Chapter 2087: Cosmic Immortal Carapace

The two mortal enemies glared at each other. They have fought in countless battles but this might be their first actual bout.

“Geezer, put on your armament so we can have a good fight. I want to see just how strong you are, especially when compared to Min Ren!” Li Qiye laughed heartily.

The crowd pondered after hearing this. Immortal Emperor Min Ren was not considered the most brilliant from the nine worlds, but he was definitely a reliable one, an immovable pillar. He had fought against World Emperor back during Emperor Hunt but no one knew who won that fight.

He also had a True Immortal Armament on top of being the starter of the fifth expedition. Everyone wanted to know the stronger between him and World. 

“I’ll wear it when it is time.” World Emperor answered. Each of his words became a mantra or an unquestionable decree.

“This is not out of contempt but if you don’t have anything else up your sleeve today, I’ll make mincemeat out of you.” Li Qiye confidently smiled.

“Don’t be so complacent. No one can predict the tides of time.” World remained calm.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “You know, I actually do like you. If it wasn’t for you trying to break us apart, perhaps I would be calling you father-in-law right now.”

People glanced at each other after hearing this. A few older emperors were aware of the feud between these two. The others did hear that back then, World Emperor’s daughter was kidnaped by someone. The furious emperor then searched the entire continents.

World didn’t bother responding to the taunt. Meanwhile, Darkness and the others have retreated behind him to regroup for another assault.

“Clap!” Suddenly, a faint lightning bolt flashed above World Emperor.

“Heavenly Execution!” The crowd naturally became aghast and looked up at the sky.

“It won’t be easy for the execution to come here, but old geezer, you have evaded it too many times now, the world won’t allow you to do so for much longer. Are you afraid of it or not? I’m prepared to die to it, are you?”

World ignored him again and told Darkness with a stern voice: “Use Celestial Court’s ace now!”

“Well…” Darkness hesitated.

“Now is not the time for this, either pay the price or be completely annihilated! I will buy time for now but I won’t be able to stay for long!”

Darkness gritted his teeth and commanded: “Fellow Daoists, lend me strength to minimize losses!” 

Having said that, he summoned a treasure.

“Boom!” A huge figure landed from the sky with its head touching the heaven and feet stomping on the ground. This was a giant among giants, a creation made of an unknown metal with a flashing crystallized radiance. Upon closer inspection, there were numerous engraved dots on the hull; it looked as if someone had taken down stars and placed them there.

On its chest was a galaxy-like maelstrom fueling the being. One could have an illusion that the metallic being was crafted from a universe - hence the stars on it.

“What is that?” Everyone felt an ancient aura assaulting their face. This breath was not necessarily weaker than a twelve-will emperor.

“Cosmic Immortal Carapace!” A monarch shuddered and said: “This is the ultimate treasure of Celestial Court. They actually chose to use it this time?! Normally, it is only meant to be the final line of defense.”

The Grand Emperors were shocked to see this as well but were also confused. Why did Darkness bring it along but didn’t use it in the beginning?

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Now that’s a good item, but you all might not know its origin?”

He continued: “This item does not belong to our epoch and was crafted in a cruel manner. It used the highest grade of immortal metal in that epoch to be the shell intake for an entire universe. Next, the master carved 360 large planets in 360 generations to the important points. Keep in mind that each of these planets had trillions of life - beasts, birds, cultivators like us, and countless mortals.”

The crowd shuddered after hearing this. Planets with life were used? Their life force was refined in order to create this being.

“So it’s a Paragon Artifact?!” A monarch blurted out.

“Just a tiny, tiny bit away from being one.” Li Qiye smiled: “If the creator was just a bit crueler and spent more effort, then this could have been a Paragon Artifact.”

Who knows how this item fell into Celestial Court? They have always kept this item and its origin a secret.

The emperors who were aware of these items became amazed. Samsara Wild Ancestor also had one but it was destroyed during the destruction.

“Fellow Daoists, don’t waste time with him. Help me kill him!” Darkness didn’t wish to dwell on this matter, not wanting others to trace the origin of this artifact.

“Boom!” Darkness’ eleven wills flew into the silver maelstrom in front of the being’s chest. He disappeared afterward.

“Let’s go.” Sword and the others didn’t hesitate and followed suit.

“Buzz.” The silver maelstrom poured out endless light just like the first explosion of the universe. A new one seemed to be born at this second while the other 360 planets lit up.

A High God quietly said: “They’re using their wills to activate the treasure?”

An insightful Grand Emperor who knew about this artifact said: “It actually doesn’t need anything to start killing. However, it alone is not enough to defeat the Dark Crow. Even if it could win, it might fall into a slumbering state, becoming scraps. But, if all of these emperors use their wills, it will be much stronger and the losses will be minimal. Haha, the court didn’t want to take this out, probably afraid of damages.”

The guy seemed to be very unhappy with the court so his tone was one of derision. 

Nevertheless, he was completely correct. This was the reason why Darkness wanted the other emperors to help him. Ultimately, this was their ultimate treasure so they needed to preserve it.

“Boom!” Immortal halos the size of galaxies stretched out from the being; each could store three thousand worlds and start an entirely new epoch.

“Buzz.” When the treasure stood before Li Qiye, World Emperor retreated behind his dao portal and the thunder in the sky also subsided.

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