people without blinking an eye, who would dare to provoke them!

As for the victim, Bai Jianzhen, she did not become angry for she was as calm as a tranquil well. Her cold, murderous expression along with her sword-glinting glare seemed as if it wanted to penetrate Li Qiye’s heart!

In the end, she coldly replied: “Why not!” She didn’t even bat her eyelashes while answering. There was no change in her mood as if the topic was not a major event that concerned the rest of her life.

Dumbfounded — this was the reaction to Bai Jianzhen’s answer. In just a second, everyone glanced at each other; this didn’t make any sense! No one would think that Bai Jianzhen would actually agree to such a condition.

“As a toad, my favorite thing to do is to eat swan’s meat!” At this time, Li Qiye lazily looked at the person who sneered at him, earlier, and leisurely continued: “A dragon or phoenix eating a swan, this is not skillful at all. But a toad eating a swan, this is true ability. Your uncle doesn’t have any other skills, but my ability to leech off women is absolutely peerless in this world! So? Not convinced ah? Come bite me then ah!”

The young genius who openly ridiculed Li Qiye earlier immediately turned livid with anger and snorted!

For the rest of them, they could only stay silent. To cultivators, they all looked down on such shameless leeching, but this brat actually announced his leeching with such pride!

As for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao who knew Li Qiye well, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If their Young Noble was a leecher, then what words could be used to describe the rest of the men in this world?

“Nonsense, unsheath your sword!” Bai Jianzhen coldly spoke as her murderous presence rose like a cheetah watching her prey.

“It seems like this girl is in a hurry to be my bed-warming girl.” Li Qiye clapped his hand and laughed, then he said: “Sword, come!”

“Clank.” Li Shuangyan, who was hugging the Six Dao Sword, did not take any action. The Six Dao Sword left its sheath and fell into the hand of Li Qiye.

The moment the sword was in his hand, Li Qiye immediately had the presence of a master. The flirtatious and bodacious expression from earlier towards Bai Jianzhen was nowhere to be found.

Grasping his sword, he stepped out of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot and glared at Bai Jianzhen with a serious expression and vast momentum.

“Clang…” At this time, Bai Jianzhen also unsheathed her sword. Once she accepted a battle and once her black sword came out, her presence suddenly changed. A murderous light covered her entire body, causing others to shiver without feeling cold. Each wisp of murderous light was very vivid as they rotated around her body. Each wisp was completely ruthless and capable of cutting through all things in carnage!

The black sword — free in the air — exuded a biting sensation as if it was not a sword, but an infernal death. Clasped in her hands, no one was able to discern the sword of Bai Jianzhen any longer! It turned into a black glow filled with murderous intent and death; it was as if this sword could harvest all living beings!

At this time, it appeared as if she disappeared completely. The only thing left for all to see was a vast and merciless sword intent from hell itself — full of cessation.

“The Sword God Sacred Ground’s murderous Sword Dao!” Seeing this type of sword intent, the previous generation shockingly exclaimed while the younger generation, such as Jewel Pillar Saint Child, Young King Nantian, and Princess Xiu Se, all lost their colors.

“Worthy of being Immortal Emperor Ye Ti’s sword during his youth, it is capable of slashing all existences.” Seeing the released sword, countless people felt the chills on their spines. This was the terrifying strength of the Sword God Sacred Ground. Their murderous Sword Dao’s aura was so frightening that their opponents would become fearful even before the start of the fight.

“It truly has a presence just like the old Ye Ti in his younger years.” Seeing Bai Jianzhen’s battle state, Li Qiye praised without any reservation.

“Ommm–”, with a buzzing sound, the Six Dao Sword in Li Qiye’s hand immediately illuminated and encompassed Li Qiye with a black and white ray. The black and white ray rotated around Li Qiye’s body like a winding Yin Yang fish.

The movement of the black and white ray initiated two strands of Supreme Dao — majestic and imposing. This dao was able to reach the immortals and the endless underworld prisons where the pathetic screams were bellowing. Two supreme Grand Dao — one was the dao of the Six Dao Lotus and the other belonged to the Evil Typha Tree. This sword contained their most profound powers!

Most of the people here knew their stuff. After seeing Li Qiye’s Six Dao Sword that controlled Yin and Yang in black and white, they became shocked and realized that this was a great treasure.

“Peng…” With a soft sound, Li Qiye’s Fate Palace appeared above his head. The runic outlines of the Fate Palace began to move as a Kun Peng jumped out from within. Universal laws began to pour down and turn into supreme emperor seals. These seals resembled the limitless ocean, and the Kun Peng found itself to be a fish back in the water.

“Emperor Law…” Seeing the Kun Peng, many people were astonished. Some were also envious. An older cultivator murmured: “In the legends, the Kun Peng’s Six Variants was one of Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s strongest arts!”

“The heavens is emotionless!” Li Qiye roared and, right when his words ended, a sword appeared amidst the sky — one of the Trinity Swords, Heaven. In the blink of an eye, the Six Dao Sword created the endless Heaven’s Dao and used the Heavens as the sword with boundless Righteous Yang energy. Countless white lights torrentially poured down and turned into many heavenly swords. Each heavenly sword was hanging high above the nine heavens. Any of these heavenly swords were able to slice the mountains and rivers by itself.

However, the power of Li Qiye’s one sword move did not stop here. In a flash, there was an infinite, exalted ocean behind Li Qiye as the rolling waves made their mark. This colossal ocean drowned the sky and turned the heaven and earth’s essence into its own.

The Kun Peng’s Sea Transformation turned into an immense ocean that absorbed the world’s energy and power of the Grand Dao. With this, the power of Li Qiye’s sword doubled.

The Heaven was heartless and the Righteous Yang was impartial! The Trinity Sword was a Supreme Dao. One sword carried the tremendous power of the Six Dao; it was capable of slicing the celestials and ending the sun along with the moon. This one sword jolted even Enlightened Beings, let alone Royal Nobles.

Such a sure-kill sword with the utmost lack of emotions. This sword would surely taste blood and amaze all spectators.

“Zhanggg”. In this instant, Bai Jianzhen made her move. Within this constraint of time and space, there was no Bai Jianzhen nor the black sword for there was only a flashing sword brilliance.

Just this sword brilliance was enough to cause everyone’s hearts to jump. This sword pierced through the Six Dao to annihilate all existences.

This sword actually struck the weakest part of Li Qiye’s Heaven sword. In between the explosions, Bai Jianzhen used an unfathomable speed to grasp the incalculable gap within Li Qiye’s sword technique. This was truly the ultimate genius of the Sword Dao!

Between the flashes, Li Qiye was surprised. Everything happened so fast and he used the most unthinkable quickness to change his sword move. This sword dimmed the stars as time stood still.

“Plufff–” Bai Jianzhen’s sword pierced the entire sky as blood spilled out. Li Qiye flew backwards as his chest was met with the sword.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Li Qiye took several steps back as blood stained his chest! This sword drilled through his chest and nearly went through it completely.

One had to know that Li Qiye had the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. Ordinary attacks essentially could not destroy his fortified flesh, but under this sword, there was still a gaping hole in his chest!

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