Chapter 2088: Schemes

The crowd took note of World Emperor’s retreat.

One High God stated: “A twelve-will emperor is invincible indeed. It’s a shame that the execution is always looming above.”

Everyone saw how strong World Emperor was but they could also see the lightning arcs above him.

This place was not on the same level as Exploration Grounds in terms of avoidance, but the chance was indeed lower compared to the thirteen continents. This was the reason why so many emperors were here yet no execution has come down just yet. However, World Emperor was a different story. The terrifying execution showed itself nearly instantly.

They understood why he would choose to dodge it. After all, none could stop it. Even the very powerful Flame Emperor and Wave Emperor were killed. This was the result of directly trying to oppose it. Thus, no one dared to criticize World for leaving.

“Boom!” The glowing Cosmic Immortal Carapace made it hard for others to keep their eyes open. Space was rippling from its power even before it did anything. This ancient world seemed fragile before this being, as if it could be crushed to pieces easily.

“Is this a power similar to a twelve-will emperor?” A monarch thought to himself: “Or even something greater?”

Both gods and emperors were palpitating before this scene. They didn’t think they could last a single move against this being. No wonder why Celestial Court considered this their gem. It was infinitely close to being a Paragon Artifact. This only made them fear these Paragon Artifacts even more.

Who in the world had a Paragon Artifact? The emperors contemplated this particular question.

“Let’s see how strong you are!” Li Qiye laughed and took a step forward to gather a punch with his dazzling Immortal Physiques. The thirteen fate palaces empowered his fist, allowing it to have an absolute power to destroy all laws. Profundity and mysteries of the dao were useless before it.

“Boom!” The armored being retaliated with a simple punch as well. The sky vault collapsed completely, resulting in a chaotic space.

“Boom!” Flesh versus metal - the ancient world seemed to be punched out of its own space.

Everyone was stunned and felt their heart hanging on a thread before this spectacle.

Blood came out since Li Qiye was at a disadvantage going against the most precious metal.

“Die!” Li Qiye flashed and appeared behind the being for a better attack. Alas, this being was even faster and teleported behind him with its fist aiming for his back.

Li Qiye raised both hands and created myriad worlds between them as a defensive barrier.

“Boom!” The fist pierced through these worlds and made contact.

He was blown flying into the ground, creating a huge pit with cracks emanating everywhere.

“So strong!” The emperors took a deep breath. This might be one of the reasons why Celestial Court was able to stand strong for many generations.

“Rumble!” Debris went flying as Li Qiye leaped into the sky again. Earlier just now, his flesh was smashed and mutilated but he was completely recovered and was still as fierce as a tiger.

“Die!” Darkness’ voice came from the being as it unleashed another wondrous attack.

“Haha!” Li Qiye laughed like a maniac and controlled the High Heaven Palace to retaliate.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Sparks ravaged this world. The creatures here were lamenting the potential destruction. Just one ember alone was enough to turn them to ashes.

“That so-called number one High Heaven Scroll is going evenly against the jewel of Celestial Court. It’s incredible.” A High God emotionally said.

These two particular artifacts were so many times stronger than divine and imperial weapons.

Darkness roared and activated the 360 planets carved around the hulls. The being created not just a world but an entire epoch with countless existences. Generations came and went; invincible creatures were being created.

All of the epoch’s powers fueled the metallic being - the affinity of time, space, reincarnation, karma…

Though it wasn’t truly the power of an epoch, it was definitely more than the force of all thirteen continents combined. The onslaught descended after a loud explosion.

“Buzz.” High Heaven Palace also oozed out an everlasting dao. It was as if it had become heaven - majestic and lofty, on the same level as any invincible existence.

This transformation made everyone want to kneel down for the most respectful ceremony. Even emperors felt apprehensive because it was a power belonging to the high heaven.

“Bam!” The two artifacts unleashed their strongest blows. The result was destruction for all around them.

“Rumble!” The palace was incredible indeed but it seemed to be at a disadvantage against the power of an epoch.

“It’s unfortunate, Dark Crow, this weapon isn’t yours so you can’t use its true power. You have miscalculated today, overestimating this palace.” Darkness stated.

This was indeed the case - unlikely for the palace to turn the tides.

“This armored being is quite terrifying. Looks like Darkness had it for some time now.” Someone murmured.

The palace was unbelievably powerful but Li Qiye didn’t have the chance to refine it into his weapon. This wasn’t the case for Celestial Court and the Cosmic Immortal Carapace. Darkness had a full grasp on the artifact so he could use its strongest power.

“Unfortunate indeed, Darkness, but it is you who have miscalculated, not me.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Clank!” The Primordial Will appeared and twelve laws coiled around the carapace like spirit snakes.

They locked the being completely with metallic clankings before drilling into the chest - the place where the stars and wills of the emperors were residing.

They wanted to absorb the power of the being and all of the Heaven’s Wills.

“Not good!” Darkness felt that he was losing control of the Heaven’s Wills. The rest of the emperor became aghast as well.

The being staggered backward while the emperors inside were slamming into the hull, wishing to escape.

However, the twelve laws of the Primordial Will have sealed the being. There was no chance to breaking the carapace to escape.

“This is as easy as catching a turtle in a jar. I wonder if you all will taste good, hopefully without a muddy stench or my appetite will be ruined.” Li Qiye laughed and said.

“World Emperor, help us!” The frightened Darkness had no choice but to ask World for help.

He could feel the twelve laws piercing through the cosmic chest of the being and began to absorb their wills.

For emperors, these wills were their everything. Even if they were to survive, they would become crippled so they were rightfully horrified.

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