Chapter 2158: The Fox Exploits The Tiger’s Might

Many were actually impressed at Peng Weijin for coming back with capable reinforcement after being ruthlessly slapped by Yang Shengping earlier. His haughty attitude was “commendable” as well  - whether it be from pride or foolishness.

He definitely had a tough heart. Anyone else would be traumatized by the slapping period and would run away from Li Qiye’s group.

“Brat, you’re done for!” Weijin was even more aggressive than before.

“Grand Tutor, that brat is the Wang’s hound, kill him.” Weijin haughtily said.

All eyes were on the young man standing next to Weijin. He wore an embroidered robe with a great aura of nobility. Handsome he was but his aura was even more attractive. People couldn’t help wanting to respect him.

“The Chen Young Lord, Grand Tutor of the court, Chen Shuwei.” An elder shuddered after seeing this noble youth.

The Chen Clan was the pillar of Upper Faction. Though this faction had many powerful men, the majority came from the Chen, including multiple True Emperors!

As the current Grand Tutor of the court, Chen Shuwei had many troops under his belt. He wasn’t weaker than Silver Fox either; the two of them were at the minor True King level. Moreover, he was also a candidate to become the next emperor. 

Some members of the crowd also stood up to come and greet him.

“Weijin, don’t be disrespectful.” Shuwei calmly said while Weijin was pointing and shouting at Li Qiye.

Albeit unwillingly, Weijin still stood to the side while glaring hatefully at Li Qiye’s group.

He was no longer afraid because he was confident that his backing was stronger than the Wang Clan.

“Brother Xu is also here? What a coincidence.” Shuwei saw Silver Fox and smiled.

Zhijie smiled back and said: “Indeed, but this town is quite small. Not too strange to run into each other.”

He was at a predicament due to Li Qiye’s rudeness but now, Weijin’s outburst earlier allowed him to get out of that position.

After greeting Zhijie, Shuwei turned to Li Qiye and cupped his fist: “This Little Brother is named Chen Shuwei. I have heard of your fame long ago, Brother Li. Please excuse me for not being a good host during your visit to the capital. My apology.”

The people here were stunned again at this polite comment. They couldn’t imagine it at all.

The truth was that Shuwei had the same idea as Zhijie. He also heard some news about the Wang. Wang Han had been reprimanded by the high elders and could even be forced to step down. One of the reasons was because of this fella. Wang Han wanted her clan to fully support him.

Shuwei was very curious - why did an outsider earn the queen’s trust? What kind of charisma or abilities did he have? Or did he possess some incredible secrets?

Because of this, he wanted to recruit Li Qiye, whether by force or not! After all, the queen was not a simple character. In the past, the dead emperor was a nobody but Wang Han still married him and helped him become an emperor.

Her intelligence and abilities were without question. There must have been reasons for why he valued this brat.

Li Qiye ignored the flowery words and continued to drink and eat his snack with Chu Sijin serving him. She poured more wine while intimately feeding him dishes.

The elders and disciples all glanced at each other after seeing Li Qiye’s attitude. He was imperious even against these two and would only eat with a maid doing everything for him.

Such style was unreal as if he didn’t care for these two at all. No youth from Insane Court would be able to replicate this feat since they would be kicked out of the system so fast.

“Isn’t this too much?” One disciple said: “Not giving people face at all. Even if he wants to act cool, there’s a limit to that.”

The clan members felt that his arrogance would be his downfall eventually.

Shuwei was placed in the same awkward situation as Silver Fox earlier. He smiled wryly and said: “Since I have failed as a host in the royal court, I do have a good banquet prepared here. Will you come to my camp for a taste?”

“Don’t disturb my mood. Return from whence you came, I will not repeat myself again.” Li Qiye finally stared at the two of them and coldly said.

The crowd gasped after hearing this. No one could comment since they were horrified by this situation. First, this brat had offended Silver Fox and now the Grand Tutor as well. That’s two overlords in the system that he had antagonized. Does he not want to hang around in this area?

He must be either crazy or have the power to not give a damn about anyone!

Shuwei’s expression became slightly ugly. As the Grand Tutor, he was used to people accommodating to his wishes.

Today, he only wanted to act polite first then take action later in order to avoid unnecessary gossips. But now, Li Qiye didn’t give them any face at all. He naturally became angry, unable to handle the contempt from this nobody.

Meanwhile, Silver Fox Xu Zhijie was smiling while watching this since he had experienced it a while ago. He wanted to see how Shuwei will get out of this.

Weijin was a fool but he could still read people. He knew his chance was here after seeing Shuwei’s expression.

“Ignorant brat! Only want it the hard way! Grand Tutor, let me teach him a lesson!” He stood up and shouted before unleashing his spear straight for Li Qiye’s throat.

Of course, he was only doing this for show, understanding that he wasn’t a match for the guy. This didn’t matter because Shuwei was right there. If Li Qiye dared to retaliate, this would give Shuwei an excuse to punish or even kill the guy.

“Pop!” The spear didn’t make contact with Li Qiye’s throat because it was broken by Li Qiye. It resembled a weak tree branch, easily broken.

“Ugh!” Li Qiye was now gripping the youth by his throat.

He looked at the youth and said: “You are so foolish, not understanding the lessons repeatedly. This is you courting death, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

“G--rand Tutor, save me!” Weijin was scared out of his mind.

“Stop it!” Shuwei was waiting for this moment. Right now, he had all the reasons to capture Li Qiye so that he wouldn’t fall into the hands of the other factions.

Because of this, he assisted right away and unleashed a palm strike.

But it was too late. Li Qiye strengthened his grip and broke Weijin’s neck.

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