Chapter 2082: Seven Night Dao

The world lost its sound after the palaces showed themselves. The emperors here were shaken as if their soul was being dragged away.

“Thirteen palaces… How can this be?!” One High God was stunned with his eyes wide open in disbelief: “It really is thirteen palaces, that’s unreal.” 

Confirming the number only increased his astonishment.

All the emperors knew that twelve palaces were the limit; they considered it as part of the truth. Even a rare supreme genius like Sword Emperor didn’t think otherwise. But now, someone with thirteen palaces was standing before him.

Furthermore, his clan allowed him to have privileges and knowledge not offered to others but he couldn’t break through this limit.

“Does that mean he will have thirteen wills in the future, surpassing all the other emperors?” A Grand Emperor murmured in shock.

Since the ancient age, the strongest beings were emperors with twelve wills - only nine of them. But now, this person had a chance to surpass all of this. He would definitely become the strongest emperor out of them all. The crowd took a deep breath at this point.

Profound, World, and Yiye were dreadful enough. No one wanted to oppose them, let alone an emperor with thirteen wills. At that point, he alone would be enough to sweep through the thirteen continents in an uncontested manner. The top emperors fighting together might not be enough to stop him.

“That’s the eternal dark hand, the everlasting Dark Crow, the teachers of Immortal Emperors!” One Grand Emperor emotionally stated.

The ones here didn’t care about his real name since his titles were too resonating!

“A thirteen-will emperor will be born…” Another said in a daze.

Everyone felt suffocated - it was only a matter of time before LI Qiye surpassed the top emperors.

Only World Emperor watched nonchalantly. In his mind, the Dark Crow could create any miracle because this very being was a miracle in its creation.

“Die!” Sword Emperor roared and unleashed another invincible slash empowered by his eleven wills and Holy Authority bloodline. 

“Boom!” Dragonspear and the others also followed suit in order to deliver Li Qiye a fatal blow.

All of these attacks combined together to form an everlasting power - a sword that could sever the sky but its target was Li Qiye.

“Nice move!” Li Qiye laughed and took one step forward, creating an entire world. He was still as calm as before and raised his hand shattering the void.

His palm was surrounded by the celestials. The raising of it created a world and the lowering was its destruction.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The two sides exchanged several moves evenly.

“Clank!” Sword Emperor’s weapon suddenly cracked into scales. These broken pieces turned into a gigantic sword and began to refine the entire area into a formation to trap Li Qiye inside.

“That’s a Heaven Punishing Imperial Weapon!” The people who recognized this formation felt a cold chill emanating down their spine.

“Emperors, lend me your strength!” Sword cried out.

“Boom!” Dragonspear and the other Grand Emperors poured the power of their wills into the sword formation.

The world disappeared for Li Qiye, only a realm made of murderous sword energy remained. One step forward could result in being ground to a paste.

“Boom!” His thirteen palaces disappeared as chaos poured out. The three vessels appeared and gave him an endless power of life and creation.

“Rumble!” The entire sword formation shook crazily.

The emperors were aghast and roared: “Go all out!” They poured everything into the formation.

The sword turned into an everlasting scar creator. Just one slash could destroy an era but it was more than that. With more resonating hymns, it turned into an endless cycle of swords.

It meant that one would have to run or dodge these swords forever, unable to escape the revolution of edges until death.

“Eternal Sword Revolution!” Sword Emperor roared and poured the power of his wills inside along with the other emperors. They wanted to trap Li Qiye to death inside this endless cycle.

A Heaven Punishing Weapon was terrorizing and left lasting damage. This formation created by this weapon and seven Grand Emperors was even more incredible! An eleven-will emperor would certainly die while trapped inside.

“Boom!” Li Qiye suddenly disappeared, seemingly melted into the boundless darkness inside the sword formation.

“May there be light in the first night with the start of primordial chaos.” A distant voice came about, triggering a spark of light.

It flickered and ignited chaos energy as if it was a light in the very start of the world.

The revolution sword formation aimed for this light, wishing to extinguish it! Alas, it was useless. It continued to grow stronger while feeding on primordial chaos.

“May there be dao on the second night, splitting the heaven and earth apart.” All the chaos energy exploded and the endless revolution of swords got annihilated.

“Swords back to the dreamland!” Sword recalled his cyclic attack and turned the formation into a dream-like trance. 

With popping noises, bloodied immortal-slaying swords suddenly appeared everywhere. Each blade seemed to have murdered gods. As long as the victim still had flesh and life, these swords would come into being and occupy each inch of space.

There was no place to escape; it was coming from one’s dream and mind while breaking out to damage the actual flesh.

“May there be spirits on the third night for divine ascension to oppose the immortals!” Gods were created in this world.

“Rumble!” After these gods came into being, they began to suppress these immortal-slaying swords.

“Pluff!” Of course, some of them were also destroyed by the swords coming out of their body.

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