Chapter 2159: Soaring Phoenix General

Chen Shuwei failed to save Peng Weijin but his attack was still coming. Li Qiye casually flipped his palm as if he was swatting a fly and successfully repelled the attack.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” The casual swatting made Shuwei staggered several steps backward while gasping for air. His energy was churning uncontrollably. There was no doubt that he had lost this first exchange.

“Bam!” Weijin’s lifeless body dropped to the ground with his eyes wide open in astonishment. He didn’t expect to die when his biggest backing was next to him. It was certainly an indignant and unwilling death!

Shuwei’s expression became even uglier. First, killing Weijin in front of him was another showing of disrespect, a declaration of war! At the same time, he knew that he had met a master.

Nevertheless, he remained undaunted. He was strong enough to have the position of Grand Tutor and his clan has never been afraid of anyone inside Insane Court.

The atmosphere became tense as everyone stood up to watch this scene.

Weijin’s death was not a small deal. Even though the Peng was not comparable to the Chen, but it was still mighty enough. More importantly, Weijin was still Shuwei’s Little Brother of sorts. Killing the guy in front of Shuwei was a clear slap to the face to both Shuwei and the Chen!

All eyes were on Li Qiye. This guy was not only arrogant but also had the strength to back it up. However, no one in Insane Court could treat the Chen and Upper Faction in this manner! 

“This brat could survive today but not this year.” An elder murmured.

Everyone understood that Upper Faction would kill him eventually. The Peng would not let this go, same with the Chen. His death was only a matter of time.

“Brother Li, you have crossed the line. Insane Court is a place with laws, wanton murders are not allowed!” Shuwei said with a cold expression.

Silver Fox sneered after seeing this - this Shuwei guy probably was hoping for Weijin’s death the entire time in order to have an excuse to capture Li Qiye.

“I am the law.” Li Qiye said then finished his entire cup of wine in one gulp.

The crowd was astounded, same with Zhijie. This arrogant comment had crossed all lines.

What was the ruling authority in Insane Court? It was certainly the dao system and its ancestral teachings! Even an emperor wouldn’t dare to call themselves the law.

A comment like this showed utter contempt for the ancestral teachings and the dao system itself!

The truth was that from the bottom of the heart, it wasn’t really a big deal. Some people were above the laws in each generation, but stating it publicly was a different issue. It was a massive showing of disrespect; everyone else would band together to take down someone who had said this.

“Such a big tone.” Shuwei smiled. The more arrogant Li Qiye was, the more excuses he had to punish him. The moral high ground was on his side right now.

“You dare to revolt against the system?” He continued: “I don’t care where you are from but I and Upper Faction will not allow for someone like you to exist!” 

“Stop blabbering.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Upper Faction? Provoke me and I’ll kill you all. Scram now.”

The crowd was shocked. This guy was insane with this bold declaration.

Upper Faction was one of the four great powers and the Chen Clan was an imperial lineage. No one would dare to make this comment unless they were a True Emperor. Thus, everyone stared at him as if he was a madman.

“Ignorance is courage.” Shuwei coldly said: “Surrender willingly or I will break all of your bones and drag you out like a dead dog!”

He then gestured and the experts behind him surrounded Li Qiye’s table. Now, the crowd was eagerly watching for Li Qiye’s next move. 

He was still as leisure and comfortable as ever, waiting for Sijing to feed him.

“Why is the official army here?” A chilling voice interrupted the tense situation.

A girl came in - her presence brightened up the place like a dragon visiting the humble abode of a shrimp. Everyone’s eyes became bright.

She had a battle regalia on but this didn’t hide her figure - full breasts and long legs on top of snow-white skin. People could fall in love at first sight after seeing her face. She was perfect from top to bottom.

The thing catching people’s attention even more than her beauty was her aura. She was as cold as ice, stately and commanding respect without needing to be stern.

No one dared to look straight at her eyes. She also had energy resembling the roars of dragons and phoenixes.

“Soaring Phoenix General, the Grand Marshal is here.” An elder quietly reminded his people.

Even Shuwei and Zhijie became alarmed by this newcomer.

She was the Grand Marshal of Insane Court - Chu Qingling, also the leader of Chu Camp and the most amazing genius in Insane Court on top of controlling its army. 

All of her titles were famous across the system. The disciples here might not know who the current emperor was but would definitely know about her!

“It’s one thing to bring your personal troops to Ivory Gap, but you all want to fight on the street like hoodlums now?” She glared at Shuwei and Zhijie.

“General, it is a misunderstanding.” Zhijie was in a better spot because he came alone unlike Shuwei.

As the current Grand Marshal, she could order all the troops in the system, at least on paper.

For example, the other great powers had their own troops who wouldn’t necessarily listen to her command. Nevertheless, she still had more power and authority compared to the other two.

Shuwei’s court army and Zhijie’s troops from Sacred Institution were actually under her supervision.

Most importantly, she was the only one in the young generation that had exceeded political constraints.

All the ancestors in the system supported her. It meant that she didn’t need to form her camp and ask for more followers, unlike the others.

She was the seed to be cultivated, the most hopeful to become a True Emperor. The entire system mustered all of their effort into her so it gave her all military command. Her authority was guaranteed by the ancestors. These ancestors came from different clans and powers, including the two youth's own.

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