Chapter 2116: New Immortal Emperor

The arrival of a new Immortal Emperor was felt by the other emperors as well, evident by the gentle ripples in the atmosphere. Ordinary people couldn’t detect this minute change, but the emperors could sense it and tell that a new emperor was coming. 

They were surprised as well because this was too early, not knowing what was going on in the nine worlds. Why did one come into being so fast, and why is this person ascending so quickly as well? They wanted to know the reasons behind this development.

The emperors and monarchs began to gaze across the thirteen continents. Some focused on calculating the coordinates of the ascension; the top level ones were able to do it.

However, Immortal Emperors were on patrol while South Emperor personally prepared for the reception. The Grand Emperors that have figured out the coordinates didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Everyone knew that South Emperor was a disciple under the Dark Crow. His reception must be representing the will of the crow.

This being was unstoppable right now and could make emperors shudder! He recently killed more than ten emperors and made a dark overlord run for his life. Even World Emperor lost the previous time - anyone else that goes against him simply had a death wish. 

“Boom!” Dazzling light oozed out with laws after someone broke through the barrier. This person ascended in a domineering manner. Nevertheless, his clothes were still tattered. One could imagine how hard the trip must have been.

The emperors from the thirteen continents were quiet before this sight. Ever since the appearance of the Dark Crow in this generation, the situation wasn’t favorable for their races. Though Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor was the first to ascend then Jin Ge, South Emperor got four Primary Wills next. The Grand Emperors felt pressured because this was someone who could grab twelve wills.

Now, a newcomer was here from the nine worlds. If the three races didn’t produce several more Grand Emperors, they would completely be overshadowed by the hundred races. This was before mentioning someone as terrifying as the Dark Crow on that side.

In this second, these emperors could envision a future where they were oppressed by the hundred races!

Nevertheless, they didn’t recognize this newcomer. South Emperor led this person to see Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was surprised to see the new emperor. It was indeed an old acquaintance, or rather, an old enemy.

This was a man beautiful to a devilish level, more like a supreme beauty. His white robe fluttered alongside his cold temperament, akin to an apricot flower in the midst of winter. Words couldn’t describe his wondrous appearance.

If he exerted his imperial pressure, it would still be imposing with a masculine air. However, he recalled his aura before Li Qiye so if he were cross-dressing, people would mistake him for a woman.

“Mei Aoxue. Hmm, I guess it’s not too surprising for the descendant of the Jianlong to shoulder the Heaven’s Will.” Li Qiye chuckled and said after meeting him.

He had met this beautiful man back in Stone Medicine. They were enemies back then.

Icebound Young Noble - Mei Aoxue, the successor of the Jianlong, Mei Aonan’s older brother.

He was relatively unknown compared to the ambitious Aonan. In fact, many didn’t know of his existence in Stone Medicine, only Aonan.

Alas, the sister didn’t become an emperor yet her reclusive brother actually became one? It was indeed surprising yet expected due to his talents.

“Greetings, Your Excellency.” The new emperor didn’t put up an act at all and bowed before Li Qiye.

“The Jianlong is now a sect with four emperors. Looks like your ancestors didn’t neglect you, Tu Xuan told you?” 

“Yes, Your Excellency. Ancestor Tu Xuan and Grandpa Shi gave their regards.” Aoxue bowed again.

Despite being an emperor, he didn’t have enough experience nor the qualification to learn about the Dark Crow. His Ancestor, Tu Xuan, spilled the beans.

Tu Xuan had participated in the fight against the Divine Beast Realm and went to see Li Qiye after the destruction of Heavenhoof, so he was aware of Li Qiye’s true identity.

“Ah, you and your sister have the same master.” Li Qiye nodded with a smile.

“Grandpa Shi” was his sister’s master, the golem that was exiled from Bi’an. He later became Aoxue’s dao protector.

The golem and Tu Xuan repeatedly told Aoxue to rely on Li Qiye after coming to the tenth world. He would be perfectly safe under Li Qiye’s protection regardless of how strong the hunters were.

Li Qiye started the conversation: “I had several potential guesses about the new emperor. Your little sister is one of them, so it’s a bit surprising that you’re here first.”

“Your Excellency, my sister is actually in hibernation right now, or I wouldn’t have been able to win.” Aoxue humbly said.

When Aonan lost to Li Qiye and saw his invincible means, she knew that she had lost her chance to compete. Because of this, under her master’s advice, she chose to seal herself. Her older brother also did the same.

However, Aoxue came out first while Aonan was still underground. This was how he took the new generation’s Heaven’s Will.

From now on, the Jianlong had become a sect with four emperors. There was limitless potential for them especially after the destruction of Soaring Immortal.

“No need for humility, your talents aren’t inferior to your sister, it’s just a lack of ambition.” Li Qiye disagreed.

His lack of fame didn’t mean that he wasn’t as talented as his sister. He was just as powerful, and more importantly, he adored her. If she wanted to become an emperor, then he was willing to let her win or even become her supporter. Li Qiye had also judged the guy very highly back then but he had no interest in becoming emperor.

Aoxue only smiled after hearing the praise. There was no need for arrogance since he still had a long way to go. There were many powerful beings in the tenth world.

“This is only the beginning. If you maintain your way in the future, I’m sure you’ll be brilliant. Our nine worlds do not produce weaklings! All Immortal Emperors have been chosen through trials of blood!” Li Qiye said.

“I understand.” Aoxue cupped his fist and sincerely said: “I am new here and will need your guidance and the help of the seniors.” 

“Your clan’s Immortal Emperors are still alive. You can go meet them and they’ll certainly show you the rope.” Li Qiye said.

Aoxue rejoiced - he didn’t expect to still be able to see his ancestors in the tenth world.

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