Chapter 2119: Lunargrasp Fairy

“Someone wants to shoulder the Heaven’s Wills!” The powerful masters naturally understood the gathering of chaos and dao energies.

Of course, people weren’t too surprised because only four have done so in this generation - Dao Dragon, Jin Ge, Virtuous, and South Emperor. Outside of Dao Dragon, the other three haven’t done the second shouldering process. Wait, just two because Virtuous was dead now.

Thus, there were plenty of wills to go around. Everyone knew that several more monarchs could appear from the hundred races. 

Why just the hundred races? People didn’t need to waste words to understand why.

The power of the wills emerged, letting people know that someone powerful was going to take them.

“Something’s different.” An emperor immediately recognized something peculiar: “The scale is too grand, someone is moving all of these wills! What are they doing? Chasing away the wills or some other reasons?”

“What technique is this?! This dao is strange too.” A high-level emperor could sense a majestic dao - different from everyone else. This dao was one from the beginning of the world.

“Another master is appearing?” They began to calculate but this dao was too dense and vast. There was no way of seeing through it.

“Perhaps it has something to do with a Heavenly Treasure.” Another said with uncertainty.

The sheer amount of this dao and its crazy transformations were too much for one person to do. Plus, not long ago, a dark overlord came with the Death Coffin. The appearance of a second one would shock the thirteen continents.

Amidst the confusion, the wills were gathering in Arrogance, engulfing the area with chaos and energy. Each grass and leaf in the area was permeated with this force.

Divine beasts were jumping in the chaos - phoenixes and dragons. These wills were full of life and power like spirits brimming with the presence of grand dao.

The emperors became increasingly confused because such lively Heaven’s Wills were practically unheard of. Even World and Profound didn’t create this visual phenomenon during their ascension.

“Must have something with their cultivation dao.” Finally, a high-level emperor concluded: “It’s not from our dao system, so strange, similar to Immortal Dao City?”

All eyes were on the place whether the wills gathered. Everyone understood that someone was about to ascend, provided that there was no interruption such as an ambush. 

An ethereal figure took form in the chaos, dressed in a white robe - as transcending as a supreme immortal with features beautiful beyond description.

However, the spectators were confused because no one, emperors and geniuses alike, could recognize her. 

“Weird.” A knowledgeable sect master curiously wondered: “Who is that? An unknown person actually becoming an emperor?”

Others felt the same way. Someone who was about to become an emperor should be a supreme genius or a dominating master. However, no one has seen this beautiful woman before as if she had just come out of thin air.

“Lunargrasp Fairy!” However, South Emperor could recognize her.

“Empress Hong Tian in the past and Lunargrasp Fairy now, the world is so cruel.” He helplessly added.

Those not from their era would never understand how monstrous they were.

Hong Tian — the Ill-starred Conqueror, Jian Wenxin — the Ocean’s Wisdom, Mu Yueli — the Immortal’s Legacy. These brilliant women overshadowed all the men during that period. [1]

Empress Hong Tian was the least talented out of the three but also the most terrifying one. She was someone who would become fiercer as a fight went on. A battle against her would result in a bloody spectacle. No one was able to suppress her undying battle intent.

Jian Wenxin was the wisest, capable of scheming behind the curtains for a battle a thousand miles away. She normally didn’t need to fight and could still lead someone to their death.

However, Lunargrasp was the most gifted and sharp among them! 

South Emperor’s talents were considered peerless but she wasn’t necessarily inferior to him. 

The most dreadful thing about her was her chill-inducing murderous dao - needing only one strike to take someone down. She wasn’t a woman of many words.

Because of this, people got chills whenever they heard her name back in that era. Lunargrasp was only a literary title for she was the clutch of death! Lifegrasp would have been much more accurate.

South Emperor shook his head with a wry smile. Fairygrasp was also here - on the verge of becoming a monarch. Such an unexpected development.

Suddenly, Li Qiye emerged next to him: “You should feel pride instead. The two of you are from a majestic era with the most impressive and beautiful competition for the Heaven’s Will.”

South Emperor agreed. Their era had too many geniuses and stars. Alas, they were still overwhelmed by Empress Hong Tian and Lunargrasp Fairy.

He pitied his fellow geniuses. Just him alone was bad enough but the other three women as well?

“Well, that’s bad luck for you, being born in that era.” He said wistfully.

The competition back then was incredible, especially when Empress Hong Tian took on everyone by herself, unleashing one secret art after another and sweeping through the enemies.

No one could stop her Emperor Suppression Art so she paved her bloody path with bones of geniuses. She couldn’t become an Immortal Emperor, but she was about to write a new tale by becoming a monarch.

She remained emotionless inside the chaotic expanse, as calm as a well before her ascension. It seemed that nothing could make her happy or sad.

“Buzz.” A portal appeared not far from her. A muscular old man came out with four followers.

Divinity pulsed around him with waves of light. He stood there, seemingly capable of ruling the nine firmaments with the power of the gods.

His followers had the same aura and could crush the stars with a single swing.

“Niu Ruichang!” A monarch was surprised to see this old man.

A few High Gods felt the same way. One of them said: “Bullchief, an eleven-totem High God, ancestor of Bull Mountain, why is he here with four other gods? Does he want to take this woman down?” 

The sudden appearance of this group naturally scared some of the crowd.

Lunargrasp turned and coldly stared at the uninvited guests.

“Ma’am, we come bearing no ill wills, as long as you tell us where your grand dao is from.” Bullchief said.

“And if I don’t?” She said in a cheerless manner.

“Then we must take action and force you to hand over your dao origin.” The High God’s expression darkened.

People began to wonder why a High God like him would care about the dao lineage of a nameless junior.

1. Mu Yueli is Lunargrasp’s real name, I believe

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