Chapter 2080: The Orthodox Branch

Freesky’s group naturally didn’t answer Sword’s invitation. Ambushing the academy is only an internal conflict between the hundred races for treasures. It was shameful but still in accordance with the rules of this world.

But if they were to join the Celestial Court, then they would become true traitors to the hundred races. Their descendants would forever live in infamy so they couldn’t go that far.

“Even if the Immortal Emperors do not represent the hundred races, neither does your group!” Lifepeach Immortal Monarch said: “Our hundred races are humiliated to have members like you, betraying your own academy.”

“Oh, then the leaders are your Mysterious Bamboo Mountain and Archaic Repository then?” Freesky ignored the matter of the academy and said: “No need to accuse each other of anything in this dog-eat-dog world. Winners will take all while losers earn the privilege of death! Our world is cruel and no one alone can speak for the hundred races, not Immortal Emperors, Archaic Repository, or Mysterious Bamboo…”

“I can represent the hundred races!” Li Qiye interrupted him coldly: “In both the nine worlds and the thirteen continents, if one must ask about the orthodox branch for our races, then my answer is Celestial!”

Having said that, he stared coldly at all the emperors here. Everyone held their breath without retorting due to the conviction in his voice!

In fact, upon careful consideration, the academy was indeed the right candidate to be considered the main branch of the hundred races. It had groomed many powerful beings; some of them even left behind their legacies at the academy.

More importantly, it was essentially an educational institution, unlike the other lineages and clans. It didn’t participate in power struggle and politics; this made it special and neutral in the hundred races.

For millions of years now, it only focused on producing talents, not to reign over the world or steal resources. This was indeed the answer in everyone’s mind. If the academy didn’t dare to claim this spot, no other sects would have the mind to do so.

“Celestial is the cradle and the very foundation of the hundred races. Kill all those who dare to conspire against it for they are the enemies of the entire hundred races, no matter who they are!” Li Qiye declared.

This statement wasn’t refutable by even a twelve-will emperor. Moreover, there was only one of them among the hundred races - Yi Ye, and he was certainly on the academy’s side.

Before the great battle, he had made it clear before everyone and re-established the academy’s status.

Even World Emperor only sat there and watched. Of course, he thought that this was an internal issue of the hundred races.

“Quell internal chaos before dealing with external threats! Time to kill the traitors!” Li Qiye ordered while glaring at Freesky Immortal Monarch.

Even an eleven-will emperor like himself felt suffocated and took one step backward! It was as if the guy had declared a death sentence on him!

“Sacred Teacher, even you can’t be the arbitrator of life and death!” Nevertheless, he wouldn’t back down so easily and took a deep breath.

“Freesky, it looks like the hundred races don’t consider you as part of their group, it’s not too late to work together with us now or don’t think about leaving this place alive. Just capture the academy and subdue them all, then you’ll be the orthodox branch!” Sword Emperor smiled and said.

Freesky slightly raised his brows after hearing this without being too expressive. Of course, he certainly shared this thought. This was indeed a tempting request.

If he were to massacre Li Qiye and the Immortal Emperors present on top of the academy, then one battle would change the politics of the continents and the fate of the hundred races.

This would ultimately result in his sect possessing an unreachable status in Arrogance. The academy would be no more afterward - same with Mysterious Bamboo and Archaic Repository.

It would be time for Freesky to reign. Plus, it was relatively safe because the three races right now required powerful allies like them as well - ones that could keep the rest of the hundred races under control.

This was a bold thought due to the existing animosity between the two sides. Immortal Monarchs were usually united against the three races, but what if working with them meant propelling one’s status?

Freesky looked over at World Emperor. He was the deciding factor for that side right now so words from him meant more than anyone else.

“The hundred races do need an orthodox branch. Let the winners write history.” World Emperor calmly revealed his opinion.

Freesky was both excited and breathless. If they were to win, the academy would turn to ashes and they would become the de-facto rulers of the hundred races.

Plus, who would know what had actually transpired in this ancient world? Certainly not the inhabitants of the thirteen continents. They could make it so that they were on the side of righteousness! 

Furthermore, World Emperor has been fighting against the Dark Crow all this time now. He was the only one who could take on this guy and stop him from escaping this time around!

Just imagining a future with him ruling the hundred races like World Emperor’s group with the heaveners made his heart beat faster.

“Old geezer, you’re quite good at poisoning people. Just a few sentences are enough to tempt these monarchs. That’s why you’re the leader of the heaveners.” Li Qiye laughed and said.

“It’s not poison if it’s the truth.” World Emperor spoke, clearly making a promise with the hesitating monarchs.

“Hah, looks like we got some real traitors around, wanting to rely on the three races. I’m simply astounded on how these guys became monarchs! Such an affront to the wise sages who traded their blood for the prosperity of all.”

“From now on, Freesky and Rumination shall be erased from Arrogance.” Immortal Emperor Ren Xian was ready to kill; his sword was emitting a terrible bloodthirst.

“Freesky, for both personal and other reasons, I must take your head.” Immortal Emperor Mu Tian pointed at the monarch.

Freesky was also a master so he snorted at such disdain and laughed loudly: “Mu Tian, you think too highly of yourself, I’m not afraid of you!”

“Let’s go then, time to fight.” Oblivion and the other Grand Emperors in his clan challenged Immortal Emperor Tun Ri.

“Tun Ri, it’s a shame that you managed to survive Emperor Hunt. Let us change that today.” Dragonspear and his five peers surrounded Tun Ri.

“Dao Brother, let us see who is better at the sword then, the young or the old generation!” Sword Emperor proudly challenged Immortal Emperor Ren Xian.

“That’s right, it is time to fight!” Hundred-arm War God did not back down either.

The atmosphere intensified with haste. All of the emperors were finding their target. Of course, no one was challenging Li Qiye; they thought that it was best to leave this guy to World Emperor.

“Everyone, hear me out.” Li Qiye’s leisure smile disturbed the tension.

This was an eternal existence so he commanded everyone’s attention. Even someone as proud as Sword still looked over.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve at the Immortal Emperors: “Ren Xian, Tun Ri, I’m very happy to see you guys here. Return from whence you came, leave this to me.”

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