Chapter 212 : Underworld River’s Secret (2)

Chapter 212 : Underworld River’s Secret (2)

Cultivators cannot escape two types of tribulations during their lives — life reduction and fate calamity. No one could avoid these two catastrophes, but a physique tribulation was not something any cultivator would want to face either. If one didn’t cultivate a Physique Law, then they didn’t have to undergo a physique tribulation in the future!

Li Qiye’s minor physique tribulation was approaching, but Li Qiye still suppressed it. If it was someone else, they would try to pass it as soon as possible because the physique tribulation grew in strength with the passage of time.

However, Li Qiye didn’t take such a course of action because he groomed countless characters and understood certain dilemmas. Even though it was safer to undergo a physique tribulation early on, this would cause an unfinished removal of the physique fiend. With it remaining in the physique, it could directly affect one achieving a grand completion Immortal Physique in the future!

As the tribulation moment was approaching, Li Qiye kept on suppressing it for there was still some time before the perfect moment.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Right when Li Qiye took a deep breath and withdrew his merit laws, the world suddenly shook. All of Ancient Sky City was trembling as if an earthquake was approaching.

With a change in his expression, Li Qiye instantly calculated it in his mind, causing him to be surprised as he immediately rushed outside.

At this time, there were many people running outside. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, who were cultivating, also came out as everyone all looked towards the far direction.

At this moment, there was a visual phenomenon appearing in the far horizon above the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. There was a heavenly river flowing down from the sky and onto the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. The Heavenly Underworld River descended and turned the burial ground into hell itself. At this moment, above the burial ground were requiems that caused listeners to lament in grieving sadness.

In the sky above the burial ground all the way to the source of the river, there were fluttering pieces of paper money as well as ancestors in mourning clothes, burning ceremonial paper. They carried a banner as if an Immortal King had fallen, or the death of a True God just occurred. Countless ancestors were sending them off…

“The Underworld River finally came out…” Everyone lost their colors from seeing such a scene. Juniors like Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao became emotional and stunned from such a scene for it was their first time.

The appearance of the Underworld River also signaled the coming of the Underworld Boats. Sects from across the world were here for the Underworld Boats, and the day they were eagerly waiting for has finally arrived.

“Isn’t the legendary Underworld River located in hell? Why is it coming down from the sky!” Seeing the descending river, Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to ask Li Qiye.

At this time, all the young ones were looking over at Li Qiye. If anyone could dispel their doubts, it would be their Oldest Brother.

Watching the river flowing down from the sky, Li Qiye gently shook his head and smilingly answered: “What you see is not necessarily true, and what you hear is not necessarily genuine as well! It is not a fact that you are seeing the river coming down from the sky, and it is not the truth just because you heard that it is down below the earth! Since immemorial dates, countless people have searched for the Underworld River in order to find the source as well as to enter hell, but none of them returned alive! Hell being underground is only a legend.”

“Hell really exists in this world?” Nan Huairen curiously asked. In fact, not only were the juniors interested, but the group of Shi Gandang and Tu Buyu were curious as well.

There were too many legends in this world. Countless cultivators debated whether there were ghosts and evils as well as immortals, but it was all for naught. If this world truly had devils and ghosts, then there would be the hell from the legends, but no one had ever seen the real hell since ancient times.

Li Qiye didn’t answer Nan Huairen’s question. He simply stared at the sky towards the end of the river where countless ancestors were attending the funeral. This phenomenon was very fuzzy, but it was extremely clear in Li Qiye’s eyes.

“Who are the ancestors mourning for?” In the end, Li Shuangyan gently asked out of curiosity.

Seeing the solemn and indistinct scene in the sky where countless ancestors were burning ceremonial paper while carrying battle banners with such sadness, Li Qiye could only gently sigh in the end as he said: “No one knows, this has always been a mystery!”

At this very second, everyone in Ancient Sky City were watching this amazing scene in astonishment, especially the undying old men in the coffins.

“Underworld River… finally appeared…” Seeing the river floating down from the sky, countless undying old men excitedly murmured.

In reality, at this very moment, countless eyes opened inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. It didn’t matter whether it was the Feng Shui Treasure Earth or Earth Immortal Dragon Veins, every pair of opening eyes flashed terrifying bloody rays outward.

Inside the dragon dens, there were even invincible existences with eyes like oceans of blood, gazing towards the end of the Underworld River as if they wanted to see the truth behind this vision!

The appearance of the Underworld River was enough to excite both the living and the dead inside the burial ground. By being buried at a Feng Shui Treasure Earth or Dragon Vein, there was a chance at rebirth, but this was simply a chance. Countless people were buried there for millions of years without an opportunity to leave the burial ground.

However, with the appearance of the river, to both the dead and the dying, this was a chance. Being buried on an Underworld Boat would at least give them dozens of years of lifespan, and the best case scenario would be a rebirth for another generation. Then, they could truly escape from the burial ground and re-enter the world!

Even the non-sentient Earth Corpses also stared at the phenomenon over the horizon. Although they were without any intelligence, they still knew that this was an opportunity for rebirth.

Overnight, countless Earth Corpses crawled out from their hiding places and started to head north towards the Underworld River’s ferry! Even without any wisdom, their instincts told them to head towards the ferry. As numerous Earth Corpses went on their journey, the sky became covered with an endless amount of corpse poisons! These thick corpse poisons reached the heavens itself and would turn anyone who got infected into an Earth Corpse.

At the same time, countless once-invincible characters opened their ancient coffins and stood up to look at the ferry in the Feng Shui Treasure Earths and Dragon Veins.

If anyone was inside the burial ground at this moment and witnessed this scene, they would absolutely be creeped out while the more cowardly ones would faint from the horror.

In this moment inside the burial ground, no matter whether it was deep inside the valleys, high peaks, or the rivers, countless beings left their ancient coffins and headed towards the ferry.

Such a situation could only be described as a corpse riot. Anyone who saw such a scene would have to get away as fast as possible!

On a peak that reached the clouds, there was an unparalleled beauty standing at the top under the moonlight. Her appearance was hazy and indistinct, but it still contained a peerless charm! She opened her beautiful eyes to look over to the faraway ferry and remained silent for a long time.

On a stiff precipice, a hanging wooden coffin opened at this time. A middle-aged man sat up and also looked at the ferry. Some time later, he finally gently sighed and went back inside his coffin.

Some Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals decided to head towards the ferry, but even more of them chose to go back inside their coffins as they — once again — sank into the ground.

Even though the rumors indicated that the Underworld Boats allowed for one’s lifespan to be prolonged once one gets buried inside, this chance was extremely trivial. Legends indicated that there were more than ten thousand Underworld Boats each time the Underworld River appeared. However, ever since the immemorial times, many people believed that the chance for lifespan prolongation was smaller than small. Some even guessed that only three boats could increase one’s lifespan, the rest were boats of death!

As for getting rebirthed and living for another generation, this type of boat did not always appear each time. Rumors has it that Underworld Boats that allows for a rebirth, since the ancient times till now, did not appear more than three times!

To the living and the dead, when entering an Underworld Boat, if they made a mistake and entered a death boat, then this meant that they would become an Earth Corpse from then on for all of eternality!

“Start, go to the ferry!” Tonight was a sleepless night for everyone in Ancient Sky City. Tonight, even the dead was excited. Tonight, countless grand sects and countries had all completed their preparations and were waiting for the time to carry their coffins to enter the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

“Do we head over tomorrow?” Since the Underworld River had appeared, Chi Yun also quickly headed over to ask Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smilingly replied: “There is no need to be so anxious, we are not competing with the ghosts. At the moment, all of the Earth Corpses, Treasure Lords, and Earth Immortals are swarming there like bees with a broken hive. The corpse poison is everywhere; why the need to be exposed to this stuff? Just wait for them and we will have a much easier time after the corpse poison disperses.”

“I heard many great powers intend to leave tomorrow, hoping to arrive early at the ferry and seize the best location for taking the Underworld Boats after they make their appearances.” Chi Yun said.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, then he said: “There will be more than ten thousand Underworld Boats coming out along with the Underworld River. At that time, everything will be chaotic. No matter how good of a location you have, you won’t necessarily be able to grab a life boat.”

Here, Li Qiye glanced at Chi Yun a bit and continued: “If the War God Temple wants to go there first, then let them do so. Chi Yun doesn’t need to worry about me, I will go to the ferry at that point.”

Chi Yun then gently sighed and didn’t say anything. Li Qiye had his own ways and it was not something he could control.

Sure enough, on the second day, Li Shuangyan brought news to Li Qiye and said: “The War God Temple has entered the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. The elders also followed them to carry the coffin there. The elders, along with the War God Temple’s elders, wanted me to ask you for when you are planning to leave.”

“Don’t worry, we will go after two or three days.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “The Underworld Boats will require at least several more days before they fly out. If we make haste to go to the ferry right now, we would be squeezed together with so many dead people that it would be too uncomfortable!”

Li Shuangyan did not question Li Qiye’s words. At this point, many people were heading towards the burial ground; only Li Qiye remained still as he kept on cultivating in order to break through his own level!

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