Chapter 2126: Ocean Of Execution

Li Qiye was well-prepared before entering this world. He was in his best state with supreme laws and dao for protection on top of the crystal physique. All of this culminated in what was perhaps the best defensive line.

“Crack!” The ocean of execution smashed straight into him and the crystal physique instantly shattered.

Many emperors took a deep breath. They understood how strong this physique was but the ocean instantly took it down. This was perhaps several hundred or even tens of thousand times stronger than the execution experienced by the emperors.

They would instantly be turned to ashes in this particular space.

“Pluff!” Blood gushed out of his body since the executions penetrated his body just like arrows and turned him into a sieve. Their power was beyond description.

Few beings were stronger than Li Qiye right now but under his full defensive state, the executions still made short work of him.

Dark overlords narrowed their eyes. If they had the fortune of stepping into this world, would they be able to survive this execution until they make it to the non-existent world?

The girls gasped while covering their mouth after seeing this.

“Activate!” Li Qiye roared and opened his thirteen palaces - revealing his Primordial Will. The three maelstroms and twelve laws came together to form an impregnable battle armor.

At the same time, he put on the human skin and covered himself completely. The last line was chaos energy and more laws tightly wrapping him up, resulting in a cocoon shape.

The execution crushed through the chaos energy and laws, smashing into him once more.

Everyone was horrified. Even twelve-will emperors and dark overlords wouldn’t last that long in this ocean, let alone finishing the journey.

The waves of currents lifted him up and threw him deeper inside as if he was a tiny boat experiencing the worst of storms.

The spectators saw this and wondered if anyone could make it through this ocean of lightning? And returning alive too?

The portal crumbled into dust afterward and the torrential world disappeared. There was no trace left of the portal as if it never existed in the first place.

“What a shame, only one opportunity.” A dark overlord said with a tinge of regret. It would be impossible to try again unless they could find another set of coordinates. Of course, they didn’t know how the Dark Crow found it in the first place.


Years after years passed in the thirteen continents. The emperors stopped showing up, same with the High Gods. The dark overlords didn’t make any move either.

Some began to celebrate the absence of the Dark Crow. If he were to really die in there or never able to return, it would be their era in the future. They would become the real rulers of this epoch.

“Our time is coming, we should descend soon to take our epoch. Others are just passersby, we’re the real masters!” Someone claimed in the darkness.

“The myriad races are only our slaves!” One being woke up with a terrible gleam in his eyes. 

They were anxious now after sleeping for so long. The disappearance of the Dark Crow exacerbated their impatience.

“Dark Crow, you have to return soon or it will be over for the thirteen continents. Nothing but wails of lament will remain.” A guardian of the thirteen continent could sense the unrest.

One side was ready to make trouble while the other side was worried. Many years later, visual phenomena descended from the sky and the world changed completely...


In the ocean of Heavenly Executions and the unceasing thunder, the assault continued on Li Qiye.

However, the dao of the world protected him. Each time it crumbled, chaos energy rose again to build completely new dao and laws to form a new barrier. This process of creation and destruction went on and on…

This ended up refining his dao even more. Each destruction and re-creation was a chance to improve, to become even stronger and purer than before!

Just his dao alone was not enough for protection in the beginning. However, the Primordial Will and the human skin underneath were still protecting him. If these two defensive lines could be penetrated, nothing else could actually defend him from this assault.

This ocean was truly terrible. As time went on, the human skin was finally broken through in multiple places.

Remember that he got it from Samsara Wild Ancestor, skin rumored to be from an immortal! Truth or not, its toughness was unquestionable. Nevertheless, the bolts still made it through.

Luckily, the Primordial Will was still there in its armor form protecting him. This was Li Qiye’s biggest ace card and most powerful defense to survive this ocean. Just the myriad dao and the human skin weren’t enough.

If the Primordial Will wasn’t this heaven-defying, then the Everlasting - Xiao Shi - from Immortal Demon Grotto wouldn’t have been searching for it. Several epoch lords desired but failed to find it.

It wasn’t easy reaching the non-existent world. Only epoch lords could do so using their own power to make it through this ocean. Anything less would certainly die.

Li Qiye’s current cultivation wasn’t enough. The only reason why he dared to do so was due to his artifacts and different methods but most importantly, the Primordial Will.

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