Chapter 2094: Brilliant Devil Emperor

The emperors were running for their lives before the executions. It certainly wasn’t out of cowardice, only reasons. No one has ever been able to withstand these executions. Flame and Wave Emperors were the best examples. Even twelve-will emperors have fallen, let alone them.

The High Gods also escaped to the horizon. A few emperors didn’t react in time and became ashes after letting out a miserable scream.

People finally understood why the Dark Crow told his people to leave. He had already planned on using the executions to take down the enemies.

Only the ones stuck on the battlefield like Darkness’ group couldn’t run in time due to beings stuck together from channeling the curse.

Immortal Emperor Zhong Huang was dead while the others grievously injured while still holding on.

“Rumble!” The bolts weren’t only hitting at Darkness, the emperors in the distance, and World. They were also aiming at another location on the battlefield.

This place was empty yet the execution was still destroying everything there. No one could hide from this attack so the person was forced out.

“Boom!” He fought against the execution with their Heaven’s Wills.

“What’s going on?!” People saw eleven black Heaven’s Wills floating around this person.

No one has seen something like this before. Normally, these wills were luminous but not these ones - as black as the darkness.

“Isn’t that Brilliant Devil Emperor?” Emperors who made a safe distance looked back and said with uncertainty.

“No way, didn’t he die to the execution already?” A monarch skeptically said.

This naturally shocked the crowd. Brilliant was one of the strongest Grand Emperors of the devil race. He had twelve palaces and eleven wills, but most importantly, he also had their immortal bloodline - Bestowment.

He was considered the successor of Flame Emperor so he was able to control the large imperial organization of his race - Brilliant Platform.

Maybe being considered Flame’s successor was a curse because his fate was the same - dying to the execution.

But now, he was here out of nowhere. People became uncertain because no one could come back to life after being killed by the execution. Even those who had met him before were doubting this as well.

“It is Brother Brilliant!” A Devil Emperor was certain of this. Alas, the tinge of darkness flashing in Brilliant’s eyes made him skeptical.

“Why did you become like this...?” He wondered.

Brilliant focused his eyes and caused darkness to rise. He became an existence of darkness with black flowers blooming in order to stop the execution.

Alas, this was still useless. The darkness exploded into nothingness and the emperor’s body got split in half. He relied on his Heaven’s Wills to survive now.

“Why was he hiding here?” Questions emerged in everyone’s mind.

“Screw it, let’s go.” Darkness’ group came to a consensus and headed for World Emperor’s dao portal.

As they were running, a cry of a crane echoed across the entire ancient world.

A white crane soared to the sky with its wings blotting out everything. A crystallized barrier instantly locked everything and sent this place to a different and unknown dimension.

No one was able to escape from this prison. Even World Emperor’s portal was banished instantly. 

Who knows where this crane came from or how it possessed such incredible power?

“That’s not a white crane, it’s a gigantic formation that has become one with this world!” Someone recognized this right away.

More importantly, this formation was created by existences at the same level of emperors. Perhaps even some top emperors, maybe with twelve wills, have participated in creating this formation! It couldn’t be created in a day or two since it contained the blood and effort of many across the years. 

“Boom!” Darkness and his group unleashed a devastating attack at the barrier. The entire ancient world quaked but the barrier remained firm.

They have spent too much power stopping the execution on top of casting the curse. Their combined attack was much weaker now.

Under normal circumstances, they could definitely break through this prison easily. Doing so right now would require a lot of time, but time was not on their side!

“It’s time for the white crane to soar.” Li Qiye sneered while looking at the trapped group.

“Brother, please help us!” The execution was still reigning down on them. Darkness had no choice but to ask World for help.

Meanwhile, World was calculating the spatial coordinates. Not only was his dao portal expelled but the ancient world itself has been moved to a different dimension. Though the portal was visibly close to the ancient world, they were extremely far apart.

Calculating the location of an unknown dimension was not easy, not even for someone of World’s level. He needed time as well.

Alas, the group couldn’t wait for much longer.

“Ah!” Immortal Emperor Er Shi was the next victim to the execution! His Heaven’s Wills and everything else turned to ashes.

“Boom!” Brilliant Devil Emperor, on the other side, exploded into bloody mist as well.

“Another person falling to the darkness.” Li Qiye coldly uttered after seeing the death of this particular emperor.

“Buzz.” Brilliant’s body was reconstructed. He crazily roared: “Please come down, it is time to end him!”

His body oozed out a black glow - instilling chills into everyone. It wove together to form a diagram, seemingly wanting to summon something.

“Boom!” Something crossed through the ancient eras and instantly appeared in the ancient world, carrying the chaotic temporal affinity.

An old coffin was now looming above Brilliant’s head.

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