Chapter 2093: Heavenly Execution

Because of the mercy dao from World Emperor, the flame burning Li Qiye intensified with more dots appearing. Half of his body had turned gray like ashes. His vitality weakened severely.

“World Dao…” A Grand Emperor murmured while watching.

In fact, many thought World was confusing. It wasn’t that he was hiding secrets or anything. People knew about his stories like the palm of their hand. But a few things of his were still ungraspable, such as the World Dao.

Remember, he came from the Qian, a clan that had produced numerous emperors. Back in his generation, someone like him was unreachable, destined to be nobility.

People believed he would create a supreme imperial dao - fierce, regal, noble, profound, and unreachable. That would be appropriate to his background and status. Strange enough, his dao belonged to the mortal world, just like him. However, he remained untouched by the mundane realm, quite an unbelievable miracle.

No one knew why he created this dao. Some said that it might have to do with his youthful experiences, albeit, the details were unknown.

“You were born adored by the heavens with the bearing of an emperor, mercy and other beings? Don’t be like a little girl! May there be destruction on the sixth night, let the devils roam free for an eternity!” Li Qiye still laughed boisterously and cried out despite his feebleness.

The grand dao suddenly diminished with everything rotting away. From declination came darkness; from darkness came devils and fiends. These little monsters continued to devour and grew stronger in greater number.

In the end, these monsters were also swallowed up and a devil king was born. It devoured everything in the world and became the supreme - the only remaining entity.

Of course, World Emperor’s mercy was eaten as well so Li Qiye’s vitality recovered by a bit.

Everyone shuddered after seeing this devil king, even emperors. They felt that there was a pair of eyes gazing at them from the darkness. Everything was mere food for this monster.

“Is this a premonition of what to come?” A knowledgeable emperor wondered about the future. 

They began thinking about the legends of the incoming darkness. Would a monster like that truly be born? One capable of swallowing all living beings and the emperors as well.

“I kill for the sake of the living beings!” World Emperor shouted. A huge explosion blew the darkness away and came the light. His radiating light of mercy cured the heart and augmented life.

“Buzz.” But in the very next second, his dao suddenly changed to an emotionless and cruel one, like a vajra taking down an evil demon!

The crowd became suffocated. There was no escaping this unstoppable offense.

A cold glint flashed and off with the devil king’s head. The darkness dispersed, replaced by the light.

The world became prosperous again with a golden era. Boys and girls came into being and enjoyed the peace, intoxicated with the joy of life once more.

It seemed as if he had started a new epoch with prosperity everywhere!

“Pluff!” Though this attack couldn’t kill Li Qiye, blood was certainly spilled.

“Buzz.” The terrible curse maintained its course. A visible dark flame was burning him now.

“Dark Crow, today is your doom!” Darkness loudly gloated.

“No, it is yours.” Li Qiye was staggering back and forth but his smile was still as bright as ever: “Geezer Qian, who do you think will die today? Are you ready to go? I am.”

“Go for it, Dark Crow. It is time to end our feud.” World Emperor spoke confidently.

Everyone felt that the Dark Crow was dead for sure.

“Alright, open your eyes and behold!” Li Qiye looked up at the sky and laughed: “Villainous heaven, heed my words, I am the ruler of this world today, the lord of all the laws. I am releasing all the constraints right now!”

With that, his eyes became dazzling like a pair of diamonds before releasing boundless light.

A hole suddenly expanded above and came a pond of lightning. 

“Mortal Reversion, Go!” He gave the order before his eyes turned even brighter than the explosion of a million suns. It instantly blinded everyone due to its unreasonable luminosity. 

The light, amusingly enough, made everyone unable to see anything but darkness. However, the actual darkness in the world had nowhere to hide.

“Rumble!” A Heavenly Execution came down - an endless source of annihilation.

“Heavenly Execution!” The emperors cried out. The ones watching in the distance fled with the greatest agility.

Even World Emperor was shocked and couldn’t react in time before a thick, golden bolt struck him. Smoke billowed and one could smell the scent of burning flesh.

The second World Emperor who was fighting against Mortal Reversion was long gone now. He had run back inside his dao portal.

After the first bolt, World Emperor summoned his True Immortal Armament and also ran away.

“Rumble!” More executions came down with heavenly flames and lightning, resulting in an apocalyptic scene.

What do the emperors fear the most? Of course it was the Heavenly Execution!

The ones here wanted to run but they were fused together by the Peacebringer Art, stuck together like grasshoppers. Some ran to the east; others to the west. This ended up with none of them being able to go anywhere.

In this moment of desperation, they took out their weapons and wills in order to stop it.

“Ah!” The first to fall was Immortal Emperor Chong Huang. His body was split open by the bolt. His dao, blood, and wills instantly ignited. Only ashes were left.

“Ah!” Another scream came from outside of the battlefield. A low-level monarch was too slow to react and got annihilated as well.

The first to successfully flee was World Emperor. He put on his armament and was able to withstand the execution long enough to run back into his lair.

“Rumble!” These bolts came down and injured the emperors on the battlefield. Darkness, Sword, and the others became bloodied. Some have lost their body and were hanging on with their Heaven’s Wills.

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