Chapter 2106: World

“Really?” The tiger was caught off guard since they have been searching all over the lands to no avail for so long now.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “I’ve never lied to anyone before. If I’ve made a deal, I will do it.”

The dragon took a deep breath and bowed: “Please guide us, that thing is very crucial to our two races.”

The tiger saw this and did the same gesture: “Please show us the right path, your grace will be as immense as Mount Tai.”

The two of them were arrogant in the beginning since they came from the upper world. Plus, their status and power warranted this attitude.

However, after seeing Li Qiye’s real ace cards, they finally realized how terrible the Dark Crow was. Even twelve-will emperors didn’t dare to be reckless him, so it was appropriate for them to be respectful.

He waved his hand, signaling for them to sit back down: “Don’t worry, I will certainly tell you the way, but the result will depend on your own fortune.”

“Just showing us the way is already granting our races the greatest of fortune.” The dragon quickly said. This beast was much more elegant and graceful compared to the fierce tiger.

Li Qiye continued on: “There is only one item, so how are you two going to deal with this? Have you forgotten how you fought to the death in the past for something as well?”

The two of them smiled wryly with embarrassment. A supreme treasure was the reason why they fell down to the nine worlds in the first place.

They exchanged glances and the tiger eventually spoke: “Your Excellency, we do have an idea. Our two races want to groom one person - a supreme seed that can improve our races’ relationship and foster peace.”

“That’s a good idea.” Li Qiye agreed: “If your two races will stop killing each other, there will be a lot of room for growth.”

These two races were blessed by heaven with great power. Alas, the long-running animosity and conflicts between them were a source of weakness. Their fame in the continent was not on the same level as their true abilities.

“Alright, go prepare, we’ll set off for it soon.” Li Qiye ordered.

The two were too excited but they still remembered to bow once more before leaving.

Li Qiye sealed space and took out the yellow cloth. A slender figure quickly took form on it.

At this moment in time, the figure was more discernible than before. Prior to this, she looked more like a simple ink painting. Now, she was an exquisite work of art. This was a supreme beauty that would take away the light in the stars. Yu Qianxuan was certainly no match for her in terms in terms of looks. [1]

The reason why she was coming into form was due to the cloth being stored in the jade vase.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing, ignoring me for so long?!” The girl angrily inquired.

Li Qiye remained nonchalant towards her attitude and smiled: “First, my name is Li Qiye, not hey, I’ve told you this multiple times.”

“Well, you did not answer when I called your name!” She retorted.

She has been trying to get his attention during the disaster at the academy but he kept the seal on her.

“Sorry, I was preoccupied unlike you, but I’m still letting you out right now.” He smirked.

She took a deep breath to calm down despite his annoying smirk: “This is the place we need to be!”

“Talking about this ancient world?” Li Qiye didn’t seem surprised.

“I don’t know what you all call it, but this wasn’t its name before. This, this is the place that will allow me to see the sun again!” The girl claimed.

“If I remember correct, this place doesn’t belong to your world or epoch. It’s even older.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin while musing.

“I know.” The girl said: “It’s not from our world but my father found it, he just didn’t excavate it and left it exactly the same.”

He had a sudden look of epiphany: “Your father didn’t excavate or change it, but he did leave behind something just in case, for example, his beloved daughter being plotted against by someone!”

“Hmph, stop trying to act cool, are you helping me or not?!” The girl snorted.

“Of course I am, who wouldn’t be happy to listen to such a beauty? I’m going to do my best, but I’m still going to busy for a bit with some matters.” He smiled happily and said.

The girl naturally knew that he was teasing her so she restrained herself from erupting: “Don’t forget that we have a deal.”

“I remember very clearly, but I’m born to toil, please forgive me.” He went on.

“You!” The girl trembled with rage but still exercised a level of control: “What do you want?”

She could easily read the guy right now.

He revealed his intention: “Not much, I just want to hear more about this ancient world. I’m sure you know a thing or two and we’re on the same side, know what I mean? It’s time to spill.”

The girl became quiet and didn’t answer right away.

He continued: “Don’t worry, I will keep my word about helping you, but wait until I’m no longer busy, I’ll help so that you can see the sun once more.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” She finally uttered coldly.

He had to shrug and said: ”Looks like we aren’t sincere enough in this cooperation. I might not know everything but I do have a good grasp on this ancient world.”

“Li, do not push it! I don’t want to talk not because of some secrets, but these matters should just be left alone.” She sternly shouted.

“I know that it has to do with the past.” He looked at her and eventually nodded: “Fine, I won’t force the issue. We do have a deal so tell me what to do to help you.”

His concession actually worked on her. She said slowly: “I won’t talk about this place but other stuff is fine.”

“I might be an asshole but I do not pry others’ business.” Li Qiye assumed the appearance of a gentleman.

“Please, no need for that, I know exactly what kind of person you are.” The girl had a look of disdain: “Why are you lingering around here? Don’t tell me its for sightseeing or treasures. Hmph.”

“Oh, I guess we’re becoming close enough that you can know what I’m thinking.” He smiled and said.

“I’m not mistaken, you are finding the world that doesn’t exist.” She sneered.

“A bit interesting. Let us assume that I am indeed looking for it, I think I know much more than you on this matter.” He clapped and said.

The girl snorted: “Really now? I haven’t been there but my father did and even established a dao lineage there, you still think you know more than me now?”

Li Qiye’s gaze became serious as he stood there silently.

“Your turn to be surprised, hmm?” The girl continued: “If you really want to go, my information might be useful.”

“Indeed.” He nodded: “Well, you have told me so much and I’m definitely biting your bait. Looks like I have to do my best to let you out then.”

“That’s more like it.” She nodded satisfyingly.

“Don’t gloat now.” Li Qiye shook his head: “If I want to force information out of you, I have plenty of methods but I rather do it in a civil manner. That’s more beneficial.”

The girl didn’t like this comment but admitted that this was indeed the truth. She was the one asking for a favor, not him.

“Why are you looking for it?” She asked.

“Then why did your father look for that world? To save his epoch? To find a safe place for his daughter? Of course, it certainly wasn’t for his own sake since he chose to return.” He revealed a faint smile.

The girl reflected about the past and eventually spoke softly: “I don’t know what he wanted but he wished for me to go there. Alas, my cultivation was limited, and wanted to fight with him to the end anyway.”

“I’m sure he was strong enough to have ways of bringing you there.” He said.

The girl nodded. Her father was immensely strong and there was nothing he couldn’t do except escaping the disaster.

“People need to learn to forget in order to survive.” He added, knowing exactly why the little girl doesn’t want to leave. It wasn’t just because of her father, she still had attachments to others in this world.

1. Qianxuan is getting the short end of the stick in these descriptions.

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