Chapter 2156: Slapping Again

Yang Shengping was indeed affected by the comments. Wang Han losing power was not good for Grand Sword at all since they have always been close with her branch.

“Realize it’s too late now?” Weijin was quite happy to see the change in Shengping's expression: “Your backing is done for so who will help you now? Just wait, I will not only stomp on you but will also make your sect disappear from this world!”

Weijin didn’t try to hide his excitement at all. He had heard some rumors in the Wang Clan about a few high elders wanting to dismiss Wang Han and replacing her with a male disciple, perhaps to make him the next emperor. A better male disciple would be able to fare better against the other three powers’ candidates.

The other experts also heard Weijin. They exchanged glances and quietly debated.

“So that’s Grand Sword’s Ancestor Yang Shengping. I heard that sect is quite close to the Wang Clan. Hmm, the Wang is really trying to change its representative?” A big shot from a different power was surprised to hear this news.

Weijin was from the royal court so his information route was faster than others’. Given the current situation, this might indeed be the case because the Wang was not here right now unlike the other three great powers.

Such blatant threat left Shengping hot and bothered. Of course, he knew that animosity was inevitable after the slapping last time and he certainly didn’t regret it either.

He turned over at Li Qiye, waiting for all and any command. Alas, Li Qiye didn’t care for this guy and continued doing his own thing.

Weijin wanted to threaten the group first because he was confident - these were downtrodden dogs now. Despite their situation, Shengping was only looking at Li Qiye without responding.

His eyes turned cold with a murderous glint. He smirked deviously: “Brat, you won’t be smiling for long. The Wang is no longer in control so no one will be able to protect you! At that point, you’ll suffer a fate worse than death! It’s not too late to start begging now, maybe I’ll feel merciful and might spare you.” 

In his eyes, the Wang was occupied with internal strife, no time to even worry about themselves. It didn’t matter who Li Qiye was, without the Wang as the backing, he could toy with Li Qiye till death like a fish on the platter.

Because of this, he wanted to threaten them first so that their incoming days would be one of doom and gloom so that they wouldn’t have a good night rest. When everything settled down later, he would torture and kill them then.

Thus, he was bold enough to spew these threats. This was a way for him to vent and enjoy the happiness of vengeance.

All eyes were on Li Qiye now. They didn’t know how this young man had offended Weijin and the Peng Clan. If he didn’t have a strong backing and still provoked Weijin, that’s indeed suicidal.

“Get on the ground and start kowtowing and I will spare your life.” Li Qiye suddenly uttered without even glancing at the youth.

The air became frozen inside the inn as everyone stared at him in disbelief.

“Damn, who is this kid? Daring to speak to Young Lord Peng like this.” Someone was startled.

A clan disciple wanted to curry favor and sneered: “Ignorant fool, you’re seeking death!”

“Bastard, I’m gonna make mincemeat out of you!” Weijin only wanted to threaten the group first but Li Qiye had provoked him. He shouted and reached for Li Qiye.

“Bam!” Shengping quickly patted his hand away. He was only a True Hero while Shengping was a True Champion. The disparity in power was too great.

“Seventh Uncle, you take down this Yang guy, the brat is mine!” Peng Weijin decided to go all out while gritting his teeth.

“Very well.” A voice answered. He didn’t come along for there was an entourage from the Peng Clan. Among them was an old sword wielder who began heading towards Yang Shengping.

He was also a True Champion so this was not a development Shengping wanted to see.

“Bastard, kneel now or we’ll break your legs!” The rest of the clan members didn’t need Weijin to say anything before surrounding Li Qiye with a cruel expression.

“Yang Shengping, you shouldn’t have messed with us, time to die now!” The old man called Seventh Uncle slowly unsheathed his sword. 

“Slap him again.” Li Qiye ordered Shengping while paying no mind to the rest.

Shengping immediately reached for Weijin. The youth was shocked and shouted: “Don’t you dare!”

He took out a short spear, wishing to resist. However, this was completely futile since he got suppressed right away.

Seventh Uncle immediately attacked with a thrust resembling the flow of a river in order to stop his junior from being bullied.

“Boom!” His sword didn’t reach its target before crumbling completely. Li Qiye simply spread his palm to destroy the sword and pushing down on the old man with the weight of a mountain.

“On your knees.” He commanded.

How could the old man listen? He channeled all of his true energy in order to attack again, not realizing the futility of the situation.

“Bam!” Li Qiye lowered one finger and the old man’s knees slammed on the ground, destroying several bricks in the process with blood gushing out.

“No!” The old man cried out and mustered everything he got in order to stop the suppression. His legs slightly moved upward.

But Li Qiye simply smirked and added more force. The old man’s entire frame got broken.

“Bam!” He fell flat on the ground in his own pool of blood since all of his bones were broken now, unable to move even an inch.

“Die!” The disciples from the Peng only wanted to save their superiors and lunged for Li Qiye.

He simply waved his sleeve and all of them got swept flying, also unable to get up.

The spectators inside the inn gasped after seeing this. The elders from the various clans could see that Seventh Uncle was a True Champion yet still lost to this guy doing nothing outside of raising his hand.

“Bam!” Meanwhile, Weijin was also forced down on his knees by Shengping.

“Young Lord Peng, you have overstepped your bound.” Shengping uttered coldly. 

Weijin was horrified. He brought a senior along, confident enough to never expect such an outcome.

“Shengping, if, if you dare to touch, touch a hair of mine, my clan will massacre Grand Sword, opposing our clan is, is the same as opposing Upper Faction…” Weijin cried out.

“Bam!” Shengping grabbed him by the hair and mercilessly slapped the guy: “Excuse me then, Young Lord Peng.”

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The same barrage occurred once more. Weijin’s mouth was covered with blood.

“Can’t remember a lesson.” Li Qiye shook his head and leisurely commented.

Weijin was going crazy. At the very least, Wang Han was around the first time to suppress him. But now, he was being slapped in public again. Such unbearable humiliation!

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