Chapter 2120: Bullchief High God

Though Bullchief’s interest remained a mystery, a few top emperors could tell that this woman’s lineage might have something with Immortal Dao City.

This was one of the nine Heavenly Treasures so it made sense that the High God would care so much about it.

Fairygrasp looked as imperious as a noble lady and sneered: “Don’t overestimate yourself.”

The disdainful comment made it seem as if nothing in this world could enter her sight, not even an eleven-totem High God.

People took a deep breath after hearing this. This nameless woman was quite ferocious and arrogant.

Bullchief was a big shot in all of thirteen continents and could be at the top of the experts’ list. Moreover, the four gods behind him were powerful as well.

This woman has yet to shoulder the Heaven’s Will but was already so haughty. The truth was that even after ascension, a monarch was still much weaker than a High God of this level.

“Isn’t she too much, talking like that to Bullchief?” Someone murmured.

A High God couldn’t help but comment: “He’s a leader among the High Gods, low-level emperors can’t speak in this manner towards him.”

South Emperor was amused yet pained by the situation - this woman was the same after all of these years. He looked over at Li Qiye and thought that it made sense that she was so arrogant, being pampered by the Dark Crow. His followers usually had this style to them.

Bullchief was naturally displeased to hear this. He was famous alongside Nine-sword High God in Arrogance, respected by everyone. Some low-level emperors even referred to themselves as juniors when speaking to him, let alone this nameless junior.

He sternly scolded: “Little Miss, you are very capable with a pride-worthy grand dao but there are plenty of hidden masters and invincible experts in this world. The path is long, and so is yours! Not to mention that you’re yet to be a monarch, when you become one, know that there is always a higher mountain…”

She waved her sleeve and interrupted the High God’s advice as a senior: “So what.”

The five gods’ expression turned ugly due to her domineering attitude. Even ordinary people wouldn’t stand for this, let alone big shots like them.

“Junior, you’re too arrogant! Do you know who you’re speaking to?! You’ll be afraid after learning who we are!” Someone behind Bullchief said.

“Don’t know, don’t care. Just some random dogs, no need to learn.” She said flatly.

This High God almost vomited blood from anger as his face turned red and hot by the verbal slap.

“Wait, these words sound familiar…” A top-level emperor murmured to himself. This contemptuous attitude and domineering tone seemed to have been used before.

The majority of cultivator here was astounded. They wondered about her identity and background; was it enough to justify her arrogance?

“Ignorance can breed bravery.” A High God said with a tinge of emotion: “Maybe she has just debuted recently and doesn’t know who Bullchief is. She’ll regret her attitude soon enough after finding out how terrible he is.”

Bullchief took a deep breath to quell his fury and uttered coldly: “Little Miss, because you’re a human too, I won’t stop you from becoming a monarch. Nevertheless, I need to teach your uneducated and rude self a lesson! Since you’re so confident, I’m sure your dao protectors are amazing. Tell them to come out so I can ask them what kind of manners they have been teaching you!”

The crowd agreed with the High God. The woman certainly had strong dao protectors in order to act like this.

“I alone am enough.” She still looked down on him just like before.

“Haha! I see!” The High God - smiling yet not smiling - was tempted to kill now as his eyes flashed fiercely: “Then I’ll teach you a lesson in your seniors’ stead!”

“Bullchief is really mad now. This little lady is going to get it now.” A High God said after seeing that smile.

“Interesting. My people need someone else to teach them a lesson?” A nonchalant voice with a touch of laziness answered before Lunargrasp could.

A seemingly ordinary man was standing next to her - cool and collected.

“Oh shit!” A top High God saw this man and his jaw nearly dropped to the ground along with his knees.

“No wonder why their attitude is so familiar.” One eleven-totem High God smiled wryly and no longer dared to comment on the situation.

“Who is that?” Many big shots weren’t familiar with this man since they have never met him before.

Bullchief was thunderstruck and stood there awkwardly with his mouth agape.

“Niu Ruichang, come teach me on how to educate a junior then.” The man looked at the High God and smiled deviously.

“Fool! How dare you call the High God by his name?!” A High God behind Bullchief shouted, unaware of this man’s identity.

“Tragedy befalls those without sight.” Another top-level emperor shook his head and said after seeing this.

The ordinary man ignored this person and continued to stare at Bullchief: “Ruichang, I’m waiting.”

“Boom!” Bullchief turned pale after regaining his wits and immediately kneeled down, not daring to utter a single word.

“My lord!” The High God behind him was stunned.

“Kneel…” Bullchief spoke softly. The confused High Gods also followed suit.

“Your Excellency, I might as well be blind, not knowing that you have arrived or that this fairy is under your banner. Please excuse my disrespectful tone that is worthy of death!” The High God bowed his head continuously.

Powerful and arrogant he was but this was nothing compared to the existence standing before him.

In his mind, dying was just fine. However, angering the Dark Crow had worse consequences. His disciples and perhaps his entire clan would be wiped out! This being had done this plenty of times before. Because of this, he didn’t care for prestige, reputation, and personal honor. Accepting defeat was necessary in order to save his clan and people. Plus, it wasn’t that shameful to kneel before the Dark Crow.

How many would dare to stand straight before him?

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