Chapter 2081: One Against All

The Immortal Emperors glanced at each other after hearing Li Qiye.

“Go back, the world and the hundred races need you all in the future, I alone am enough here today.” Li Qiye smiled confidently.

“If that’s the case, Teacher, I’ll be going then.” Immortal Emperor Mu Tian cupped his fist then bowed before leaving quietly.

“Sacred Teacher, your victory is assured.” Immortal Emperor Ren Xian bowed his head and also left.

“I’ll wait for the news of your triumph.” Immortal Emperor Tun Ri laughed and bowed before leaving.

In just a short time, these emperors and even the powerful High Gods all disappeared into the horizon.

This astounded everyone. Only Li Qiye was left to fight against more than ten emperors and High Gods from the three races!

“Is he insane?” A top High God took a deep breath.

Li Qiye had the advantage yet he told all of the Immortal Emperors to leave so that he could fight alone? How could he take on this great regiment of top emperors? This was before mentioning a true invincible existence in World Emperor!

“This might be an ambushing pincer?” Someone even speculated that it was all a ruse and the Immortal Emperors would come back to flank them.

Alas, they opened their heavenly gazes to illuminate the world and found these emperors to be nowhere in sight.

The group that left didn’t hesitate at all, especially Immortal Emperor Tun Ri. He was a long time follower of the Dark Crow and understood that once the request was made, the Dark Crow had complete confidence and a reason for doing so. A massacre was about to begin.

“Dark Crow, what are you scheming now?” World Emperor spoke with a serious expression.

“Nothing, I’m just getting ready to kill and to be honest, I scare myself when I’m in that mood so I told them to leave in order to avoid idiotic casualty.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

“How arrogant, you think you alone can take on all of us?” Freesky snorted. He was aware of the Dark Crow’s horrific abilities but he wasn’t convinced since even World Emperor was here!

“Freesky, when I truly want to kill, an eleven-will emperor like you can’t even get into my sight. When I was massacring the top emperors, you were probably playing in the mud on a playground somewhere. Eleven wills? Mere trash.” Li Qiye stared harshly at Freesky.

The guy turned red. Someone like him could look down on people in any generation but was only trash to the Dark Crow?

“Of course, I’m not aiming at just you.” Li Qiye glanced around at Oblivion, Sword, and the others while sitting on his throne and smirked: “Everyone here is trash.”

The group’s expression shifted for the worse. Even the most patient and calm ones couldn’t endure the anger of being called trash. They were existences that could cause an entire generation to tremble with one stomp!

The only nonchalant one among them was World Emperor. Of course, his mind was exercising great prudence because he understood the Dark Crow more than anyone. A terrible plan was certainly unraveling.

The Dark Crow was not an emotional person who would fight a war without ample confidence. Perhaps even a twelve-will emperor like him could go down from this plan!

“Alright, I’ll just see how strong you are!” Sword Emperor was the first to step up.

He unsheathed his sword and unleashed a ray crossing through the myriad ages! Even the devils and gods would be rendered to ashes.

The crowd took a deep breath with chills running down their spine after seeing the slash.

“Clank!” The slash didn’t kill the prey as it normally would have. Li Qiye’s palm became as shiny as a diamond as he gripped the blade with two fingers.

With another vibrating hymn, the sword seemed to be shifting from space and continued to aim for Li Qiye’s head despite being restrained by his fingers.

“Decent sword art!” Li Qiye shouted and focused his gaze. Little grasses began to grow and turned into countless divine swords aiming for the emperor. Each carried an unstoppable aura.

“Cut!” He pulled back his sword for protection and swung it in a circular motion to cut down the rays. Not a single one could reach him!

“Sacred Teacher, we’re taking you down!” Dragonspear, God-edge, and four more emperors attacked at the same time.

They were from War Alliance with Sword so they followed right after him!

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s seat crumbled to pieces after he leaped up n the air.

“Boom!” His Heaven’s Will appeared while his four inner physiques turned dazzling!

Both Stagnation and Demise Domain activated and crazily expanded.

“Rumble!” Each of his fists repelled the six emperors while his two domains supported him.

The six didn’t have any advantage due to the pressure of the area around them.

“Break!” They were astonished at this development and began to use their wills. Dragonspear and Oblivion with ten each while God-edge had nine…

The insane power of dozens of wills engulfed the world. They didn’t hold back at all and caused loud detonations all around.

“Boom!” Sword joined in with his eleven while channeling all of his vitality. A holy power ravaged this earth.

It only took the blink of an eye before his holy power turned into a domain. This power seemed to be gifted by the high heaven. It crossed through Li Qiye’s two domains and went straight for him, intending to suppress and weaken his power.

“Holy Authority bloodline!” The spectators were shocked to see this oppressive domain.

Holy Authority was one of the two ancient bloodlines of the heaveners. The immortal version was named Heaven Authority with the power to subdue and weaken others. This ancient version also shared the same property.

It could even lower a foe’s cultivation by one realm - quite a terrifying thing to deal with. Of course, this bloodline was even scarier when used by an emperor with eleven wills. He always had an advantage when going against opponents at the same level.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye’s four images from his fate palace appeared and floated around him for protection. The bloodline was completely nullified.

“Your so-called ancient and immortal bloodlines are useless against me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The twelve gods and devils jumped out of his palace and fused together with him! He seemed to have all twelve Immortal Physiques and instantly had an insane boost of power.

“Boom!” All thirteen fate palaces finally emerged in the sky and poured down endless chaos energy. He looked like a being that had come from the past, one that had lasted through all of these years!

He was the world right now and the world was him; the thirteen palaces allowed him to exceed everything!

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